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Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : Play Footprint Tag with Your Kids

This is a game called Footprint Tag. Basically
the goal is that one person has to try to tag the other person but they’re only able
to step in the footprints that are made by the first person. So what we’re going to do
is, and then there’s something that the first person has to run to and if they touch it,
then they’re safe. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to have Autumn come over
here. Come over here, Autumn is going to get a head start, she’s a little bit younger than
Bailey, she’s going to run around. We’ve got a couple of obstacles set up here; the yellow
bucket and the purple basket and then she’s going to run straight for the tree. So we’ll
give her a little bit of a head start, Bailey will be right behind her and if he catches
up to her and tags her, then he wins that game. But Autumn is going to get a little
bit of a head start. Okay, ready set go! Go that way, go. Okay, you’ve got to step in
her footprints. Hurry up! Keep going, she’s going to make it to the tree. Go! Alright
Bailey go. Okay, they’re playing a game called Snow Tag where Bailey is trying to tag Autumn
but he has to follow in her footprints. Oh, I guess he caught her. The thing that is different
about the Snow Tag, is that obviously you can see your footprints in the snow which
you can’t do in the summer. So Autumn can do all kinds of loopy loops and turns and
Bailey has to try to follow every single way in her footprint steps. If she would of made
it to the tree, then she would of been safe.

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