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One VS Two Golf Match

what is up y’all hope y’all having a
great day out here at the little course in Franklin Tennessee fun little match
in store I’m gonna be playing by myself I didn’t see these two guys yes they’re
gonna be playing a scramble against me got my work cut out for me this is Jake
new to the channel I’ll drop his YouTube channel down in the description
below he’s just getting going so make sure to
check him out show him some love and this guy right
here my brother what uh he’s back y’all been asking for him back again I’m not
sure why but y’all been asking for him so he’s been playing a ton of golf
lately and run that’s true that is very rise he may not have played in a little
while but he does have new irons so you’re gonna find that out we’re just
continue straight to the tee right now go number one let’s go
hole number one 108 got new irons disclaimer haven’t swung them yet will
see AP ones no biggie we’ll see how they go number
one par 3 108 yards middle pin was that what what happened there the bolts were
there on the tee box I don’t even say I I want to say it’s because knowing that
it’s the ironed it’s like great AR like it’s the grips got to get these things
regroup that’s what I was gonna say that I didn’t want to like yell at the person
that I bought him wrong but like the grips are ridiculous they look brand-new
they’re not I think I read that they played it like two or three rounds on
them so yeah looks like a good number needs to kick a
little right oh what a bounce and it is trickling
dude there’s no way there’s no way oh oh dude what a shot waste any good shots
the difference between those two shots there was absolutely incredible so I’ve
got my work cut out for me sand wedge in hand we’re looking at a
birdie putt and as y’all may have remembered I am the world’s best putter
not a very good green reader though you gotta gotta go mine hit my ball good
job Zach all right oh sure buddy so the power of the sourpuss a whole bunch dude
I have not seen sour punch and a long time perfect combo that is a lot of
sugar this this is exactly the perfect diet you need for a good golf shot all
right ended up team I feel like they were making fun of the
consumer right there Andrew says they only do Hill clicks and light and
placements on his team so that’s why there was no pin slammer their toe
clicks and sour patch kids let’s go I think that sour punch straws I just
clarify on to number two right here another part three 110 yards another
middle pin let’s go and just left of the pin just a little
short not too bad that was short whoa that needs to settle it might still
be putting that almost hit the water bucket so Andrews not off to the
greatest start right there I don’t know what’s going on in his head I’ve got a
sandwich oh my
Zak almost hold it I don’t know if y’all could see right there with that Club at
impact kind of got bowed a little bit it got
caught up on that mat but I hit it well good look for birdie see if we can’t get
a pin slammer right here let’s go oh my name’s Zach my wrist hurts my club got
caught up and I hit it to five feet he’s the worst she’s so obnoxious all right
so here’s four Jake in it up not bad good shape Andrew you’re walking a long
ways here’s where I ended up right here putting back up the hill roughly six
maybe seven feet left for bird there’s no room on this channel for excuses
that’s what we’re getting from this guy here today so far Jake’s over here just
ready to hit another shot for his team so his team that’s the order I’m like
this one we still like Dwayne Wade oh yeah he’s a workhorse workhorse she draw
and speedy lateral quickness got a lot of heart a lot of soul we’re gonna head
right there we’re getting it right there they’re gonna hit their second shot oh
we don’t chip it in I mean I would still be pretty cool so even if they do all right they’ve got some work to do
here on number 2 Zack for his birdie attempt here on number 2 he makes it he
has the hole so close didn’t want to leave it short David a run good roll
I’ll give you that let’s see if Andrew can contribute to the team well that was
a good Wow not good little backboard for the camera there thankfully your partner
got good speed and with the par and match is all square all right guys good
drug out here it’s I don’t know what 25 degrees freezing nose is all runny long
night as I said last night fine organ trail woke up this morning really early
I think is like 10:30 to 10:00 no it was like 10:25 I feel a hot streak
coming on coffee just kind of starting to kick in start and get a little tingly
and so now we’re all three holes in what what okay on the hole three all right so
we got 97 yards gonna hit a little soft 54 degree hopefully Andrew can knock it
on to will get some good shots and hopefully we can get a birdie here that
would be great I’m getting thrown under the bus right
here maybe Andrew can get it on like that’s a miracle well so far it’s good it’s a pretty good dark there sir that is on a really good line if it’s a
good number oh he didn’t quite make it up the slope there but still a good shot
good swing sir his third time gonna be the charm off the tee all right it says
all in the hips all right that needs to sit down Oh what
off the bank and it’s rolling back did it did it make it all the way back onto
the green beautiful slider in there I’ve got these guys that play pretty much
every day just losing their minds ever how I just slid that sand wedge 56 I
mean a lot of people said it couldn’t be done heard a lot about stingers those
are kind of old news the sliders with the 56 or in that’s not brother saying
that the stingers are old news yeah that’s okay I’m listening
anyways these people are losing their minds I’ll probably throw up a tutorial
video after to show show you all how to edit only a few of us can do it so maybe
me you tiger walking up here here is Jake’s there’s
mine ended up a little long and there is Andrews that is the best shot for me
enter today so far nice slider by hole 9 watch out I may go hole in one
what’s shot are y’all going with we’re to decide to go with Andrews how did he
talk you into that well I just you know the beauty of the slider just it just
had my heart we have to go with a shot okay so so this is the first first shot
from Andrew only took till hole three that’s the bit outside I played follow the leader
RIT Jake’s going to tap it in for their par very nice let’s go pin slammer there
on number three take a 1-up leap through three these guys are reeling back here number four 87 yards par three so it is
a wedge shot however these trees up here kind of are in a way so gonna have to
fight something a little lower you thought was shot down did it over that
bunker and let it just trundle Trumbull right on up to the hole
alright Zach here on number four he is up 1 let’s see what he can do and that is what we were looking for out
of that flighted lob wedge right there gives us a good look at a birdie see
