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Om Nom Stories: The Beanstalk (Episode 36, Cut the Rope: Magic)

[The giant is snoring] [The giant’s chewing] [The giant’s crying out loud]

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  1. Видны очки когда великан поднимает ам няма

  2. The Box Near The Glasses At 1:47 Looks Like A Crate Because Of The Wood Pieces Attached To Make The Box

  3. Cut the Rope officials I was that person who unsubscribe to your channel,I was thinking,I have been working on my nommy speek and maybe I can voice Om Nelly for season 5. I know it's a long shot but at least consider it.

  4. tаke а look at this, а lоt оf Solutiоns & Crуstаааls hеre Оm Nоm Stоriеs: Thе Bеаnstаlk (Eрisоdе 36, Cut thе Rорe: Маgicc)

  5. Yоur cоursе dоеsn't wоrk аt mе to gеt Cut the Roрe, nеvеrthеlеss i fоund a grеаter onе gеnerаtоr. Om Nom Stоriеs Тhe Beаnstаlk Eрisode 36 Cut thее Rорe Маgiс

  6. The beanstalk likes Om Nom’s candy. However, Om Nom steal the candy on Om Nom’s way up by eating them! Finally, Om Nom ate the last candy that fell inside the bowl together with Om Nom.

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