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Outdoor Winter Games for Kids : Create a Mud Room for Cleaning Up After Playing Outside

Well now we’re back in the house obviously
and the kids are going to start taking off all of their snow clothes. As you can see
with our set up, we actually have an area, a mud room that is specifically designed for
all of the winter types of clothes. You guys can take your stuff off; boots, shoes. We
have a rule in the house where everything in the winter, the dirty stuff, snowy stuff
has to come off before they actually walk into the main area of the house. We have an
area over here for their boots that as you can see we have lots of different rugs to
cover the tile. So that will eliminate some of the slipperiness that can happen if the
boots are just left to dry directly on the tile. And also the kids have their own area
for hanging up the coats and as you can see it’s a level that is easily accessible for
them. Again, I think that promotes responsibility and helping them to keep their things organized.
Can you get that by yourself Autumn? Again, as with putting on the snow clothes, you want
to help them. You want them to be able to do as much of it themselves as they can so
that they can feel that sense of independence and it creates confidence that goes along
with doing things themselves.

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