what they’ve got in the bag we have Jake up first this tempo all
dialed in oh this looks good this looks good what a shot oh no the
old thin to win it’s coming trundling trundling oh oh it has settled it didn’t
make it to the road golf shot there I mean I didn’t want to waste a shot I saw
Jake’s I was like you know what I’m just gonna top that no biggie
save that shopper later Zach here for his birdie try oh I just knocked advice all right David to run T manger and Jake
for Park let’s go and what’s a three I am currently one up
through four holes we’re on to number five 136 yards straight away
par 3 pins pretty much in the middle I’m gonna walk up there put the camera
behind the hole so you can have a little better vantage point I’m gonna be going
with pitching wedge I needed one hole with the backward side to get settled in
it’s game time flip it around feeling good are you working on your stinger approach
up here you know stingers are back in season okay
here’s four Ranger ended up right there I think someone’s closed a little bit
left so we’re gonna go ahead and go with big Andrew over here we’ll see if we can
knock a birdie in that’s a par for me that was a good role it was a good role
this would be a huge putt in the match and he leaves it short
oh good and tap that in sir I am currently still one up one birdie for
pars through five holes these guys are one down they are one down there even
par for their group so they’re hoping to get a birdie streak alive here to end it
see if they can’t make a little comeback we’re on number six we’re currently 133
yards out oh absolutely should be on the green little right I think here’s our chance
oh we’re not sure if Ange was gonna go with the stinger here with a higher
option he went or slider stinger slider stinger to songwriter stinger are you
writing not if that goes in the hole he’s going please go in if that goes in
no one did that lip out let’s go let’s go hey Jake pretty much has to make it
or his shots not gonna count so pretty high high standards here makes a good
swing and Ted in just a little left it is all right though I think his
partner’s got him covered I mean I’m getting yelled at chirping from from the
crowd from the fans that are crowded around well they just there they went to
the bathroom but they were around they were losing their minds after me just
holding that one out it happens I’m not gonna lie we’re walking up a little bit
closer I don’t know if it actually lipped out
we’ll see I’m gonna go ahead and say it did but it just like Oh quick you’ii know okay no no don’t listen to that cuz
that one looked out alright left mine out just a bit right but not too bad of
a number and as we’re walking up here Andrew I don’t believe that lips out so
it did I just have so much spin on my ball because how much speed just hits
get the hips just right the air boom is it possible today for Andrew to have
a solo birdie could it happen I don’t want them thinking about the pressure just a bit outside this would be a huge
putt very huge let’s go let’s go all square soft pin
slammer – and the Masters all squared just like that
that was a great shot in there got low sting her slider by Andrew J coming up
with a huge putt the light pin slammer with the patented heal click celebration
instead of the pin slammer that is their choice that is so I don’t know where
they came up with that however we’re on to number 7 number 7 par-3 118 yards pin
is set left and there is water all to the left so don’t want to miss the
screen left so I walked all the way up here to put
the camera behind the hole didn’t really work out because none of our balls
stayed in frame however mine was just out of frame on
the right side so roughly 10 feet 12 feet left for birdie for me Jake was a
little shortened to the right that plugged they’re going with Andrews in
the bunker here pretty much pin-high a little right let’s see what kind of
short game magic they can come up with right here I don’t think we’re finding
that one Oh Zack here for birdie on number seven
and to win the hole in two whoo I wanted that pin slammer I didn’t
leave this short didn’t make it short not even going that is a good line did he hit it did he
hit it no he did not hey Zack here for par and
to win the whole ice with the three I’m feeling quite confident or one down or
even par Zacks 1-under we’ve got two holes left
this holes 155 yards I’m feeling pretty good that we can knock one close maybe
make a birdie here if not we’ll make one on nine yeah no biggie I mean I would
feel bad if we were just dominating Zack I mean he’s been playing all winter and
I haven’t played at all I don’t think I’ve said that yet today but I’ve been
trying to grow that mustache all winter Oh that was a little right and he has made
good contact let’s go what a shot I mean pretty good shot I had that in my
back pocket just waiting oh oh wait oh I don’t hear you all right here is where
Andrew ended up roughly 20 feet left I am right here pin-high maybe a little
closer maybe roughly 15 let’s roll the rock a little more break there than all
a rad 17 thought follow me this was back here basically for the win door and close them out here on a love
to end the match with a pin slammer there on eight rolling the rock we’re
still gonna block the last hole for you number nine but that’s the match one two
up we’re gonna head to night you know what you actually pull in one here Oh
from Jake and I yeah okay just send it to a playoff okay I like that playoff
we’ll see I don’t know if you’ll have seen me kind of get on a hot streak
lately maybe – – hold it go but get an awfully dangerous uh-oh I don’t want to
say I’m predicting a hole-in-one but Zach here little right all right he’s on the dance
floor a little long little lock but where you are puting that looks really good need you to pop a
little right spin dude good shot could have been close by boys and girls I have a little sauce on it all righty
Jake threw a dart in there roughly five or six feet left mine is that one on the
right there’s Andrews definitely think they’re
going with Jake’s see if they can’t end their round under par good speed that’s
in with the three oh that was close good roll there it is there it is the heel clicker
I guess we don’t we don’t celebrate after a while all right
really appreciate y’all coming along is that Jake and I had a blast that was a
lot of fun unfortunately we took the El but you know what drop a comment below I
think we’re gonna be doing this a whole lot more and just let us know what you
think and then also let us know any other ideas in the comments below also
any positive comments about me specifically fill it up all my fans fill
it up anything negative but just leave it at home we don’t need to discuss that
negative about Zack I okay on to Jake yes thanks for coming on the channel
enjoy sir for having me I appreciate Andrew coming along playing with me if
you can check my youtube channel al exact we’ll have it in the description
below and they kill so much yes sir and until next time y’all we’ll see we see

