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Norm MacDonald Admits To Jerry Seinfeld He Hates Hot Sauce | Netflix Is A Joke

This hot sauce is so hot. Do you like really hot things? I do, but that is unbelievably hot. Okay, I’m gonna try this. -Do you like hot sauce?
-Oh, I hate it. But you know, you gotta try
new things in life. -No you don’t.
-Yeah, you’re right. I don’t know if you had this
when you were young, but we’d always go, you know, “We’ll do heroin… when we’re 80!” -The idea being that once you hit 80…
-Yeah. -You know, what do you got to lose?
-Right. Might as well do heroin.
But now that I grow older, I realize, it’s not like you become fearless
when you become older. It’s the opposite. You know, I remember my grandmother,
I walked into the room once and she had a bruise
that went from her wrist all the way up to her shoulder. -Big, purple, yellow-ish bruise.
-Wow! And I said, “My God, Grandma.
Where did you get that?” “The wind.” So, she’s not doing heroin. When I first started
I used to do a joke about, when I was a kid my parents
were always telling me how milk was a nickel,
a car was a quarter, and I thought, how could the world
change that much again? Will I be saying to my kids, you know, when I was a boy,
no dogs could vote. They were just pets. I remember that joke. -You do?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -No dogs could vote. That’s awesome.
-Wow. You don’t have a child. -Pardon me?
-You don’t have a child. -So, you don’t have to worry about…
-I don’t? I have three. You have three daughters? I have a daughter and two sons. What? I guess we can agree to disagree,
but I thought you had no children. -Well, that’s what you thought, then.
-Whoa! Son of a gun, that’s hotter
than a two-dollar pistol. Man alive. How do you feel about John Hinckley
walking the streets of DC? And yet attempted murder and murder -are the same thing. Yeah.
-Same thing. Well, it’s a different skill level. What about manslaughter? Less than murder, but sounds way worse. The other one is if you kill
more than one person, that’s called “special circumstances.” Which sounds to me
like a custom-made jacket. Now, you can buy one off the rack, but we also have these
special circumstances. -A bespoke jacket.
-Yeah. It just sounds like a very elegant term
for murdering lots of people. Well, let’s just call it…
special circumstances. One of the most hellish things
was that Richard Speck, you know… -Yeah.
-…busted in and killed, and raped– killed all the nurses. But I remember he was charged with, whatever, nine counts of rape,
nine counts of murder, and one count of breaking and entering. Not only did you enter,
you broke something. -Yeah, I never thought of that.
-Yeah. That doorknob is broken. -Who’s going to pay for that?
-You’re right.

Reader Comments

  1. This reminds of that rick and morty episode where rick is at the shawney's with an alien and they were in a simulation or something.

  2. Saw Norm, had to watch. Really hoping he gets another special soon .. as long as they let him do his thing and not bend the knee

  3. Norm is my favorite stand up comedian..

    Seinfeld is a tie for funniest person ever. Chappelle being the other.

  4. Jerry sucks. Seinfeld one of the worst most overrated shows ever. "Hey look at these jewish people being awful…haha look its so funny"…. nope. A shit show with shit comedy

  5. Norm is the first comedian to analyze corona……….. wait for it……….keep waiting…………

  6. Netflix has to pick Norm up and let him do and say whatever he wants, like he used to do in his Norm MacMacdonald Show, without the dumb and restrictive limitations that HBO put on him and his comedy style.

  7. Norm kinda has a point. Jerry doesn’t act like a parent. He doesn’t show that he has that stress in his life

  8. I’m so late to Norm. I just recently started watch his stand up and interviews and he is the best to ever do it.. I used to think Dave was the best but the crown definitely goes to Norm I can watch him for hours

  9. the hot sauce that is on the table is called El Yucateco, a very nice habenero sauce, that I pour all over my carne asada super burrito. Amazing combination that should be on every man's bucket list.

  10. Good point, I've never heard of someone being charged with entering. Strang as it seems if someone is in a residence illegally they are charged with something called unlawful detainer.

  11. I love how Norm carries himself like an old grandpa in relation to Seinfeld, even though Seinfeld is 5 years older than him.

  12. The only thing I don't like about Comedian in Cars is Jerry's over-laughing at everything the guests says. IMO, most professional comedians are funny with prepared material. Being funny on the spot is a different skillet so Jerry has to makeup for it by pretending to laugh hysterically at statements that aren't very funny.

  13. Hhahahahahahaha agree to disagree about the number of kids Jerry has! Lol Norm is a Genius

  14. How nice Norm and Jerry catching up over a cup of coffee. Shame Adam Eget couldn't make it on account of he had to work at his SECOND job under the Queensborough bridge… but a man has to make a living.

  15. Jerry Seinfeld net worth : 950 million dollars. Norm MacDonald net worth : 1.5 million dollars. Who is funnier?

  16. I used to kind him until i found out he was a racist and of what comes with racism you got it hes a rebublican..never watched anything hes done since

  17. NORM: “You don’t have children.”

    JERRY: “I have three!”

    NORM: “Well, I guess we have to agree to disagree.”

  18. This show is proof that Netflix doesn't quite yet know all about comedy. Like watching Jimmy Fallon. GTFO.

  19. Norm is the type of old chunk of coal who, when he gets more old and senile, that will actually enhance his performance

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