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One Week of Outfits Under $200 | Plus Size Spring Lookbook | JCPenney

Hi everyone my name is Shaylee and I
create content over on my channel which is called Shaylee. I do fashion videos
every single week and today JCPenney challenged me to find a week’s worth of
outfits for $200. So, I have 7 outfits here, we’re mixing and matching pieces,
and I cannot wait to show you how I style each item. You can watch part 1 on
my channel, I show you the shopping experience and the haul of the items
that I bought. While you’re over there, be sure to subscribe! Let’s begin! I hope that this video inspired you to
go create your own looks at JCPenney and head to their dressing room and try on
some things. My goal is to inspire and empower women so, hey, if we’ve never met
before and you’ve never seen me before, I would love it if you went over to my
channel and subscribed! Let me know more about you and thank you for watching
this video!

Reader Comments

  1. Shoutout to #JCPenney for these great clothing items for plus size women. Shaylee, you modeled them all perfectly 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  2. I like Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays Look. Im not a fan of the Boyfriend jeans. Can you stack coupons there??

  3. Tell JCP to stop making things harder and making us come over here to see the looks… Dear JCP, I don’t want to have to come to YOUR Chanel. No one is going to subscribe to JCP because you force us to come over here.. greedy and off-putting JCP.

  4. I came here from Shaylee’s channel! Loved Wednesday and Saturday the best, for a casual look. I need to head out to JCPenney!

  5. Thanks for the video. Not sure about the two sets of pricing. Where the items on sale or did you use coupons to lower the price?

  6. Your makeup is on point. Love the pretty pink lipstick and matching blush. It goes so well with your complexion and blonde hair.

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