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Perfect Posture Created at Home or While You Walk- Newest Exercises that Work!

♪ Bob and Brad ♪ ♪ The two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists on the internet ♪ – Hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – We are the most famous physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion, of course, Bob. – Today we’re going to
talk about perfect posture created at home or while you walk. These are the newest exercises
that actually work for once. I guess we’re gonna do this. Are you saying the ones we did didn’t? – Bob, Bob, I’m excited about this. This is something new,
it’s incredibly effective. But before we go on. – If you are new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on stay
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giving away something. – Mm hmm. – And right now we’re giving away the Thermotex infrared heating system. This is fantastic. I’ll tell you Brad, I would
not live without it right? – It’s a deluxe system, there’s no doubt. – Wife or Thermotex? Which one could you live without? – Bob, don’t put on this spot, my wife might be watching this. – Alright, so go to, and you go to giveaways
it’ll be listed under there. Otherwise you can go to Facebook, too, it’s always pinned to the top of the page. – There you go. Okay Bob. – So, we’re gonna get some help
with this today, right Brad? – [Brad] You better believe it. We finally found some
incredibly talented people and they’re good looking, too, unlike us. – That’s right. – So it’s a little nicer for the viewers. But we’re talking about posture and we know how important posture is. Not only for your
appearance, you look younger, but you can move better,
you can breathe better, everything is better. – Less pain issues too. – There you go. – If you have poor
posture you are definitely gonna run into pain issues. – Right, so what we have today, you do need one little assisted device. You just need a stick
that’s about five foot long, it can be a– – A dowel. – A dowel, as a matter of fact
a patient yesterday of mine, he’s using a broom stick,
he’s taken the head off of it. – Right. – So it’s just the stick,
it’s a strong stick. We happen to use the Booyah stick. – That’s right, Booyah! – But you know, you can
use whatever you need but you really need this stick and you’ll see why in just a little bit. Alex are you ready?
– Alex is gonna come on in. So Alex, he is the husband of Liz. Liz hi. Just wave in front of
the camera or something. – Great. – There she goes, come on, don’t be shy. Come on out. – That’s my claim to fame? That she’s my wife? – Yeah, that’s all you got going for you. Anyway they got a
fantastic channel called, oh, we’re gonna bring it in, huh? – Yup. – Wow. Da da da! – She’s trying to steal
the show here, Bob. – So join ’em on their
channel, really funny, a family product channel
and you’ll enjoy it. – Let us know what you
think, send some feedback. – [Brad] Bob, are you gonna
stand in the background? – Sure, if you want me to, I don’t care. – [Brad] I’m not throwing it to you. – Why, why? – [Brad] Don’t worry about
the sign, that’ll happen. – [Bob] The sign went
crooked. Booyah Stick. Okay, here we go! So I’m gonna keep an eye
on you guys back here. – We do have the stick, I hope
everyone can see everyone. – [Bob] Yep, we got it. We’re good. – Alright. So we’re gonna start out
with where is your posture? Get the benchmark. So you’re gonna take your stick, and you’re gonna put it on your backside. Like this. So your head touches. Your mid back. And your butt. And you can see that. – [Bob] Three points of contact. – [Brad] There we go. Turn that way. There you go. You can see how that works. There you go. We’re gonna
come back to the front. – [Bob] You look like soldiers. – Yeah! So now we know we got perfect posture. We wanna maintain this
throughout all these exercises. It’s only gonna take a few minutes. Okay, the first one is
take your stick out. Shoulder width wide like this. Are you ready? – Ready. – Liz? – I can’t hear right. – Oh, you can’t hear
us, that’s right. Okay. – [Bob] Liz is mute. – We’re gonna do a Booyah. Up like this. And we’re gonna do chin
touch with the stick. – [Bob] Yeah, if you could
turn sideways so we can see. – There ya go. And we’re gonna do 10 of all of these. I might lose count, but
