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  1. Like pregnant cows! Why so much cargo with you? Are you going to fight, or live on a desert island?)))) Why did you unfasten the parachute? We would fill your face for that!)))

  2. Did I miss the part where there was an emergency? Because they left by the emergency exit door instead of waiting for the plane to land.

  3. Funny jump. What target was? Just landing in fine weather with fine wind in sunshine and life is good? Where tactic targets where forces that beat them on ground? Where any problems for them? "I am fine, mA'am!" Maybe this mA'am is enemy spy agent and she is here for kill you, sonny. Surprize MF! No? Lucky-ducky. Relax, slowmo unpack you rifle, check socks, how they are? Smells good and fresh? OK – Mission accomplished, can go home. See you next week-end!

  4. Military Guy: lands on his back

    Filming lady: “Did you land okay?”

    Military Guy: pauses for a few seconds “you can say that”

  5. I knew a former paratrooper. His knees were so busted up from those landings and he had arthritis from a young age. The thought always made me queasy.

  6. My initial thought was you could pack the paratroopers like deck cards and have a deployment mechanism to autonomously deploy them.
    Then I remembered you cant stack people like satellites.

  7. Я конечно понимаю, что это учение, но почему так медленно?

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