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can you push I put that answers of different my fps is dropping like everyone just
like hmm what is this tea serie same says the me educator silly that’s not
definition still not defamation did you know that never people we just I wonder if I just put that in will
everybody go into it your friend’s party hello standing our yeah what was that what was that what was
that what that’s dog I shall I shall I shall I shall I shall
shine on shine on shine Yeats I shot I shot I shot I didn’t shoot I
didn’t shoot I didn’t treat you oh it seemed I supposed to go into it
realize how many traps enough oh that was Bella’s special dude that is so dog and now that who the hell does that I mean like oh my
god oh my god looking for placing traps what do you know about personal Sarah poster you find out every single secret
I have it Haggar big eager oh my god whoever does that I’m going to
find them Edgar has a much I want to die
III it’s good yes left the game dear oh you saw that right yeah yeah Oh oh I didn’t think he was there but that
trickshot was pretty cool right oh hey what’s up my nude I had a feeling Oh whatever keeps putting traps that I
want to find them I’m not I was so close Oh come on did come on it do not grab something huh watch people don’t
like I’m building shopping stop building you would not know Lex oh this is taking a while hello whoever’s watching I have it a
good day today of the days this Saturday wait Saturday let me just check sure I don’t have anything to bet on waggle
come on go back to lobby Kenny five four yeah what so to someone else train this guy on stream said they heard 1v1
me probably not I’ll join necklace game or why what’s your gal your bullet does it yeah yeah here’s
what our laser BAM that’s later babe oh my god
hey those kids have build one by ones I like time but who is just 19 yo that’s
not yo I just got lasers burn yeah Josh yeah by sending your dough for the win where is it yes
am I in our my you know more sweeping the ball boom or are you not gonna make
it I don’t need your help anybody wanna tell us what what I don’t
have any traps I’d love to stand man I hate the combat on that what face yeah
nobody come here I have too many months cricket come it never just fight clean
that justice white by the way no agency er yeah I know have a meeting one of
these even our cheese both of us you know do you guys know like when the game’s
gonna end yo someone can test I’m gonna get a ps5 by the way Josh I
want to get one to look like straight up better such a not wait till we kill whoever
that is in the beverage or chill ready up and eat my boy
dang go away all the hunting rifles not too bad actually
just screw so hate me so that’s basically the same loadout as I had
except different rarities I did gold infantry gold pump gold shit I basically
had a rifle that JK do you have a no honey that stuff I only had a gold
infantry taking high ground boys I didn’t actually I that stuff then yeah get away from my boxes oh shit
laughs right wait get away from my boss boys this is infringement you must be
kidding me you must be mistaken you’re back in the lobby stormy stormy
did the boy join my kidneys killing with yet no I kill
Japanese for the news just one get it stand please I’m in the backbone not
funny you know something dumb but nobody wants it I’ll Pat to you for you I’m
like on one of the buildings i I’m coming on top of you that’s a big girl I
gave you a raise leave me man so you’re I fuckin you’re
actually the biggest time and I can’t even be live now that’s hot shit the
game is who’s that you can dose neither Vietcong like on the side that sound it’s breaking towards for who’s in the
tower shoot thing no one because JT places you just sit silent it’s boss
both of them free to they just like places oh the best poeple compact
trouble heavy and a purple shit off stand placemark let’s cut away to my couch for you well
this is the UM tower building screw you patron tape line nice and span
Sam thanks then I said create it’s me I’m not the owner of this memory hey
Josh these so long fucking up stick breaking news Texas now Rodney reads
exit execution indefinitely the case is being sent back Oh let’s get lazy kids get lazy earth
kid your modules you post out there Jackson is just like eating with you
hunting is it just me right Barney chew me how much for train Jackson – y’all not snot yeah birdy toxicity that’s a color Jackson I’m not
the owner this mem eight I do not phone this minute I don’t want to fight you I just want to
keep the Tony one Jackson then Harry dies with this Oh oh come on grand prize Ryan I am survived my Adam
