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Not For Resale: Digital Press Videogames with Joe Santulli

If you were to walk around
this upper level here you’d probably find somewhere
in the neighborhood- I’m really just estimating this… Probably about 7,000 games and I say that because there’s everything
from Pong to PlayStation 4 here. But, if you go into the storage
area downstairs… You’re probably into
that 25-30,000 area. I moved in here 11 years ago and I remember this giant, empty basement where we have the same amount of space
down here as we have upstairs. I was like “What a steal!” “I’m getting all this extra space
that I’ll never even use!”

Reader Comments

  1. The owner is the coolest guy I've ever met and his staff is incredible. The store as a whole is quite honestly the best game store I've ever visited.


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