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Open Season Walkthrough Part 1 (X360, Wii, PS2, PC, XBOX) 100% Mission 1 – 2 – 3

you boom boom
have you seen Dinkelman come on go get him you boo morning sleepyhead time to get up
Oh Oh finally Houston I think we have visual come over here you big lug what about Dinkelman do you have
Dinkelman with you not like this for yes or like this for no well do you haven’t
follow the instructions on the screen to say yes or to say no well you better
find him before we hop in the truck once you find him come back to me whatever you find a ranger badge it will
be added to a collection in Bath’s scrapbook and when you’ve completed a
collection you’ll earn a special reward so did you find Dinkelman yes or no come
on now big guy did you find so you found him great that’s my boy oh you two are
so cute come over here you big lug that’s
perfect all aboard hold on your perch as the
best mobile is about to launch destination Timberline if you want to
lean the truck to the left or the right just move from side to side when you’re
right you can also try to pick up objects during the ride by grabbing them all right careful we don’t know where
that’s been thank you Dan oh that is a good one
hey what’s that you just picked up right is that right think it is hey what’s that you just picked up would you look at that open season isn’t
for a few more days but Shaw’s already killed a deer oh that guy really chaps
my khakis you say here Boog I’m gonna go give him a piece of my mind
hey bear over here oh are you talking to me
yeah I’m Elliot what’s your name my name’s Boog listen you gotta help me can
you untie me untie you no way that’s Shaw’s truck your tattoo what’s a
shore only the nastiest hunter in town wouldn’t want to make them angry at me
you know what I’m saying oh I don’t want to be martyred on a wall you have to
untie me please try lean a little closer back into the woods little buddy hey
he’s getting away Shaw no shooting in town but that bear
leaned over and untied my buck didn’t you see that huh you’ve been living in
the woods too long Shaw I saw you untie my dear you made an enemy today bear I’m
gonna get you someday understand sure you get away from him
enjoy the comfort bear you’ll have to go back in nature someday and when that day
comes I’ll be there waiting don’t worry about him Boog he can’t do anything to
you while you’re safe under my roof you you huh what’s that who’s there
hey buddy hey Elliott hey hey open the door and let me in I’m busting
you out of here let’s go let’s do this no I’ll cornflake you got it all twisted
this here is my home sweet is that a bed oh I get it
you’re like a pet ain’t nobody’s pet right matching food and water ball set
you’re a pet I got something that’ll make you come with me get a whiff of
this there’s this place in town that has stacks of them come this way I know a
shortcut this is it my friend you try and find a
way inside while I stay here and stand the area what the jeez Louise
a bear haha the incredible mystery is in the
house Elliot what are you thinking you could
all mm-hmm that’s what I’m talking about look there
woohoo bars everywhere a bitch can’t find ten Woo’s oh no they’re gonna put us away from
good risen worse the soup come on orous adios Liberty amigo I had a feeling this
what happened someday Oh Luke what happened it’s just too dangerous keeping
a bear in town like this Beth please don’t take him from me

Reader Comments

  1. Who would ever think this would turn into a franchise with four films the first two were good. The third one was terrible they neutered the crap out of it with the tone. The fourth one I had no clue existed to recently. Some of The neuder sequels of the past were better then open season 3 in my opinion " all dogs go to heaven 2 was darker and had more nerve then open season 3 that was heavily toned down from the first film also.

  2. I would love to be able to play this game again. Unfortunately, the PS2 I have at my house doesn't work, and the only place I know of that sells PS2 is in Texas.

  3. Didn't know this game was out on 360 to be honest, when it came out I was little and I just played it on Xbox. Pretty weird knowing its on a semi-modern system now.

  4. Man. It’s been about 11 years since I last played this game. It’s good to reflect back my greatest childhood memories

  5. It’s been years since I’ve seen the movie and played this game. Forgot the name so just typed into YouTube “movie with bear and deer” and found it.

  6. I used to have this game when I was 3 and still had it when I was 8 but my little brother threw it out the balcony. At least I beat it though.

  7. The funny thing is a bunny used its paws to wack a hunter!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Best part of this game was throwing the deer. I remember as a kid just throwing him off a cliff over and over and cracking up

  9. I have the GameCube version of this game but OMG the Xbox 360 version is way WAY better and. . . . I NEED IT!

  10. im watching the movie right now with my little sister and i had such a distinctive memory of this game my heart feels so…..nostalgia be hittin' har tonight boys…

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