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– I’m going down the slide! I did it! (“This is Home” by Bryan Lanning) Morning. – [Bryan] Good morning,
dude, what are you doing? – Just medicine with my ear infection. – You got a little ear infection? Hey, good morning, Fin! So Ollie has a little
bit of swimmer’s ear, so we have some drops in his ear and he’s chilling on the
couch before we leave. What are we doing today? We’re doing something fun, right? – Going to a water park. – That’s right, we’re
going to a water park with the whole family. Not just any water park,
the water park, Fin. – Yeah. – If you guys don’t know,
these boys are notorious for getting trapped in this water park. I’ll have both videos linked
in the I-card in the corner so you can check it out,
it’s quite hilarious. Starting the day off with
some french toast casserole and we’ve got bacon and fruit. Gotta fuel up, big day today. – I know, I’m excited. – [Bryan] Are we gonna go
down all the big water slides? – Yeah. – [Bryan] You gonna go down the new one that goes upside down? – What, no. – [Bryan] No, that’s not a new one. – All right, we are one our
way and we are so excited! We love going to the water park. We go at least once every single year. And it was so funny, this
morning I actually showed Ollie the very first time we
went to the water park. So you guys can check it out up here. But we watched it this morning
and his exact words were, “Oh, so there’s two Ollies?” And I’m like, “No, that’s you!” And he could not believe that
there was another little boy named Ollie that went to the water park. And I was like, “No, Ollie, that is you. “You went to the water park
when you were just a little, “little baby and you loved it.” And actually, I think this year
will probably be one of his favorite times because he’s
always been a little bit like nervous to like be
around the splashing water and the loud sounds and stuff like that, but I think this year he
is going to have a blast. And I actually think Fin
won’t be as skittish as Ollie has been in the past,
so I think it’s gonna be and overall awesome day. I’m so excited we’re gonna
have the whole family with us, which is, we usually go with everyone. And it’s actually been a tradition
before when we lived here when I was a kid, we used
to go every single year. Are you excited, Ollie? – Yeah. – [Missy] What are you gonna do first? – I’m gonna go down the slide. – [Missy] You wanna go down the slide? That’s a good idea, that’ll
be so much fun, huh? (upbeat music) – [Bryan] Look at him dancing! Our cabana has our own little
stage right here. (laughs) We made it to Raging Waters, Fin! Aw, you’re getting your hair braided? – Mama’s doing her hair. – [Bryan] All right, you wanna get changed into your swimsuit and go in the water? – Yup. – [Bryan] Yup, let’s do it, Fin. Guess who’s here, Ollie? Guess who’s here? Payton and Liv! – Payton and Liv? – [Bryan] Yeah, come over
here, let’s yell for them. – Payton, right here! – [Bryan] Hey! – [Ollie] We’re up here! – [Bryan] Get up here, guys. The party just started. – Payton and Liv! – The whole crew is here and we’re ready to party in the water! Ollie, you excited? – Yeah! – We are walking into the kiddie
area, which is so much fun! Look at all these fun places to splash! You ready? – Yeah. (upbeat music) (screaming) – I had no clue that was happening. Can you pull them? Look it, you pull the cord
and it makes water do down, that’s so cool. (upbeat music) Oh, that was fast, dude! That was crazy, Fin! – Yeah. – Was that fun? – Yeah. – [Bryan] You don’t wanna be
under that big bucket of water? Come on! – This looks like Captain Underpants. – [Bryan] It kind of does look
like Captain Underpants, huh? I never noticed he was
kind of shaped like a star when we saw that movie. – Yeah. – Yeah, it’s lunch time. Big shark bite, there you go. It is lunch time, we are eating. We have salad and pizza and
burgers and all this goodness, just enjoying this amazing
weather down here, you guys. So our cabana is covered in bees and this one just went into
the straw, look at that. It’s in the straw so Missy’s
gonna use it like … It’s going in your mouth! – You’re totally stressing me out. – [Bryan] Oh, oh it’s flying! Oh, it’s pissed now. I can’t believe you did that. – That’s called a BB gun. – A BB gun! (laughs) – A BB gun, when we couldn’t afford one. – [Bryan] Wow, yeah, we’re
kind of getting swarmed by bees here at the water park. – We need to clean up all the food. – [Bryan] Yeah, we have
lots of food lying around. The bee is literally back, you guys. It’s in the straw. – Don’t inhale. (laughing) (upbeat music) – Ollie just got back
from getting ice cream. How is that, dude? Oh, that looks so good. Can I have a bite? – [Oliver] Yeah. – Look how cute these
two brothers are sharing. Giving him the biggest bite ever. (laughs) We have made it to Little
