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Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : How to Clean Up Your Kids After Playing in the Snow

Well now we’re getting ready to go inside
and as you can see the kids do have some snow on them. Autumn, you want to stand up? First
thing you want to do before you go inside is be able to wipe off the snow as much as
possible off of all different areas. As far as their boots go, one thing that is really
helpful with the boots because you can see the snow is pretty well packed in there is
you just take a broom and you just kind of whisk it back and forth like that to get at
least the majority of the snow off. Because when you take it inside, that snow of course
is going to melt and it just makes for a bit of a mess. So you want to try to get off as
much as the snow as you can in this method. Stomp your feet guys. Come in here and stomp
your feet. And I can do it on my feet as well. Here we go. Yeah, they have fun with that

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