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Oedo Onsen Monogatari in Odaiba Japan – Experience Wearing a Yukata at this Onsen Theme Park!

CRYSTAL: There it is! Oedo Onsen! CRYSTAL: Go find a locker. CRYSTAL: Ok, so we get to pick out a yukata. Umm… I don’t know which one I want to go with… CRYSTAL: I think I want #5. CANDY: Really? Ok, (in Japanese) #6 please. STAFF (in Japanese): Sure thing. #5 and #6, correct? Please select an obi. CRYSTAL: So cute! Can’t wait! CRYSTAL: We just got done changing into our yukatas! Isn’t it cute!? CRYSTAL: Now we’re going out. CRYSTAL: Oooohhhh! They have crepes! They have a game center! CRYSTAL: Lots of lunch places. CRYSTAL: You can eat your lunch there. CRYSTAL: Old school toys that you get at festivals. CRYSTAL: Oh yes, yes! Hahaha! CRYSTAL: Now we’re gonna go take a foot bath. It’s actually not that cold. CRYSTAL: We thought it was going to be really cold today but it’s not that bad. Especially out in the sun. CRYSTAL: We’re taking a nice foot bath. CRYSTAL: Taking a little lunch break and Candy
got some… CANDY: Oden! I love this stuff. CRYSTAL: When we looked up on Wikipedia, they said it’s a Japanese winter dish. It’s how they describe it. CANDY: It’s basically fish broth but in the
fish broth is like eggs, yam cakes, fish cakes, mochi, seaweed… CANDY: Basically, it’s bunch of veggies and
stuff boiled… and it’s simmering. CRYSTAL: I got karaage which is like Japanese
fried chicken nuggets. CRYSTAL: And yaki onigir which is grilled rice balls. So good. CANDY: That looks good! CRYSTAL: Itadakimasu! (Bon appétit) CRYSTAL: Well, that was a good time. I like wearing yukatas. CANDY: Yeah, I actually could spend all day
here if we actually went into the hot springs. CRYSTAL: I know, but we got other things to
do so we couldn’t completely relax… CANDY: No but that’s definitely a cool option. You can also stay here too. You can get a room, so that’s pretty cool. CRYSTAL: I know! I might look into that next time because it’s really nice here.

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