is so bad you know shooting me out of the air like
the other oh yeah you know Instant Karma everyone smoking one spectate a whole
nother round and Brody spraying I’m sorry sorry Bernie who the fuck is that
little why don’t you go slowly come we can welcome birdie go these are those to
the height Oh myself so that no a bit probably I’m gonna do this why is that
is that what’s writing yeah you did Bertie start doing anything bang of the
teleplay masala think of the tower yeah we do it playing at the white you-let’s
filling in the corner these lost persons all that pro GP JT yo is this like cooking one chop site that’s nice thanks oh shit anyone who wants a risk yo-yo I’m standing in the open game game
game game yeah is it was I you said in the towers is wife ever get here’s meds
I gave you oh you gave me a party I can’t Irish
Jackson like what a nice guy Oh casually gaming Oh what’s that say
shut the fuck up nicely gaming oh I’m just giving a shout-out right who’s an
actual like before you died today why do I get snipe every wait I thought it came from the storm
yeah I’m trying to talk to us I’ll see you around four times the graph
is yellow yeah because you can place tears in it and you can’t use the the
building system to like place the Bulls down no I’m not you guys all lay down
there ready trying to be a PC player again you really how did hit the red count on Crouch Pete is like spending you’re trash yeah so I could see what you would do it yes
please I suppose may chill out more oh my god the three millimeters a bullet
drop that heavy snipers house none of that no I got places stay why Ron nilly does your unloaded to 15 certain
therefore an extra three seconds like how the fuck dude a great ass bright AK
is the best shopping why you have to do me like that ain’t none of that Hey hey Dan whoa and but you’re angry
you’re about to get popped that’s Justin that’s opens oh yeah you
can talk bangs open I can’t whose healing up in the middle we’re get
fuckin clicks go walking at some useful other than campfires ride minis yeah why is my shotgun Ames and the funding
he was 79 health dr1 killed we all have two kids two wins except a Harry Harry
is zero whoa what what one
I am 10 lemon knob get out of here I don’t want to fight you this cellar I
can I’m out of here no I’m not buying it out bro who bistec
you if you tried to fight me I used to it someone did someone did double eye out nice hair is enough right man said you failed that cutout island Josh what what Allah so chill dude it’s actually disastrously
bad Harry Harry dead we wanted sis ain’t none of that done yeah it’s never gonna change like
is it is it gonna be like this forever Oh more coming up all right pack look at this Harry look he’s just
gonna dip yeah this is why the needs to be like a no storm like a no song yeah
we should’ve got what acts on what’s in the storm it continuously moves now more
takes is high what your dad canceled in the news like a speed Harry you got a place to be tidepool and
you win this one round you get tied to everyone because wings – yeah Oh chillin y’all y’all like shit nah this is what no stop I’ll
give you $20 of the stop I imagined it I’m not ended yo he doesn’t mean wall
breaking birdies on one HP they’re your birdies at one time one or
two like five tap there’s nothing there oh yeah I thought
it was on the tower he just went on unified guide right oh why so is just me and Stan left
birdies one hey chief shut up okay already one who watches all of this
you’re asking if you get shot out of the air
stop everyone stop stop stop stop who’s taking my Oh is everybody little box top you’re
getting more kids here I could try and get all my little friends actually none
of that stings five stinks for days I’ll be going
I am done oh my pain below me anybody I wasted all my not doing this tunnel yours join screw you Stan you guys know oh my god
I’m leaking our triple team oh there’s like a Mad King y’all is it ticket fucking raw cure I I can’t
not and it was like no I can’t buy it I can’t spy on my game doesn’t let me
slide on it and that one another one well I hate this game I do I didn’t get
a stay online I wanted to get down and get killed so the other guys can join
back into the game man out the way but any ones are raped don’t complain have an old green and boy
boy – aha let me get better we will play end game
because then we get more experience and gaming oh my god and birdies gonna get a
tie series on medicine oh yeah stinks oh here we are and like
took away my fitting right well the shootings Oh Stan I was just really nah
