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  1. you should look at the version of this just released by Almira ( from 4th Impact)…… considering it was done in their home studio , without all the Disney studio gadgets……it is amazing ( as everything by this lady is ……..)

  2. First, Brendon sings
    Second, Brendon hits the high notes
    Third, Brendon’s Voice SENDS me into the unknown!!!


  3. People when frozen first came out: LET IT GOOOOOOOOO
    people when frozen 2 came out and when panic at the disco came in: INTO THE UNKNOWNNNNNNNNNN

  4. When the credits came on after frozen 2 me and my boyfriend made the joke “how dare he show up Elsa in her own movie?” Cause don’t get me wrong she sang amazing but he really just came in like “hold my wig”😂😂😂

  5. I just went to see Frozen II and hearing Brendon's voice in the theatre is a magical experience (and also seeing Kristoff singing into a pinecone like it's a badly edited 80's music video). If you haven't seen it already, please do.

  6. His voice is so amazing I hate musicals and Disney stuff but I watch it because of my kids, they love it. But man this guys voice is so pleasant to listen to

  7. get it boy! now that's what im talking about, so powerful i was tapping my foot through the whole song! Amazing how he can hit those notes ! Wow!

  8. Bun: Constricting. Elsa's supposed role of keeping herself hidden.
    Braid: More free, but still wound tightly. Symbolises the restlessness she feels at the beginning of Frozen 2.
    Ponytail: Practical. She's going to battle.
    Open hair: She's finally free.

  9. What Frozen no. that are more emotional

    Frozen 2: Like
    Frozen (2013): Comment

    What if Elsa in Athohallen meets the Elsa in her Ice Castle?

  10. Petition for FROZEN 3!!!!
    Elsa and Anna PARENTS OWN LOVE STORY…. make it HAPPEN even if, we wait again for so many years its okay. Their parents deserve it. And I know, many people are curious too.

  11. Nooo>:c esto no se hace:( cuando fui al cine aquí en Chile no salió su vocesita hermosa preciosa:'c no vale:'c Brendon I love u fnsnfnzndk

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