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Our Money Is Gone! Leprechaun Got Into Our Hidden Safe!

“Early Morning on St. Patrick’s Day” Okay, guys we’re gonna have to seal all the cracks in our house because I – I don’t I don’t trust this leprechaun he already took – You don’t want the leprechaun to come in? No! He took all of our money. In fact, I’m so mad. Ugh! I’m going to my room right now ugh! Forget that dumb leprechaun! Ummm… Guys, my mom just got so mad and because the leprechaun just took all of our money! The safe used to be filled with a lot of money. There was a lot of money right there. “The day before” What’s up, guys? Welcome back to my channel. Before we get started, make sure to like and subscribe. And I’m wearing green so obviously it’s leprechaun’s day! So today I’m gonna be making like five traps or something, and I think I’m gonna catch a leprechaun. So let’s get to it! Come on! Alright I got two different traps right here that I’ve already created. I’m gonna show you the other three, so Kalia you take a dollar. And Kyler, you take a dollar. So I’m gonna introduce you to this first trap. I made it out of milk. So there’s lids. I unscrewed the lids and hot glued it and then wrapped tape around it. And then I hot glued it and then wrapped tape around 100 more times, and it was crazy. So I just wanted to make sure it was secure, and look. So I think thought that the leprechaun would just push it over, so that he could crawl inside and crawl out. So, I was clever, and I hot glued a weight to it, so that he couldn’t tip it over, and it would be too heavy for him. You can see at the bottom of this there’s food. And leprechauns like to eat sunflower seeds, and they also like money. And then over here as you can see there’s a big bottle of water, and I made a ladder. There’s some gold right here. I painted some gold down there. So inside there’s a couple of coins, but there’s not enough money in there. So I’m going to have Kyler and Kalia drop a dollar in there. So Kalia, you’re first. Okay. Drop your dollar inside. I’m a little leprechaun do do do do. Wow. He’s stuck. He’s trapped. I got a leprechaun! Alright Kyler, it’s your turn. I’m a little leprechaun. De de de do do do de de de ah! Yeah! I caught two leprechauns. High five guys! Thank you. Alright, so I’m gonna go and build some other cool traps. Come on. Come along with me. Yay! And stay tuned till the end and see if I caught a leprechaun or not. Let’s go! Let’s go! Hey guys, I have to catch a leprechaun! It’s outside, so I can catch it. [Jazz Music] Leprechaun?? [Jazz Music] Alright guys, my next trap is gonna be a zip line. Guys, I’m gonna start my zip line all the way up there. Guys, my leprechaun zip line trap is done! This is epic. So! Alright. So there’s gonna be a taped piece right here, so when he jumps in, it’s gonna let go and he’s gonna zip down. Alright, here it goes. You ready? The whole idea is to stop in the middle, so he’s trapped in the middle. Here I go. Whoa! It worked! Hooray! It worked! So there’s some food and some coins in here. But he’s probably just gonna think it’s a trap. So he’s going to see this epic golden stuff up there. Then he’s gonna come over here like do to do to do, then he’s gonna see it. He’s gonna be like oh my gosh I want that gold so bad! So he runs upstairs, then he goes and jumps in the cup. And he’s gonna think that he zip lines down all the way across, but he actually stops in the middle. And then there you go! An awesome leprechaun trap! So let’s go put this up. Perfect! There we go. Kalia wants to show you her leprechaun trap, and she made an epic one too! Look! The leprechaun is going to go up the ladder, my dollie ladder. Do do do do do. Then he’s gonna get something inside. Yeehaw! And then this thing will slam down. Oh no! Yes. And then. No, no. Then I’ll lock it. That’s an awesome leprechaun trap, Kalia! High five! And then I’ll lock it. Alright. Well, I’ll see you guys in the morning, and let’s see if I catch the leprechaun. Alright, guys, we just woke up, and I’m so excited to check out and see if we caught a leprechaun! Let’s go! Whoa. I for sure thought this was gonna make it. And look, he climbed down with yarn. Look, he tied a rope to it and went woo all the way down. Dang it. Over here, he broke off the weight and then tipped it upside down so he got out. What’s that on the floor? Sunflower seeds. So he ate some dinner hahaha. And then over here, this is my favorite part because he didn’t only get away, he made us a little a rubber band rope. He put it on here and then put this down there. He lowered the rope and then he climbs down do do do do. And then he gets all his money and then climbs back up. That’s pretty tricky. Hey guys, you’ve got to check this out. I woke up this morning and was like the milk’s green! And here’s our milk. Good morning, Kalia. And then also, look. He wrote in celery “Nice Try”. Hahahaha! Look! Footprint. Footprint. Footprint. Footprint. Footprint. There’s footprints everywhere. Hahahahaha! Hey guys, I want to check my trap! Oh look, I see something green in there! Do you think that’s him? Oh! But it’s actually broccoli! What the? Maybe he turned into broccoli. Ha ha. Let’s go outside, guys! He loves gold. He loves gold. He loves gold! Oh what? What? Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! That little trickster! Huh? That’s hilarious Wow! Uh guys? I may have found something. Ah! There is a dollar! Ah! Oh my gosh! What is that? Whoa! Oh my gosh! Ah! Come on! Let’s go see where it’s leading to. Go where the arrows are pointing. Whoa! He made a fort! Open the door. The door’s locked. It’s locked. Oh no. Look for a key everybody! Dad has the key. What the? I see money arrows a lot. I want to unlock it. Come on, Kyler. Come on! Wait! What if the leprechaun is in there? Oh! Well we’ll catch him and make him give us his gold. He he he! No the other way. The leprechaun’s in there! Guys, okay we are gonna wait. Ah! Whoa! Oh it goes to this one! Oh, it goes over here. Wait, what? There’s nothing. Come look over here. Oh popcorn. Oh pot of gold! Oh my gosh! What is that? What is that? No, read the paper. Read the paper! “Ha ha ha happy St. Patrick’s Day to me”. To me? What? This is crazy! Well we got the pot of gold. More like popcorn, ha ha. What’s in there, Kyler? Popcorn! So, what’d you guys get? Was there something in each of the pot of golds? Yeah, there was one dollar in this. There one dollar in every pot of gold. No, there wasn’t in this one. There wasn’t anything in that one? Oh! It’s a key! A key? A key? What’s the key to? What’s the key to? What’s the key to? I don’t know. Guys, it’s a key. Oh I see it! I see it! What? Ah! There’s a dollar sticking out! I wonder what it is. What the? He took your money box! He better not have or I’m gonna be really mad. That’s our safe with our money. Oooooh! Can I read it? Then where did the other stuff go? Mom! That’s not funny. We lost our money. We keep all of our money in that safe. Where is it? Where did all our money go? Is this a joke, guys? Did one of you guys do this? No. Read the note right now before… We had a bunch of valuables in there. What does the note say? Wait, can I please read it? Let’s have Jazzy read it. Yeah, Jazzy read it. Maybe it’s like a treasure hunt. “Ye tried to take my precious gold, but it seems I got all of yours instead. “To get ye money back, be bold and try to use your head.” Huh. Use your head. Okay, who did this? I’m seriously so… I didn’t! I’m gonna be so mad. I didn’t! You guys. Read it again. Read it again. There was a lot of money in that safe. You guys! Maybe it’s all in the dungeon. There’s only a couple dollars left. That’s all of our money! You guys. No, there’s still more in our path. Wait, read it again! It says use your head! And it says you could get your money back! Just try to use your head. Yeah “to get ye money back, behold – be bold” oh. Behold, ha. Be bold and try to… What does be bold mean? Be bold like be courage. Guys, the leprechaun just took my mom’s and dad’s money because we try to take his money with his pot of gold. But this safe had all my mom and dad’s valuables in it. Mom and Dad are really upset now. The leprechaun is at his home because we was trying to take his money. Right now he’s at his home. Let’s catch his money at home! Let’s do it! Leprechaun is a bad leprechaun cause he took all of my mom and dad’s money. But at least we have this money! If we don’t find this money, then I’m gonna use my brain, do as much traps as I can, I’m gonna catch that leprechaun, and I’m gonna get three wishes. I’m gonna wish for your money back, and do other two wishes. Okay guys, we’re gonna have to seal all the cracks in our house because I – I don’t I don’t trust this leprechaun. He already took – You don’t want the leprechaun to come in here? No! He took all of our money. In fact, I’m so mad. Ugh, I’m going to my room right now, ugh! Forget that dumb leprechaun! Umm…. Guys, my mom just got so mad. Because the leprechaun just took all of our money. The safe used to be filled with a lot of money. There was a lot of money right there. Guys, we’re gonna have to figure these puzzles out. Uh… ah… Guys, we need to go look for it! Um, make sure to like and subscribe below and see you in the next video. “To be continued…”

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