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Pioneer Park – Mesa, AZ – Visit a Playground – Landscape Structures

The main play structures mimic the three prominent trees in the park. So there’s a pistache tree, a pine tree, and a palm tree. There’s some of the oldest and biggest in the city we talked about whether we could create tree houses that were playground equipment that was a little too challenging we also talked about how to get parents and grandparents interacting and playing with the kid that really started the idea generation for the elevated walkway That’s completely ADA accessible and has entry ways into each of the play structures and then the play structures themselves a Dig Studio and Landscape Structures what you guys did with those ideas and turn them into first it was drawing on paper and now they’re here on the ground. It’s just it’s amazing. Oh, this is an awesome Park. I’m one of the original kids that used to play hear all the time with the train and this is really awesome now my grand kids are enjoying it. I like this, it goes fast. It’s fun. It makes me really happy My favorite part is this big slide. Yeah I like it, its pretty big. You can look at the beautiful view. I know its so high. How cool is it up here? Does it feel like you’re in the tree tops? Beautiful! It’s cool. It’s the best day ever. Are you excited about this playground Yes! I want to play in it!

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