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Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : Make Snow Angels with Your Kids

Well another fun thing to do is the classic
snow angel. I remember doing that a lot when I was a kid. Basically where they just lay
in the snow and make a pattern waving their arms and waving their legs. You know again,
of course you want to make sure that they’re properly dressed so they’re not getting snow
underneath their garments. You just want to try to find a place in your yard that doesn’t
have a bunch of track so that you’re going to have a good imprint. You want to come over
here guys and show me how you make snow angels. You done that before? And of course you have
to have deep enough snow. We’ve only got a few inches here but it is enough to be able
to at least give a decent impression. Okay, get up carefully. You got to come this way.
Well the idea is that when you get up from the snow angel, you just come straight out
so the image doesn’t get all mixed in together like this. But fortunately they’ve got a lot
of the, rest of the yard to be able to practice those. Was that fun?

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