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Paco Sanchez Park – Denver, CO – Visit a Playground – Landscape Structures

[kids laugh and music plays] We knew we wanted a big impact statement piece, and Paco Sanchez was Denver’s first hispanic DJ. We kind of settled on broadcasting was going to be our theme. We’ve talked to lots of different playground manufacturers, and then we talked to Landscape Structures and Rocky Mountain Rec. and came up with what you’re seeing now. This mic tower concept and so it’s really cool because there’s ways to interact with it like we didn’t even think of. So there’s kids [saying] “Hey there’s a secret passage here!” and there’s the different levels of challenge. So the users of all ages, little kids to adults have been experiencing the power which has been really cool. There’s so many different ways to play on the structure. It’s been great to watch. I really like it, it’s like an obstacle. It’s just huge The slide’s fun. There’s a lot of stuff. I like the slide cause it’s super big. It’s actually really cool. There’s a lot of ways and a lot of stuff to do so you never get bored. I’m 11 and I still like this thing. I like spending time with my kids and, this is fun. I’m bouncing! I like the design, I like the structure, and you can climb. It’s very physical. Even for adults.

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