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okay guys ! now, i’m in “The Valley Garden” guys !! this is the sign we have to go there Driving Range and Short Game Practice, guys ! oh.. so, practice there there is place to practice but wait, we don’t go there we are waiting for my mom, okay ! okay guys ! so I’ve arrived at the playground i’m with my mom so let’s play in the playground Okay guys ! now we’re going to have a breakfast because I’m very hungry OK ! so I finished breakfast and was very clean, guys ! now, we’ll play the boom-boom car and others game later we will … Do you know Boom-Boom car ? Who knows Boom-Boom Car ? and this is the most dizzy game I also won’t be strong, guys ! dizziness will be nauseous OK guys, now so let’s play the game The Horse will be really scary The Horse is very big friends, how is the horse so big ? the horse is eating ok guys ! now we’ll play the wall climbing there is already, so we open the shoes so guys, I’ve arrived at the top I go down again we take a break later, we’ll swim so guys, i’ve arrieved at the swiming pool so let’s get swim ! okay guys ! so this is video when i go to “The Valley” so, you must try to go there and try the game like as trampolin there is also at the playground want to play want to play the shot game there was a shot with bullets it’s a very wide place guys when playing Thankyou for subscribe of my video you click the video on the left, you will watch my video on the trampoline click on my photo display to continue to support my video next, we’ll continue in the next video, okay ! bye for now !

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  1. πŸ‘ˆ klik untuk video lainnya
    Terimakasih buat supportnya ya guys πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  2. Halo Jeevan namaku Alfan semoga channel kamu berkembang dari 1rb = 1jt Subscriber semangat Jeevan ,jangan mau kalah sama youtuber lain okeπŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Hay nadira numpang dong ke chanel aku namanya nadira syahmmi heryanto jagan lupa sbuscribe ya sama like sama comennt makasihh

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