oh I finna gotta choke jaw gets alright boys I would defer why do I have Chili’s room
is why don’t–why how are you give me Chile’s bro that’s
just like you know Harry why do you break me down in 95 to
meet Jesus it was 180 by the way that’s not real Freud JT plane so you’ve got this dead place your bets place of it’ll be roads
JT plays by oxana Josh right this for by semi so like I go God loop on my hello we can talk about this lever here yeah
yeah Harry like hey wait see we don’t have either Poncho’s yeah
yeah we can’t see hey Bobby hey Josh do you want to see do you want to see a big
brain play look at this he’s probably sitting there holding it is your bad hey
he died have an old brain yo shadow Dom gang
banger never ripped everyone getting down are we saying we get says like I said I I don’t have a roof why are you
are we going to end game yeah I think I like like once you get their own thing
oh so we’re not sure they’re a jerk about street stands he said he was like
you who did a last round to Brody know what I was boxing up that we can shoot now y-yeah Oh Donna that Nonna’s I’m joining I tried
to bite oh shit dude was just get but just man man
yeah then tell you to bounce of Hardy yes you guys design guys I’m sure remember
what that’s like bird you just fucking trap the place off
I never yeah I’m just gonna play some lunch as well that’s my knife all over thanks Sarah what up just wait a second hello I am back Shyu day been pretty good about you know something he’s very late season pool
okay that wasn’t my other account this one I was I don’t know why but I’m very push me
okay dorri well I’m trying to stay back as soon as I say that I’m bored oh my
gosh yeah my sweat oh my gosh how did I not hit any of them should hit
one oh you are behind me like shot what am i doing
I know what you do I was like I’m gonna do the Oh No I was about to try to pick
X you know although 60 HP 70 yeah I think I’ll be
playing better now why can’t I build there Oh ro why my
place to that I probably it’s your first game of the day baby probably wait can
we do a 1v1 fest like a gobo yeah sure you only yeah my older you will either eat cheese you
cheese Oh your wall I guess all right for me
you’re still seeing still lobby Oh so choose whatever we want oh yeah two
months earlier a three-on-two on that shoddy on the heavy sniper Oh gonna keep fighting off I wasn’t trying to noscope you but like
now I want because like you’re already on me probably not going to hit a
headshot oh you havin it up one huh don’t worry in your stream were they your friends
them people yeah good good they will pay us for just one piece there’s one Xbox yeah pretty good buddy didn’t lose that’s fine that’s fine
oh come on oh yeah oh no I’m such a boy but I’m worse
novelist you can build it kind of affects it for
your building name and plus I’m getting a head stop you’ll
like doing that thing oh yeah I know I wasn’t protecting myself on my own you
work on by running on the other side ah such a bad builder no I’m lost dude
trust me quite edit I can hardly edits you I’m pretty bad at that your aim is
so good you actually hit it yes imagine oh my gosh insane holy I practice law
spend way too much time on this game meet you don’t worry sili will give it to you plants vs. zombies
done with that – I play Rayman legends I play mine crawl oh yeah let’s go Mike
Ross any time a headshot hit you oh wait no wait yeah yeah five of my 90s I failed huh my better
than in your friend so they really think it oh they’re really good but I’d say
that you’re been impossible won’t you own one of them maybe they’re not really
welcome I was on like 10 HP I’m so bad aiming
your beast in like three hit 78 big hit look two shots you nearly killed me
yeah but that’s not the same as killing you’re right I know I coined myself and I was about to say
hey nice crime but then I realized only myself Oh am I gonna do I make it Nidhi
what am I gonna do all right you try to build as much but shows on
one HP I had a blank hit walk on your head so I pulled out my pickaxe on yes I
want and then I didn’t I’m just like like every shot with OJ I steal game in
um like just in any game like not any game like I keep on hitting you like twice a day
yeah you’re about to kill me every single time but then sorry I messed up I
nine is now Stanley did 180 in this demo if you did this with traps I would have
been dead like basically every single time I no scope you with the heavy oh
yeah I need to get heavy Tibet off mess up my 90s again why not hit I’ll be
back at you I’ll be quick yeah was I’m just trying to do this thing and

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