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(OLD) Nina needs to Go! Water Park mirrored

“Nina needs to Go!” -Whoa! This is the coolest water park ever! FRANK: Their’s the super curler hurler turbo super slide! -Frank, take your sister with you! FRANK: (GROANS) Okay. -(GIGGLES) DAD: Wait! Nina, do need to use the bathroom first? NINA: Nope. No time for that, I’m ready to side! Let’s go Frank! I bet this water side is the biggest one in the whole world! I wonder who gets to measure the water slide. I’ll do it, that’ll be a cool job. Um, Nina. Do you need uh… you know? Do you need to go? NINA: Nope. I bet I can a best water side measuring person ever! Uhh Nina, you really look like you need to go. NINA: Frank I know, but I don’t need to go! -I think you do. -Don’t! -Do! -Don’t! (SPLASH!) NINA: Okay, I do need to go! -I knew it! Coming through, Nina need to go! (BOTH WHOOPING) -Ye-haw! -Whee! (WHIMPERING) FRANK: To the bathroom! (FROGS CROAKING) -Ah, now I really need to go! (CROAKING CONTINUES) Ah! -No running! BOTH: Sorry! -So much water, no bathroom anywhere! -Don’t worry Nina. NINA: Oh, I can’t hold it much longer. Oh! -Ready! -Steady! BOTH: Go! NINA: I really need to go. -No! FRANK: We’ll never get through! NANA: Hello darlings! BOTH: Nana! NANA: Hop in. FRANK: Nana, watch out! NINA: Eek! NINA: Wha-hoo Nana. -Awsome! NANA: The bathroom is right behind you. -Thanks Nana. (WINK!) (WHISTLE BLOWS) -I know, no running. (NINA SIGHS) -That’ll never happen agian. Because now I know. Don’t wait to go!

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