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Pennywise Jumps! Halloween City Props & Decorations

ooh his hand came out I wasn’t expecting that
yeah I just thought it was staying there cuz it what okay Addie’s gonna try
it on you can’t see yeah hey do you see that building over there
that’s Halloween city let’s go we want to see some things that actually
work you’re like staying back I like that you like that even though you’re
staying back all right Addie do you dare step on any of these they look like they
might jump okay I’ll try the one here let’s see there’s the step pad oh I thought she was gonna say something I hear them these are kinda quiet let’s try these these two look bizarre
Addie’s like not ready oh wait their eyes are coming on they put a silly hat on her kind of
making fun of her the spider just I couldn’t get it to go all right
let’s try this thing I like how she kicks her feet he’s like
I’ll just keep a distance oh did you see these okay strange things get in front some people
see how big it is it’s big you got a lot of pumpkins here
some creepy girls here lose that it just had a dinosaur or a dragon I think it’s
a dragon cuz of the horns yeah and look how big this is
it’s Jack Skellington sitting up on his his Mountain or whatever that is a look
at zero cool there’s some ghosts oh let’s try this anyway so he’s creeping
back there you like backing away now this this one
says moves and spins around the room I don’t think he spins he’s huge
oh there we go oh look at him ooh his hand came out that scared me I wasn’t expecting that
yeah I just thought I’m staying there because it was yeah oh what’s this thing
– oh this is gonna like drive around or something oh cool okay let’s try this yeah okay so Addie’s plugging her ears
because Pennywise is too loud so this one we couldn’t get him to work we
couldn’t get this to work I think they need new batteries does he spin around
and let’s say look at this guy that’s pretty cool
I don’t know if he doesn’t looks like this I smile I’ll try that light-up
skull decoration down there just try me yeah it just lights up and look at these
things these are ghoulish he’s eating a rat the tail moves oh they got a creepy
jack-in-the-box yeah there is
how does not like jack-in-the-boxes just do something presses the button and run try the radio a haunted radio rather haunting melody see these
creepy dolls what the heck there’s buttons on these
but they don’t seem to do anything see she was at the other place I
couldn’t get it yeah where is Jillian her leg still hurts right this skull like rotting many more things
to press buttons well these little guys do they’re kind of cute mmm I think they
just light up or maybe they don’t even do that
you got lights here oh look this one’s got eyeballs in it bats and pumpkins who else do we got here this is tiny
version and then there’s a big version of her please you just hang up there’s like a
whole row of hang up ones we’ll look at him uh-huh well look at her she’s the
biggest ghost he’s rolling his eyes like how did I end
up in this situation hmm upside-down clown hmm
do you think pretty cool huh under this kitty Addie
it says upset kitty on it it’s upset see it’s just upset hold it up
do you think you could chase Paco around you think you could chase Paco with that the upset kitty oh yeah you see okay I just kind of try it on
you can’t see yep lovely you can see a little bit alright yeah they are very tiny you could cut
them open just don’t be wearing them when you cut them open we’re gonna try
to do Halloween videos all through October and maybe even a little after
October if we have any extras we’ll see how it goes
Jillian will be back soon happy Halloween

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