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  2. When Om Nom grabbed the candy, the tomb was opened and came out the Pharaoh and had to go after for retrieve the candy. That was almost slightly exciting and a happy ending. ^_^

  3. hmmmm????? i can't find the star on this one ı'll come back back and find again some  time time ???????

  4. BE WARNED the star is NOT at 0:19 it's just many people imagining a star when it really isn't there. I have checked a ton and there is no star there.

  5. The dudies who said was in 1:00 they're lying because it's not look like a star. I found it at 0:19 under Om Nom's candy. Look closely under Om Nom's candy, it's in the shadow next to the fire-bottle!

  6. Pharoh-Nom pulled Om Nom to get the giant-candy at 0:50! And… Oh no, the pyramid is broken, and every one found the star they're a liar

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