Reader Comments

  1. The King is back!!!! #StingerKing vs bro and co!!!! Just started the vid and My prediction is Zack is eating scrambled eggs today!!!! Can’t lie I was feeling down the other day so I had to watch the pure stinger highlight reel keep it coming my man!!!!πŸ˜ŽπŸ€‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

  2. In a world gone mad, we need these vids right now. Hope your ass is wiped btw πŸ˜†. Much love brotha, keep them coming!

  3. Fantastic video as always Zac! More of Andrew and Jake in the future…your videos are top notch but they bump up the comedic value a few pegs. Thanks!

  4. Hey Zac, Richard here, bro you have the patience of Job. Andrew a golf swing is suppose to be the opposite of sex, not up and in, down and out. Hilarious!! Peace brother!!

  5. so great to see your brother isn't a great golfer. Makes guys like me feel better about our own golf game. Getting hyped about a horrible shot that just some how worked out is my specialty.

  6. Andrew is a great guest for your channel!
    I love when siblings have distinct personalities.
    Those families in which everyone is a weird clone of each other are creepy and dull

  7. That looks like so much fun. I get way to competitive, and sometimes let the game get to me, when it goes bad. But being able to laugh with family and friends, make it so much better. This course looks really good for the time of the year.

  8. Living in Vegas sucks now. No poker, no going to the bars, and now NO GOLF!!!! I'm not complaining, because obviously peoples health and safety is more important……. just venting. Atleast people like you are kind of help help me get my golf fix. Thanks broπŸ‘Š

  9. Fun video! Next time in Southern California if you want to do a Zac vs Fan vid, I’m always free for a round of golf πŸ˜‚

  10. Zac!!! Great video brother. Got to love the brotherly love!! Lol lol. Love / hate relationship.
    Those clubs he is playing though seem very short for him though? Am I wrong?
    Loved the content. Keep it up.

  11. HOLY CRAP ANDREW! You are a GOLF GOD! King of the Slider! Prince of the Topper! Guru of the Shank! Czar of the Speedy Putt!

    Seriously, it was a fun match to watch. Jake, you can play! It's just that Zac does this EVERY DAY, and how in the world can you compete with THAT?

  12. Great video man fun to watch you and your brothers back and forth sounds just like my brother and me πŸ˜‚. As always the best thanks again! Oh ya tell your bro to get some extensions on them new irons haha.

  13. Im def gonna check out jakes channel. As a tiny channel myself i love seeing you big guys look out for small channels.

  14. Andrew glad u hit at least one pure shot. Although the sliders worked out a few times a blind squirrel can still find a nut as well. πŸ˜‚. Good to see ya again. Love the par 3 stuff. Keep the content coming enjoy it

  15. Pour some water on the mat to prevent injuries

    It acts as lubricant for the club to glide

    I hurt my back from hitting rough mat

  16. Zac, not fair that you only ask Andrew to join you on a video when he either 1) has had no sleep, 2) has not had the chance for the caffeine to kick in or 3) he is feeling a bit under the weather? Not to mention a new set of irons that are defective (those darn club faces are moving on their own mid swing!). Lol πŸ™‚ Just kidding…welcome back Andrew. Seriously, though…those new irons seem to get shorter in mid-swing πŸ™‚

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