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Official Apple iPhone Cases – Spring 2020

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
these are the official Apple iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro max spring colors these
are the silicon colors and now there’s also some leather cases Apple released
along with Apple watch bands that coincide with these cases now once you
have watch OS 6.2 that comes out on Tuesday you’ll have matching colors for
that as well and you’ll be able to match your case with your Apple watch as well
as some smart folio pet iPad cases and things like that now let’s take a look
at them one by one now these are the silicone cases so they
come in at 39 dollars so they’re not inexpensive now the first one is called
cactus so we’ll go ahead and open it up here and Apple announced these earlier
this week or just did a little press release and this is the cactus color so
again it’s a silicone case with a microfiber lining and then some
protection on the side it’s just a really rubbery case and it has a really
nice texture to it just like all of their silicone cases so here is an
iPhone 11 pro in midnight green and it has a nice contrast with the midnight
green so you can see how it looks here of course you’ve got access to your
buttons and things just like you’d expect and then you have a little
opening for your silent switch here on the left
now also you’ve got the cutout on the back but the bottom is open so I know a
lot of people don’t like these cases because the bottom remains open so
there’s no protection there but it’s fairly minimal and does a nice job it
doesn’t stick in your pockets too much so its grippy but not super super grippy
to the point where you pull your pocket inside out or anything like that now
also we have another color for the 11pro and these are available for the pro or
pro max and this one is called grapefruit and so this is a really nice
color as well it’s it’s sort of a well hopefully you can see the accurate color
in this video so it’s pretty nice it has a button that’s sort of the orange of
the pixel and let’s take a look at it on this phone again this is midnight green
so it may contrast quite a bit so you’ll see maybe with midnight green it doesn’t
look the best but in general it offers the same exact protection as the other
cases do so any silicone case if you have one already these are available as
well so let me remove the I’ll put it back in the cactus case I
think that one looks a lot nicer now let’s take a look at my favorite case of
the bunch and this is called surf blue and I have the matching watch face to go
with it so let’s go ahead and open this up again 39 dollars it doesn’t really
matter the size I bought these myself Apple doesn’t send me anything but here
is my iPhone 11 Pro max and I think this one looks really good so I have the 11
Pro max in Space Gray it might look a little bit better if it was in a
different color to contrast with the blue but again you’ve got good access to
the side buttons and the side button is a little bit darker it looks like or
maybe it’s the same shade but because it protrudes a little bit it has a little
bit of a different look the same is true on the left side with your volume
buttons and then you’ve got that cutout for your silent switch again on the
bottom it’s completely exposed but it’s a nice minimal look in general so it
looks pretty good I think the case itself really complements the phone
nicely for spring colors and kind of lightens up the room if you’ve got it in
a room just because it’s such a vibrant color it will catch your eye and so
again it goes with this watch face here and it looks pretty nice in general now
most people will be happy to hear the Apple is also including this in their
lineup for the iPhone 11 so if you like any one of these three cases its $39 for
the cactus and grapefruit or surf blue and so you’ll have the option to buy
them for the iPhone 11 as well now again Apple announced not just these
but also Leather Folio cases that are different
along with Apple watch bands to match these but they also introduced nylon
sport bands and some Hermes watch bands so there was a ton of product releases
along with the iPad pro and MacBook Air so we’ll be taking a look at some of
those products a little bit later once they actually come in but let me know
what you think of these cases in the comments below I really like this one
and of course I’ll leave this wallpaper for you in the description as I always
do so it’s a pretty nice one I couldn’t find one that matched it’s perfect so if
you find one let me know in the comments below if you haven’t subscribed already
though please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like
as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next

Reader Comments

  1. How many versions of iOS will my iPhone XR, iPad mini (5th generation) (iPad air (6th generation) and iPad Pro 12.9 (6th generation/ 2017 get

  2. I just have a spigen clear case on my Pro Max, don’t really wanna spend that much on a case and I want the bottom to be protected.

  3. Surf Blue would definitely fit the Silver 11 Pro, and the Cactus is great for the Midnight Green. Grapefruit can be matched with the Gold 11 Pro.

  4. I hate the silicone cases because I hate the buttons on the case. I love the leather cases because the case has a
    metal buttons 😁💕

  5. Well I don’t see any difference between this new Cactus colour and the old Pine Green. I was waiting for kind of vibrant green colour. What a pity

  6. Love all these cases. I have the 11 pro in midnight green—— aarghh such a difficult colour to accessorise🙈…. Thank you Aaron

  7. Man, I feel like the lifestyle that used to exist to use cases like these for fun, are coming to an end right now. 😬 This is coming from someone that loves Apple cases and iPhones.

