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PAPA JAKE IS MISSING!! The Game Master Challenge With Stephen Sharer (LEGO Ninjago Ninja Training)

Jake Jake what’s going on everyone
it’s Papa Jake here and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we have
officially made it we had touchdown we are here in Legoland on mission guys as
you know in our last video the man showed up when we were in the movie
theater and tried to capture us to take us to the next game but we were able to
avoid him and sneak out of the movie theater before he could capture us
however we did find a clue hidden inside a block of Lego that led us to believe
that in fact the man was trying to take us to Legoland so guys the first thing I
did was I hit up Legoland and I told them what was going on and they were so
excited to help us defeat the man that they decided to sponsor this video and
send us out here to Legoland so we could try and defeat the man once and for all
but Before we jump into that before we go and get Logan and actually explore
everything’s Lego and you guys know Papa Jake I absolutely love Lego I mean I
built the box for once completely out of Lego guys look it’s a bird I’m gonna
name you peach I beat and everything’s made out of Lego bricks I mean literally
everything in this room guys and there’s tons of like really awesome statues and
stuff Lee this is like a dragon egg which is just like sitting there
hopefully it doesn’t hatch over here is the slumber party room equipped with the
TV and tons of games I saw this puzzle here and I couldn’t figure out what this
was for it makes it cool sound and the best part about this guy’s was because
Lego knew we were coming they hooked us up with a bunch of sweet swag and a
little mystery box which I thought we could open right now before we go out
and try and defeat the man honestly guys they did such a good job I’m just like
really excited and happy to be here I’m not even thinking about the man I’m not
even worried about the man right now so check it out they hooked us up with a
backpack a bunch of awesome Lego stuff like the lego ninjago movie the lego
ninjago game I got like a smaller backpack here which hid some snacks in
have you ever gone like a ninja mission and check this out they even have a
little pop of Jake and Logan minifigures over here on top of a lego mystery box
which I’m actually pretty excited to open this thing
Logan’s getting ready in his room so while we wait for him we’ll be a perfect
time to see what goodies we’ve got inside here see what’s inside whoa we
got lego ninjago up at the top here there’s a lot of packing paper I do not
want to pull this all out on my awesome hotel room mmm guys it looks like they
gave us a bunch of Lego toys guys this is making me think we should do another
Lego box for a while and totally do a sweet one with all these Legos we’ve got
an LED lego ninjago light Oh check it out a lego ninjago alarm clock huge lego
ninjago set and even bigger set down here it’s like Christmas at Legoland
right now lego ninjago masters of Spinjitzu oh man
I’m gonna have so much fun building this uh guys there’s a note here it says Papa
Jake I need you to go to the arcade immediately sign GM that can’t be the
gamemaster right GM we came here for the man the
gamemaster can’t be your the man in the game messed with it they don’t work
together as far as I know okay well I better go to the arcade and figure out
what’s going on hopefully it’s just like a spelling error and this is from Lego
themselves maybe it’s like grandmaster melle maybe it’s Grandmaster all right
I’m gonna go check it out and then we’ll go grab Logan cuz we’re gonna go hit up
the park and check out everything after that I’ll update you guys want to get to
the arcade so I’m heading over to Jake’s room right now to pick him up so we can
check out Legoland cuz this is gonna be awesome
wait his door is open Jake Jake are you in here where’s gee why would he just leave
without me wait what what’s happening in a TV Hoboken the game master has
returned why to see about the Jake is missing and he will be with us until you
can prove that you’re worthy of this game you see the game you were playing
is long the game you were playing is tough in the end the game wins in order
to find Papa Jake you must prove yourself you must go to the lego ninjago
training grounds and claim to become a ninja if you prove yourself you will be
guys this can’t be good what did he mean I have to prove myself to be part of
this game and he said something about Godin and jogo LAN and train like a
ninja okay well knowing the game master this
is some kind of game he’s playing and I guess the first clue is to go to Ninjago
land okay guys this can’t be good Jake’s not in his room and the game master came
on the TV saying I have to go to Ninjago world and train in order to find Jake okay okay as I was saying it looks like
we’re gonna have to make our way to Ninjago and start training guys I don’t
know if it’s just me but this guy looks like the game master this isn’t good but
guys look at this place it’s crazy there’s a massive Albert Einstein head
there’s giraffes and look it’s a flying Evel Knievel whoa guys check this place
out it’s like a mini Legoland City and it looks like right here we have New
York okay guys I think this is it hi guys what’s going on hello trainees
welcome to the ninja ninja training academy here you will face a tough set
of challenges the current Ninjago ninja masters stood
exactly where you are many years ago their task is to save the captured
dragons from Ironman however they do need your help to do your part you must
enter today’s quest and fight to earn your keep in the Ninja community okay at
the end of the day you may or may not be official ninja masters here is my first
clue thank you good luck okay the first clue thanks guys okay so we have our
first clue let’s go read one of this clue number
two to start your quest you must roam to my special sort of home pull up a chair
and show that you’re skilled using our favorite material to build so head to my
house and get to building so the first challenge is to go to lose warehouse
which is right here it’s Steven whoa whoa Logan what are you
doing here what are you guys doing here we’re here to Train yeah we’re on a
chance to be a ninja I’m on a challenge to be a ninja what
where’s Papa Jake I don’t know he’s been missing all day have you guys seen him
