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Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : Establish Outdoor Clothing for Playtime

One thing that I found that is pretty helpful
is to have a separate set of outdoor clothes for playtime. What I found in the past is
that if my kids are wearing the stuff that they have for school outside, it gets very
dirty and soiled and it makes it for a bit of a hassle if they’re out getting it all
dirty during the weekend and then Monday comes and their clothes is all dirty. So they do
have what I call like their outdoor play coat, outdoor play gloves, that kind of thing. What
I do, also do when they come in is a lot of times you need to at least make sure everything
is spread out in an area where it can get thoroughly dried, if you have something that
has some warm air coming out of it or just to make sure it’s not all thrown in a pile.
Because what tends to happen is it gets like really musty smelly, it doesn’t fully air
out. The next time they want to use it it’s damped, it’s just not very hygienic. So sometimes
what I’ll do is I’ll toss some of it in the dryer for a while or hang it up just so it
gets thoroughly dried because you never know, they may want to go out soon or the next day
and you want the clothes to be comfortable and available for them to wear.

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