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  1. wtf I jus wanted a walkthrough of the game but then it like "find the hidden star" and I like o shit better watch it again

  2. I hope those stupid spiders get their hot air balloon popped, fall into a volcano and die a horrible death and all of the candy somehow get safely returned to Om Nom

  3. The day I’m nom leaves his house…to never return…😢😢😢 Evan must be so sad to lose om non 😥

  4. I don’t know (Om Nom is sleeping on a bunch of candies but something rumbled down until ants collect candy…..) I hate it

  5. Om Nom is starting on GO
    Can he make it to Boardwalk?
    0:38 New York Ave
    0:42 Virginia Ave
    0:50 Connecticut Ave
    1:02 After passing Baltic Ave and Community Chest, Om Nom falls passing Mediterranean Ave and landing on GO

  6. When I played Cut the rope 2 i accidently touched Om Nom, at the beggining and he moved, so I was going with my finger left, right, up, down and circle. Okay the circle was adorable becouse Om Nom purred. So you can actually have him as a virtual pet. He's such a cutie tho

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