no no around here I didn’t even know you were coming how’d you end up here The
Game Master sent me what are you guys doing here we’re
training to defeat the gamemaster yeah we’re trying to become ninja so we can
defeat the gamemaster okay what I’m training so I can find Jake okay well I
guess we’ll just complete the first challenge well yeah the quicker we get
trained the better we’ll be able to defeat the gamemaster
certainly all right guys it looks like the first challenge is to build this
piece of Lego all right guys we’re finished the first challenge let’s move
on to the next okay guys if we’re gonna find Jake we have to find the next
challenge where could it be oh whoa the next clue now I request
another set of skills to showcase practice and fulfill two ninja masters
run these attractions so go forth and find where you must take action I ask
you to create a signature move that Lego and I will approve okay a signature move
that Lego can approve okay so two Lego masters want to test my speed endurance
and patience okay over here we have master J oh and look J as fast as
lightning and there’s a speed challenge all right guys this is the lightning
speed challenge so I have to hit all these buttons as fast as I can here we
go in three two one alright guys I think that was pretty
good but uh there’s some judges so let’s see how I did
oh and I mean that’s pretty good right eight out of ten well please all right
what’s that blogan what are you guys doing well we just finished the rock
wall that’s the next challenge come on go go through the thing okay
okay guys so the next challenge is to jump across this brock rhyming wall as
fast as i can okay guys looks like that was the speed
test and I think I did a pretty good job so we just finished the rock climbing
challenge as well as the lightning Ninja speed challenge and Carter just told me
the last challenge is breaking this tile of bricks with an awesome ninja move
this is so weird that Steven Carter Lizzie and grace are all here but I
don’t understand why Jake is the only one missing I don’t understand if you
know where Jake might be comment down below and let me know before I break
this tile I’m gonna have to practice some ninja moves and now the last thing
to do is break this tile of brick with my flying sidekick okay let’s go get
Steven to help me out with this you can hold this while I kick it out of your
hand yeah let’s do it the ultimate ninja horse training
session yes all right let’s do it I don’t know if Logan’s ready for this
okay guys I can do this I got I got this that was epic guys smash that like
button if you guys think that was epic all right guys so I just finished my
cake and now it’s time to see what my score is let’s go
nine nine out of ten guys it’s amazing okay I think I did a pretty good job
with that cake the only place I haven’t been in is the Ninjago ride maybe we go
inside here and maybe Jake’s here maybe this is the final clue in and we’re
gonna find Jake any minute okay so our last clue says
well done trainee it’s the final test but you’re not done not just yet this
land has a ride dedicated to its name so go earn ninja master status and end
this game huh okay guys this is the last challenge wait a sec
Steven grace you made it you passed all the skills I I think this is our last
test right what’s happening Jake Jake I think we completed the challenge so we
just completed the ninja training and looks like we got a trophy over here
check out this awesome lego brick trophy and looks like I got Kai a fire ninja
again guys a huge shout out to Lego for sponsoring this epic video but how we
really got to go find Jake so guys I checked underneath my trophy and there
was a clue that said check inside the arcade that’s where you’ll find Papaji
so let’s go ahead to the arcade right now and see if we can find Jake I’m
hoping Jake’s in there I mean I’ve been looking all day and haven’t been able to
find him anywhere okay here we are Jake Jake what’s been going on do you
mean what’s been going on with you where’s Jake I’ve been looking for you
all day the doors open how did you get it open
dude the doors the books all day what I tried texting you I I have my phone
wasn’t working after you left my room I found a note that said come to the
arcade by the GM I thought it was a grandmaster turns out it was the game
master Jake I got a clue from the game master then I had to go to Ninjago land
train to be a ninja to find you maybe they challenge you to do lego
ninjago world and by completing it you were able to save me was this all just
one big test or is this part of the game and more importantly guys is the game
master working with the man so you’ve just been here all day no actually I
mean I mean the game masters minions kind of took me around and showed me all
in Legoland honestly had a pretty good day I mean well first I spent the
morning in the arcade and I won a bunch of tickets and then I went on the LEGO
City submarine adventure deep-sea ride pretty sweet there butcha fishies all
floating around that was a lot of fun and then after that I went to mini land
which was also really cool because there’s a bunch of mini versions of real
places that are normally big but there are many and many
and you get the point we walked around that and then they handed me a mini land
version to myself until we could put in a mini land so I put it on the Lego
would sign then it should be back here and locked the door again honestly it’s
one of the best days I’ve ever had being trapped by the gamemaster
that does seem like a really good day well I definitely proved myself so what
do you think the next step is hello Logan what is that film at
congratulations don’t belong completing the challenge of becoming a ninja you
are proving that you are worthy of being part of this game but for you papa Jaden
Logan the game is just getting started I do
working closely with my associates and we have decided that the game would go
on and be the biggest game ever to be had the Mexico I give you is that
winter’s coming I guess that’s some sort of next clue I
I have no idea what that means but guys if you have any idea what that clue is
and where that means we’re going next comment it down below but Logan I think
it’s time we get back home because because things are starting to happen I
don’t know what’s going down but we need to solve this mystery and fast

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