Dipper Lagoon, you guys. This place is infamous for us because as you know, our
very first water park vlog went crazy viral of Ollie
being stuck in the tunnel. So I’m excited to see it. – And I watched it this morning and you, remember you went under here and you konked your head so hard? – I konked my head so bad, it was so bad. Go play, kiddos. (upbeat music) Finny, you got trapped in
the tunnel with your brother, didn’t you? He’s so cold. – I know, it’s cold water. – [Bryan] Papa’s trapped! – I’m going down the slide! – Hey, thanks for stopping by, dude. All right you guys, we are now relaxing in the very busy lazy river. There is not a pool float
in sight, but that’s okay. Fin has his own floaties! Look at him floating like a boss. He doesn’t even have to do anything. Now let’s find Ollie. I think Ollie’s up here
with Payton and Lin. Hey, they kidnapped my son! Hey, that’s my son! – No, we stole him, he’s ours. He’s ours forever now. – [Bryan] Ollie, are you
gonna live with them now? You guys look so cute. (upbeat music) Ollie, you’re like a pirate
invading their ship now! – No, get off of me! (laughing) – [Bryan] Get him Ollie, climb up! Take over the ship, you
must take over the ship! (laughing) You’re such a cool pirate, dude. – I’m going down the slide! I did it! – [Bryan] Jeffrey, you
gotta stand right here. – He wanted to tell you all about the … What was it you were gonna say, Ollie? (shouting) – You’re crazy! – Nevermind. – [Bryan] Oh, that’s a good one. – Raging Waters wouldn’t
be a thing if someone didn’t bonk their head, right? – [Bryan] Yeah, oh, you bonked your head? I’m sorry, babe. – It hurts! – [Bryan] So we just
got back to our cabana. Look at the ice cream
right there, you guys. Covered in swarms of bees. There is literally dead bees. – [Missy] Dad, dad, do not touch that. – [Bryan] Oh my gosh, that’s insane. Jim, what are you doing? (laughs) – [Missy] Why is he touching it? – [Bryan] He’s pretending
to eat the bee ice cream. I don’t know why, it’s your dad. – [Jim] This is the worst ice cream ever. – [Bryan] That is so bad, oh my gosh. – [Jim] Here comes Jeffrey,
I’ll offer him some ice cream. – [Bryan] Hey Jeff, you
want some ice cream, bro? Dude, I got some really
good ice cream for you. – Oh, is this the bee flavor ice cream? – [Bryan] Yeah, this is
the honey flavor bee. – [Jim] It’s really good. (laughing) I have to share it with you. – Oh, you know what … – We are finally headed
home after a very long but fun, fun day. Ollie, did you enjoy the waterpark? Yeah, he’s so zonked now, huh? You tired? He’s like falling asleep as we speak. I think that means that he
had a pretty awesome time. Yeah, I think this is the
most fun he’s ever had because he wasn’t as scared
of like the falling water and stuff but it was super
duper crowded so I don’t think, me and Bryan didn’t go on any like rides. – Yeah, I just didn’t feel
like going on the big rides, I guess, I don’t know. – No, we’re like at Ollie’s
age where we just really enjoy like doing fun stuff with him that we can’t wait to
do those same fun things that we usually do
together, to do with him. – Plus it was just like, hot. – And even obviously Fin, but
Fin’s farther away from it. – Hot, no shoes, you gotta
stand in a long line. – Yeah, the long lines
are definitely sucky, especially when you have
little kids and you’re like, I don’t wanna stand here
for an hour in a line when I could be hanging out with my kids. So we didn’t really ride any rides. But it was totally fine,
we still had a blast. But anyways, we’re headed home. We’re exhausted, so it’ll
be a nice, easy night. Everyone will go to bed really well. – Look at these cotton candy clouds there. – I know, we’ve got some, a
pretty cool sunset going on here and the sky looks pretty cool. If you guys wanna see us have
even more fun at water parks, make sure you check the I-card for all our fun water park vlogs. For now, make sure to give
this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Hey, Ollie, thumbs up? – [Bryan] Did he just fall asleep? – [Missy] Yeah, give me
a thumbs up, thumbs up! – [Bryan] Thumbs up! (laughing) – [Missy] So cute, good job, thank you. I love you. – [Bryan] Go night-night, buddy. – Love you, too. We’ll see you guys tomorrow. – Bye! – Bye. (upbeat music)

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  1. I love you oops and fin and miss and Bryan๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜ you all are a good family my name is Alana Love You๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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  4. I watch all your videos it is ridiculous I get up at like 5 in the morning and I'm already on my tablet watching your videos

  5. This was July 2017 i was still 6 years old because it was not November 2nd 2017 then I would have been 7 years old which i am right now

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