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  2. What’s next governor, martial law? Well isn’t it wonderful you can think this is all joke worthy. Oh it will be looked back on Governor and you won’t be re-elected unless you have decided to make yourself the emperor of the state. Well here’s a question…the mail ballot leaves a “contaminated “ house, goes through the mail to the “poll worker”, what’s stopping that fear of the vote, will they just throw them in the trash, how do we even know they will be counted?

  3. Who cares about the health of our loved ones! What really matters is whether or not, I, as a freedom-loving American, have the right to go to Denny's and get a Grand Slam whenever I damn well, please! Don't tread on me!

  4. The following is something I wish would issues ration cards and more benefits for SNAP people due to the fact that my local area has little to none food-wise I live in Belmont county Ohio getting serious hear people have bought up everything it's we've had to drive 6 or 7 out places places to get food this is risky behavior on people's we need to replenish our own homes for at least two to three weeks orat the end of the day I think it is time that the responsible people in charge issue orders to the food banks to start making deliveries to so folks can go to one central location and grab in the military form we need MREs is the president could issue orders for MREs to be delivered to the civilianthis is been creating a food panic food prices and people don't exactly believe what the president is saying that the manufacturers and stores are going to start restocking thinking that this may not we also have toilet paper issues p attention toilet paper will not save your if you're going to be making masks don't there are other people who sadly in my area there is no toilet paper 😡 just making a lot of peoplebaby diapers formula and other vital essential things for parents are is also not to mention milk bread unfortunately Columbus see this are rural counties are going through the same thing you folks are in the big city I live in a town that is n Belmont county only has two cases at the unfortunately at the moment we don't know who else does I understand everyone else's panic and I understand that people are going through this mess but as Ohioans Christians and share and help your afraid to doif you have an elderly neighbor who can't get out of the house or you think it is necessary to help them call them on the phone many of these people have phone numbers ask them do you need any groceries show yourself or your wife if so thenby the grocery buy the groceries for them or go and get the money off of them and buy the groceries for them leave the groceries on the steps into their house and I'm afraid of infecting them with a many young people can volunteer to do you're you're out of school for 3 weeks

  5. what she said two days ago was this Ohio has … Community spread so therefore they can analyze 11.7 million people OHIO"S POPULATION affected is 1% or 1% equals 100,000 infected people.

  6. 911 was in side job so is this Covid-19
    We are all dead already down in Georgia they got 500,000 FEMA COFFINS READY TO GO

  7. More people are going to die from the economic impact and anarchy that occurs because of it then this virus. The "preppers" are all being validated.

  8. It is NOT your job to "keep us safe" it is your job to protect our rights and defend the state and federal constitution. PERIOD.

    To give warnings is one thing, BUT to ORDER a free people is a dictator and is tyranny against the constitution and America's people.

  9. I disagree with Dewine's politics, but I cannot overstate how relieved I am to be in a state where our governor is taking this seriously. I feel very lucky to have his leadership right now.

    I hope after all this there is more support for mandated sick leave, easier voting access, and that we continue to support and help our poor, elderly and homeless.

    Be safe, be kind. Nothing but love for you all.

  10. A judge blocked this, it’s too bad because now it won’t be a fair election since no one in their right mind would go out and vote tomorrow. It’s unfair to the candidates and unfair to the volunteers.

  11. Voting isn't the only problem you fucking idiots.. now we all have to work to pay bills that aren't paused.. because of which as a person working with the public i have to chose between living and surviving.. so for that here's a big 🖕 fuck you to all the politicians who once again proved to be useless..

    Further you had a positive case in February but didn't release that to the public, we should also be releasing pictures of the infected, otherwise how do we know if we have made contact with them somewhere..? If you're going to call this a pandemic then hipaa is tough shit..

  12. People bad moral is contagious. Stop acting entitled and spoil. Half you people didnt even vote. Water electricity is running trash is getting picked up. Hospitals open. Food in stores. Try to be a better neighbor.

  13. When comparing to other states, at this time of need Ohio is very lucky to have this man as it’s governor. Very efficient person making right calls at right time.

  14. So the big news, Amy Driscoll diagnosed with Coronavirus. Then admits it was cured in a few days with Tylenol and Antibiotics. After she was already well she got the news.

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