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One Spring Night | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB CC]

Let’s.. …be friends. I was wondering… …what kind of woman you are, Lee Jeong-In? I don’t know if you already have someone. Even so, once again. Just one more time. Now, I found myself here. I’m really happy I got to know you. You’re a good guy. I won’t ask for anything. Just allow me to meet Jeong-In. One Spring Night Only on Netflix
May 22

Reader Comments

  1. Not another young guy old bag drama,korea really love these type of dramas,im so sick of them. I wanna see more serial thriller dramas way better then this bullshit. This is like old lady desperation dramas. Its like every year 4 to 5 new dramas revolve around this kind of storyline "blah blah blah 🙄🙄🙄.

  2. I'm looking for the song playing in the beginning of this trailer and another song in this drama where the chorus goes like "Where do we go from here?" (and no, not the famous song). It's very frustrating, can't find it anywhere! ANy help would be appreciated. I saw here in comments that the title of the song in the trailer is 'Wind of change", but that only leads to the Scorpions…

  3. I love this drama, it's one of the best drama on my list regards more than 100's i have been watched

  4. Guys, I read the songs everyone is looking for are:
    Spring rain – Osear Dunbar
    Is it You – Rachael Yamagata
    No direction – Rachael Yamagata
    I havent found the songs yet, so Im not sure this is right. I also read that the songs might not be released yet so we have to wait for the OST. The Yamagata artist makes sense though, she was featured in the OST for Something in the rain which is from the same director…

  5. Yes this movie is on Netflix but it is a trailer may 22 pass and still only trailer what give? Do we get to watch the movies soon?

  6. I came back here again to say how I already love the episodes that they released (EP01-04). 🥰🌸

    A story abt a librarian name Lee Jung In, the middle child among the 3 sisters who has a long time boyfriend who is older than her by 3 years but for Jung In, their relationship feels stagnant, in a state of wary & she believes that marriage is not the answer meets a pharmacist name Yoo Ji Ho who is a single parent to a son, very hard working & has a clear set of goal in his mind. The two meets in a pharmacy that gets one of them sparks interest but knowing their status in life, how will Jung In & Ji Ho continue their friendship without stepping the boundary? Also there’s story abt family, friendship, relationship, work ofc love in adult life. I’ve seen how ppl considered it slow pace but for me it feels like the progression is quite good not fast or slow

    JungIn & JiHo are the same age in this story (they suppose to be 35 years old here) ppl tend to forget that this isn’t a noona-dongsaeng melo-romance, the one who really has the age gap is Han Jimin & Jung Haein not their characters 😆 (based on their official website)

    I actually like the PD works with his direction since I have seen his 3 works before but never with this writer who also the same writer for Something in the Rain, since I’ve seen backlash abt it, I hope the writer is aware now to what she did before 😆 & hoping she could do this right since I’m loving the vibe & mood of One Spring Night

    You can stream the episodes on Netflix every Wednesdays-Thursdays, they release the episodes there after 2 hours they live broadcast in Korea/MBC

    Sorry for the long post but yes can they release the OST now ? ITS SO GOOD 😭

  7. since I’m seeing a lot of comments how this is another noona-dongsaeng(younger) melo-romance drama. The characters Jungin & Jiho are suppose to be the same age (35 years old) the ones who really have the age gap is Han Jimin and Jung Haein not their characters 😂 so yes this is not a noona-dongsaeng romance since in the drama they both addressed each other as chingu (friend) & thats probably why Jung Haein don’t address Han Jimin as noona off screen, they address each other like they are the same age because probably to make them feel comfortable as they are portraying characters with the same age 💕🌸

  8. I was hungry for Kdramas that can happen in real life for how many months after watching Something in the Rain and finally Netflix released this amazing series of Jung Hae in, One Spring night. Yehey! I'm totally satisfied. ❤️❤️

  9. I juste loved so much the episodes 1-4 of One Spring Night! I love the OST, I can't wait for its release.

  10. Loved the first 2 episodes…..setting high standards for mature love stories..and what lighting, sound, treatment of characters!!!…can't wait for the 3rd episodes. Will be aired today

  11. Its May 29th as of today but why I only found the trailer on Netflix, where are the episodes? Anyone knows? 🤔

  12. Watched the 3rd episode…..super!! Loving the vibe and the mood set by the drama. 4th episode will be out un a few hours….can't wait!

  13. I can’t watch the Ep 4 that I downloaded for I won’t have the Ep 5 waiting for me . Really fall in love with this drama..😍😘

  14. My goodness!! I
    Love this drama. Waiting for the next episodes makes me go crazy..i cant wait.. mwah!!

  15. The 3 lead actors are fantastic…if there is any doubt watch Eps5 min 18. She has been taken for granted and she has had enough.
    I have my favourite segments which I watch over and over. Kudos to the screenwriter. Thx MBC for this great drama.✌️🍁🇨🇦

  16. Also eps 4 min 3:22….the library scene and the much quoted ‘ If you come to me now, there is no going back.’ 💜💜💜. 🍁🇨🇦

  17. Currently watching 8th episode of Something in the rain. And after done with it I already got a new one to watch. Great.

  18. i wanna watch this but im scareddd SITR is my all time fav drama, and if this is another nonna drama then i dont think i can watch it, but knowing me i will lol

  19. Jung Hae is collecting all the noona’s one by one and I’m here for it.

    I hope in his next drama his partner is also a noona again. I don’t know why but it suits him soooo well 💘 But of course, I would like to see him with a younger co-star too to see how that would play out.

