Indoor, Outdoor & Kids' Trampolines

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  1. What is your dream vacation?? Comment below! ✅Don’t forget shop my NEW hair product line HERE: 💋's -Mindy

  2. im sorry. i really think something is up with their 4th kid. she doesnt go home even holidays/ vacations. rylan is avoiding the fmily and not peer pressure as they said in their vid. im sorry.

  3. During the quarantine I’m watching ALLLLL of your old videos because that’s what I do anyways all the TIMEEE. ILYYYY GUYSS!!

  4. Is the guy at 9:41 the same guy from Brooklyn and Baileys channel where they interviewed him the video was called Brooklyn doppelgänger TWIN SWAP they called him shaggy from Scooby-Doo?!?!???

  5. I really don't mean hate, but it really makes me upset that you never include Rylan. You guys always say "Oh we don't have favorites." But we aren't dumb, If you really don't pick favorites then include ALL your children instead of leaving one behind. In almost every vacation video I never see a single clip of Rylan because she didn't come. You guys should listen to these dozens of comments and start including ALL your kids.

  6. I feel so bad for Rylan. It seems like no one truly truly cares about her. It seems like their happier without her and that’s so saddening

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