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Paris, France: An Urban Playground

Every neighborhood has a time-honored
gathering place. Petanque, also known as boules, offers the perfect escape for friends. This competitive yet convivial game,
where friends toss metal balls with the same precision their fathers did, provides the ideal antidote to the
pressures of modern life. Ahh, the Riviera — on the banks of
the River Seine. Each summer the Paris city government
closes an express way and brings a colorful urban beach to
its people. They truck in potted palm trees,
hammocks, lounge chairs, and 2,000 tons
of sand to create this popular fun zone. It’s a
perfect chance to see Paris at play, and play
with Paris. Away from the river, parks provide
another peaceful oasis — great for enjoying the moment with friends and family.
And on Sundays, a happy horde of roller-bladers — glide through town with a police escort. Young, old, fast, or slow, it’s another way
this city has become a playground for its citizens. And Paris is now enthusiastically
bike friendly. Bike lanes are commonplace and bikers
are welcome to use bus lanes. The city’s innovative loaner
bike program — with hundreds of these efficient bike racks — lets Parisians make quick
one way bike trips rather than bother with cars or buses.
The cost: almost free.

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  1. Hi Rick!
    My husband and I want to thank you so much for helping us get thorough Paris. Your 2014 Paris book was basically our bible! We went on every guided walk and really felt like we experienced Paris they way we should have. Thank you so much!
    Kelly and Matt Yow

  2. Ολα τα βηντεοτου ειναι υπεροχα δεν τα χορτενω τα βλεπω και τα ξαναβλεπωωωωω

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