    I’m definitely going to watch this drama. Han Jimin is in this drama as well so it’s yes from meeee 😊💞

  20. I don't like something in the rain🙄
    But I didn't expect to love this drama so much😍

  21. I'm glad to see everyone giving it good reviews. I hate having to wait for new episodes so I'll wait for it to end then have a fun binge watching session. I loved something in the rain so I'm sure I'll love this one too 😁

  22. Jung Hae In is so dreamy himself and is perfect for 'impossible love' stories ❤ i'd like to see him in badass roles too.

  23. I’m on episode 8 and omfg I freaking love it. This drama is so simple… kinda slow but I’m liking it. The camera stays on one person for 10 seconds just showing their face and emotions in silence hahah and the soundtrack is awesome. I’m liking it so so so much

  24. it's been almost a month since they first dropped the two episodes & we're already halfway to the series. I would like to share how this series is my main love right now. I love how each episode didn't lose its momentum. From the very beginning, the characters and their stories have been straightforward. The characters admit to themselves their flaws that they are not perfect even their situation. The supporting characters also play a good foundation to our main characters; The dialogues didn't disappoint from pulling all the feels in me as if I also experience it with them but as the dialogues & cast blend together, the direction & cinematography also didn't disappoint; from the little details of objects & settings that may be a symbolism with the character's arc & the soundtrack that speaks to the situation. I love it. I admit that this drama is not everyone's taste maybe for its slow pace & the first impression of 'cheating' they say; but there's something appealing with a story that surrounds with spring night that it's more than just the first impression of cheating but it's an emotional layer of depth within the characters. tbh the moment han jimin got cast for this drama I got interested & I never knew han jimin & jung haein will catch me for their calm yet palpable chemistry, the emotions they portray whenever their characters converse I just want to cry how good they are. Since we're already half-way into it, I hope the writer gives us development and resolve that the character deserves.

  25. I don't like the flow of this film. I watched until episode 20 but there I felt hurt as a former girl in the main role. That people's stories fight for their love for happiness. I saw that the woman had no guilt and just blamed her ex without thinking about her ex's heart. and also for the pharmacist he was present as the third person without thinking of the girlfriend.

  26. The best thing about this series ..those sound tracks 😍 … I mostly love all night scenes in this drama..

  27. wondering before if this is a good kdrama. Now, after watching the 12 latest episodes of it, this drama is truly worth to watch! I recommend it guys!!! <3 <3

  28. The best perfect heart fluttering romance drama 0f 2019 Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In 👏👏👏👏💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  29. Maravilhoso esse dorama noite de primavera, não consigo para de assisti eles forma o casal muito lindos estou apaixonada pelo dorama noite de primavera estou vendo na Netflix ainda falta quatro capítulos poxa eles devia fazer mais dorama juntos eles forma o casal muito lindos Jung hae in Han ji min 😍😍😍😍

  30. Just finished the finale episode. Yes, the cinematography and some parts of this Kdrama are quite similar to Something in the rain. I don't think it's the plot. Very realistic drama. It is good that Seo Jin's father comes to his senses.

  31. The drama was great,but Im quite pissed when they put the blame on giseok regarding their feeling towards each others,it seems like its gi seok false so that the can love each other,cheat is cheat anyway,haha im too emotional watching this drama..

  32. Loved this show. I avoided the guys and the gun range to finish it. Korea is kicking Hollywood in entertainment

  33. How many episodes are there in this series ? I have watched 15 episodes,they are up too 60 mins long . If that’s it where there meet in the pharmacy,it leaves us with a lot of question ,will her father agree to there marriage ,what will happen with the sisters and there relationships .

  34. i found the main character to be extremely annoying in the first five episodes hopefully she redeems herself later on.

  35. For me something in the rain is better than one spring night although SITR ending was too short happy ending, still it gives a lot of heart fluttery scenes whenever they are together, on the other hand OSN there are a lot of scene that I find it boring and make me sleepy plus the ex always communicate to the lead female which kinda annoying cause she always responded whenever he call/txt her. By the way a simple holding in SITR felt so good.

  36. Reality at its best
    Been watching kdrama for a long it but this one is quite unique.
    Kudos to all the staff for making such a beautiful story
    Cheers 👌👍🏻❤️

  37. i dont watch this because im almost got ruined after watching something in the rain. those kisses sexy scenes jung hae in sexy voice sexy cute face pretty acts ,and a brother sister love story geeeez ,an awkward drama to watch ,being myself having few junior friends who are boys and who personally admire me much,though i respect them like brothers i felt suddenly awkward to be friendly with boys . A routine old youth romantic hollywood dramas. if you guys now watching something in the rain ,this is going to bonus .watch double pack drama in one shot .

  38. i am in the first 11 minutes of the drama, and i just needed to let out my feelings, so i came here. his eyes are so beautiful…i just cant stop looking at them….

  39. 5th episode and I'm hating the girl … She is so stressfull … Is a liar and manipulative …. I hope it gets better

    No, it doesn't get better, her character is selfish and only thinks in herself… It's hard watching a drama where you hate the protagonist …

  40. Qué porquería de persona es la protagonista , este drama fomenta el egoísmo al 100 % es una problemática , poco comprensiva y muy muy egoísta , la mala es ella todo el tiempo. Me cae re mal . Todo lo malinterpreta y es una enojona toda tonta, me la aguante todo el drama pobre muchacho

  41. Thanks to Jung Hae In I want to have a younger boyfriend now… he did it with something in the rain and now with this. Stop setting such high standards man

  42. unpopular opinion: i kinda don’t like how they use the same “seasons” song in every episode…they can use other romance songs?? to build the mood?

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