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NO GYM? How To Workout Legs At Home Boo Johnson Routine

(upbeat music) – What’s up, THENX athletes? It’s Boo Johnson here. And today, I’m gonna show you how I work out your legs at home with no gym. If you haven’t downloaded
the THENX app, go to the App Store, download that,
and let’s do this together. Today, I’m gonna run you guys by eight exercises that you could do at the house. The first one is gonna be squat lunges. This move is a great way
to start your workout and to engage all the
muscles in your legs. So, let’s get started. (upbeat music) Make sure you breathe, too. You wanna breathe for
every time you squat. (upbeat music) Second exercise, we’re
gonna do side squats. Let’s get right into it. (upbeat music) We’re gonna do 10 of these. Every time you do it,
try to extend that leg as much as possible so
you get the full effect. You don’t have to go as fast as you think. Make sure you just get that form aligned, so you know what you’re
doing at the end of the day. I really love that move,
’cause it really enhances and engages my outer quads and my glutes. Next, we have the Bulgarian split squats. With this exercise, you’re gonna want an elevated surface to place your foot on. You’re gonna want to go
straight into a squat. (upbeat music) Just do 10 on each leg. Left leg, let’s get it. We got 10 on this one. Couple more. Take your time, too,
especially for the ones that are just jumping on this app with us. (upbeat music) The next exercise, we got broad jumps. This one’s a killer one. Let’s get straight into it. Turn around and just keep that going. (upbeat music) Try to jump as far as you can, too. This is definitely effective
when I’m on my board. And when I’m flying down those huge sets. This is one to keep ready and
prepared for heavy impact. All right, I’m a bit
tired, so keep with me. The next one we have is reverse lunges. (upbeat music) All right, the next
exercise is box step ups. This one is for the pop, you guys, all the skaters out there watching. We’re gonna do 10 of each. Just stick with me. Let’s keep it going. (upbeat music) Let’s switch it up. Let’s hit that left leg. Make sure you guys keep breathing Buddha breaths to get us through this. You want your back as
straight as possible. All right, we’re almost
done and that was that, but we’re going right
into the high knee taps. Let’s get straight into it. We’re gonna do 45 seconds. This is second-to-last workout, so let’s finish hard and
keep this shit going. Remember, breathe it out. You got 10 seconds left. Let’s go hard. Let’s keep it going, guys. Finish as hard as you can. All right, you guys. Last one, we’re gonna
do the tip toe wall sit. Find any wall. You’re gonna want to sit down like you’re sitting in a chair. All you wanna do is lift those toes. The only thing touching
that wall is your glutes. (upbeat music) This is the last one, you guys. And that’s that, you guys. That was round one. We’ve got three more to go,
in a total of four rounds. And remember, all eight
exercises you could do at home with no weights and no gym. Exercises were definitely a lot
harder with the weight vest. That was my preference
to do it with you guys. You could choose to or not to. But anyways, thank you for watching. Thank you for sticking with me. If you liked this video, make sure you smash that like button. And for more workouts to get
in the best shape of your life, make sure you go to
and stick with the team. Sign up and become a member today. Don’t wait, let’s get it. If you want a weight vest just like this, you could pick one up at And remember, I’m Boo Johnson. If you want to check
out my YouTube channel, go to Adventures with Boo J. I’ll see you there. (upbeat music)

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