hopefully someone will help. – [Bob] Now don’t dip your head down, or don’t dip your head up. You’re gonna go straight back like that. – Okay, then straight forward again. Now your hands are gonna
be a little bit wider than shoulder width apart. Okay? And we’re gonna do Touch Down! So you’re gonna bring it up like this and squeeze the shoulder
blades back and together. But don’t let your head go forward. Up and maintain that
posture we’ve established on the last technique. 10 of these. And you’ll be amazed
at what the stick does. It help force your body into good posture, and works those posture muscles the way you need them worked. – [Bob] Now Brad, you could go into that to behind you too. – Oh, yep. So bring it back like
this, and all the way back, and you’ll feel those pec muscles. – [Bob] There’s a stretch. – [Brad] Alex? Alex is alive. – [Bob] Alex, keep your head back. Yeah, there ya go. – I’m terrible with the forward heads. Something I really gotta work on. – [Bob] You’re not a turtle. – No, I’m not. – Alright, let’s go onto the next one. – Sometimes I wish I had a shell, Bob. I could get away from the wife. (laughter) – [Bob] I thought maybe because
he wouldn’t hear insults. – Up like this. Now follow along, children. Up like this, hands out. And we’re gonna lean to the right. And then to the left. – [Bob] Did you just call ’em children? – Well, they’re younger than I. – [Bob] I guess they
could be your children. – Well, yeah, really. If I started a little later than that. – How old are ya, Brad? – I can’t remember. (laughter) Okay. Let’s do that 10 times or so. You could do a little more if you like it. It does feel good. You can feel that back.
– [Bob] It stretches the QL. Quadratus lumborum. – Allow the stick to come
down on your shoulders, and you can do it a couple different ways. Reach out to the side like this. But you’re gonna stretch. We’re gonna go this way. And the chest goes out, shoulders go back. And boy, how’s it feelin’? – I like keepin’ the chin
tucked, that’s key for me. – Yep.
– [Bob] And that neck comp… This is what helps prevent
that or stretch that. – Right. Now, we did put in the title, you can do this while you’re
walking down the street or wherever you walk and do these. Do it a couple times to get it memorized. Or you may only wanna do some of ’em. And some of ’em may not work for you. – [Bob] Well, you could
walk and take a break even. – Sure. You bet, absolutely. Okay, and the next one,
we’re gonna let it slide down behind your back, down
below the belt line. And we’re gonna simply
do scapular retractions, we call ’em, or just stretching back. The chest goes out, chin tucks in, and we squeeze the
shoulder blades together. Those are all postural muscles. We can face this way. – You have a tendency
to wanna lean forward, but you gotta fight it. – [Bob] There you go. That’s right. – And remember to breathe. Are you guys breathin’? Relax, breathe in. That’s gonna help you a lot. ‘Cause it’ll take you about a half a mile to do this if you’re
walking at an average pace of one to two miles per hour. Now this next one is a really nice one that you cannot get without the stick. You’re gonna bring it up, I call it the– – Oh! – Oh my goodness. Wow, there goes our sign. We don’t worry about stuff
like that, we’re stretchin’. Now, get it right on your T
spine, your thoracic spine. Here we go. Let’s get this so you can… There. So we get it in there. And then you’re gonna extend
backwards like they’re showing. – [Bob] What’s nice is you can hit different levels with this. This really is a nice stretch. – Now, I like to get mine way up high ’cause I can feel I’m tight up in there. What you’re doin’ is
you’re pullin’ the stick into the spine, extending
back with your chin tuck. – [Bob] I was shocked how
good that feels, Brad. This is a really nice stretch. – Yeah, you just know it’s healthy for ya. And then by the time with
that, you’re complete. Everyone ready? And, Booyah! There we go. – [Bob] There you go. – Nice job. Let’s give ’em a hand. – I was a skeptic of these exercises, but I feel incredible afterwards. My posture. I just feel loose. – [Brad] Oh yeah. That’s why we started the
video today with this. Now go to work. – I’ll never doubt you again, Brad. (laughter)

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