  8. I will never buy an Apple Silicone case again. Your case will become very slimy to the touch and the stuff gets on your fingers then the screen. You will have to wipe down your screen constantly. Only buy the leather cases or get a different brand. The Apple clear case is very slippery.

  9. Funny that I bought a "pine green"silicone case from amazon (knockoff) and it looks like cactus same goes for Apple Watch band.

  10. Hi, Aaron. I’m a big fan of your channel – you make great reviews. I love my iPhone 11 Pro Max and iOS; it’s my favourite iPhone by far. Could you please let me know where you bought your laminated-wood monitor stand? Thank you.

  11. In my opinion the prices of these cases are pretty ridiculous considering they are made of silicone. If they were made of leather, the price would be fine.

  12. If they ever make a complete case that protects the entire phone I will purchase one. These phones are not cheap!!

  13. I wish i could feel the case before I buy cause I’m really picky but 40 bucks is too much for a case but gotta pay that apple tax haha

  14. I feel like they’re (Apple) going to remove the mute/silent switch on the next iPhones as their gradual progress towards a port-less buttonless phone continues.

  15. I’m so glad you posted this. Saw these yesterday in store and wanted to buy, but needed to see the actual colors first. Thank you!

  16. I like the surf blue too because it’s blue but don’t think it’s available for my iPhone XS Max?!

  17. UAG otter box or Lifeproof for my phones. I won’t spend that side of40.00 for something that won’t cover all the critical components of the phone.

  18. Miracase sells cases of the SAME QUALITY like these that protect the bottom, come in many colors, no apple logo, soft felt on the inside, and at a way cheaper price. Just search on Amazon.

  19. Apple offers this type of cases so that bottom will be wearing off sooner and the trade in values will be lowered …. cheap business tactic from fruit company …

  20. They’re pretty cases, but I’ll always go with my Otterbox Defender, it’s a bulky case but you can’t beat the protection.

  21. Hey I have a question in general regarding Apple Silicone cases.

    Does the rubber or silicone collect dust while being in the pocket? I had a bunch of third party rubber cases that were a dust magnet and it really bothered me.

  22. How many people will be getting any thing as such as Apple with the price so high? With this virus and people having to stay home for a long time and some losing their jobs will apple still make money? I do not think.

  23. I am planning to buy the brown saddle leather case for my iPhone 11pro I am currently using the Chinese rip off silicon case in which the finishing is really bad so should I go for a leather case or silicon case for the long run? because I will be keeping my iPhone 11 pro for the next couple of years and I don't want to spend a ton on cases because where I live apple cases are very costly.

  24. I buy those knockoffs from aliexpress – they are absolutely the same and cost like 5 bucks or so. Nice video Aaron.

  25. I literally just bought a pine green iPhone 11 Pro Max Pine Green Silicone case and it looks identical to the new spring green color

  26. I would just like to say Hurrah for Aaron at Zollotech for not posting a 'review' of the new ipad pro 2020 when he doesn’t have one.
    So many people have and it’s ludicrous

  27. Over priced. Only Apple case I had was a second-hand leather one for a iPhone 10. It was fine, but not worth the price Apple wanted for it.

  28. The Pine Green is darker on the Apple website then before. I feel like they darkened it since Cactus green is too similar to Pine Green

  29. I bought the space grey and the green Apple case for my iPhone 11 Pro Max I also have a puro Italian black case and 3 spigen cases when I go to an adventure

  30. Thank you for making a video, no cases for older model iPhones again.. even the X/XS/XS Max models. Really feels like they're limiting they're sales with that.

  31. $39.00? I bought a sturdy, clear glove for my iPhone 11 at Walmart & it cost……….wait for it…………$4.99!! The phones are expensive enough, the Apple cases probably cost $2 to make so once again we see the successful business model at work.

  32. So the Cactus one just looks like the Pine Green? I like this Cases but it looks in my mind exactly like my Pine Green Case?🧐

  33. These cases are so bad, i had like 3 of them in the last 5 years and they only look good for 1 month, after that the silicone layer goes off and you see the rubber underneath

  34. @zollotech May you please respond. When I downloaded the app to check ram management and battery stuff on my iPhone 11 Pro why do I never have more than 1GB of ram available??

  35. You just caused me so much stress when you said these were available for the 11. There goes $100 out of my wallet! It's only logical that Apple would finally begin to make cases for it's No.1 Phone!

  36. I honestly don understand why they don't release a wider selection of colors and most of them are neutral it would be better if they released matching colors to the iphones like for example a red silicone case for the red iphones and so on

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