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No Equipment Butt Workout (AT HOME BOOTY ROUTINE!!)

Hey, you guys! Maybe you’re traveling, or you’re at home
and you don’t have any equipment today. No worries! We’re going to do a no-equipment butt workout. We’re going to do 30 seconds of work, 20 seconds
of rest, 3 rounds. Here we go! Our first exercise is one leg hand touches. You’re going to stand on one leg, think about
dropping back, down through your glute as you try to reach your palms to the ground. You get a full range of motion, and then you’re
going to press all the way up, to start. One leg squat hold. You’re going to stand on one leg, you’re going
to kick the opposite leg out back, behind you, you’re going to lower into a 90 degree
angle, and really think about holding that for the full 30 seconds. If you can’t, stand up briefly, and then drop
back down. Our third exercise is linebacker kick-ups. You’re going to start with your hands on the
ground. One leg is going to be bent, you’re going
to bring the opposite leg down, and then you’re going to kick it straight up, high in the
air. Really making sure you hit that glute. Our fourth exercise is popping plie jumps. You’re going to start in a plie position with
your hands down pointed toward the ground. You’re going to stay low as you do explosive
pop jumps. All right, you guys. No equipment, equals no excuses. I’m glad you got in there and got that workout
done today. Hey, check out Give us a thumbs up if you liked the workout,
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