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hey guys welcome to a new video… welcome
to a new video welcome to a new video…. we are in Xel Ha today! Wooh! weirdo! We are in Xel Ha guys! we’re so excited we have never been here before
it’s another park of Xcaret family it’s all about conservation this was one of
the first parks or the first park to get the certification about sustainability
and I’m very excited to see how they’re working to preserve the environment and
the different species that live here so let’s go without further ado.. so guys in Xel Ha they don’t give out maps in paper form so we are walking without
any any idea where to go.. there are a lot of signs that tell you exactly where things are so it’s not
that difficult to get lost but we’re still a bit like:’ where are the lines on
the floor like in Xcaret?’ ya Xel Ha is full of water activities in this Bay you
can snorkel as much as you want one of the first animals you’ll see is probably
a lizard, they are all around the park but remember even though they’re used to
people this is their home and it’s better not to disturb them Guys, I think he almost died.. a horrible horrible! man and I didn’t have much air so I was like dang, I’m gonna I’m gonna
drown.. so the blue one is slower and the white
one is faster I was like yeah of course the white one.. oh my god
first of all the water went in my nose and in the end I lost orientation and I
was like this way, with my body down instead of looking up uh-huh
man and then I tried to turn her out in the end and I totally lost orientation I was under the water and didn’t know where was up and
down. Yeah I could see it, you can see man and I didn’t have much air..
Did you like it though? No, no, the beginning yeah but the end arg.. I think if I would have
arrived in the normal way like this, I wouldn’t have had a problem recommendations for people that want to
come, if you like slides and you don’t have a problem with like being super
fast then take the white one and if you’re a good swimmer. If you want a
little bit more chill then take the blue one I guess. Just try to not turn
around, try to not turn around like I did okay let’s go okay, traumatized! and
that’s why I didn’t do it because I’m not a good swimmer and I’m scared of
that stuff so let’s keep going there’s several more things to do in Xel Ha I still feel like I have water everywhere in my ears Ok guys, we’ll see you from the
water okay Joss is about to go into the water with her head, so guys the thing is, Joss has never snorkeled before and I have in the
Baltic Sea but I didn’t really like it because I have a hard time breathing
through this when I’m under the water there is water going to my nose.
oh look at her no problems, have you seen any fishes already? Yes there were a lot, Ok I’m going under the water now Is so hard to breath! guys if you are snorkelling pros please
don’t hate on us we just never went snorkeling for real. Guys I found a rock I
could stand on and now Joss wants to stand on it too but there is not enough space, get away! I hope you can hear me guys, we are on a
floating bridge now after crossing the bridge you just
walk through the jungle and then there are some places where you can go
swimming where you can go snorkeling and when you open your eyes you can see
animals all around, you can see squirrels you can see lizards you can
see Josses okay it’s cool so just open your eyes guys
and see. These are Coatis relatives of the raccoons they use their long noses
to search for prey and fruits. To find even more food they turn rocks or wood logs around with their claws when a Coati signals danger the entire group
runs up trees and stays completely silent until it’s all clear guys
we just saw a squirrel right in front of us, eating like taking the the fruits from the trees and and yeah it looks
just like a rat somehow it looked a bit like a rat but it was so cute and so cool y’all man we got cool videos it’s pretty cool I actually like a lot that a lot of the animals are free in the park and you get to see all the lizards
and iguanas and things like that running in front of you someone’s in danger yeah it’s all fine
guys false alarm (The kid is just a drama queen like Janik) I’m not a drama queen wooh we want one
look at him all excited we are crashing with everyone we’re in a boat we’re on a boat. Mosquito
bite here must get a bite on my booty The river flows through a mangrove
forest. Mangroves are very important for the ecosystem not only are they home to
lots of animals but they are also a natural barrier against hurricanes. So
nice floating down the river is cool but a bit slow yeah we are hungry we want to get there already and eat, super nice with the branches here that you get stuck in all
the time Joss is trying to manage to lead us
through this forest, now we’re turning again and we’re going backwards, you know what we are doing? -What? we are rolling on the riveeeer totally. Aaaah! rock rock ah did I get a mosquito bite? Joss got a
bunch of mosquito bites because she is juicy it’s Joss The tide is high but I’m holding on.. Guys there are so many mosquitoes so make sure to buy your bio repellent because I didn’t put repellent today I already
have like five mosquito bites and I just found a mosquito right here on my arm. guys look at his face after after
snorkeling. I am done now and actually there’s a lot of clouds coming, the park is about
to close so that’s perfect timing I’m so tired!! Joss just complaining the
entire time that she’s so tired has been too much for her today
so Xel Ha is a huge water park in the nature it’s all about water and
conservation it’s a lot about animals although you have to pay extra for most
of the animal parts yeah if you want to swim with dolphins and things like that
that’s extra but we didn’t and it was still a great day I’m not the best
swimmer as I told you before but it wasn’t a problem it was still friendly
for non swimmers they have the vests you don’t have to worry about
drowing yeah except you go onto the waterslide and then you drown oh yeah… like me, so
guys if you’re ever in Cancun and you want to visit one of these parks then
you can find all of the information here the link is also in the description down
below we want to thank our friends from experiencias Xcaret for inviting us
here we had a great great time and we cannot wait to come back so guys that
was our day in Xel Ha we hope you enjoyed the day with us and our time
thank you so much for watching guys make sure to subscribe if you’re not already
we’ll see you next week adios muchachos Tschüss!

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