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No Bears Are Out Tonight! / That YouTub3 Family

(playful music) – Hi guys welcome back to – [All] That YouTube family! – And today we’re playing
No Bears Are Out Tonight. – Yep. – So how you play is one
person goes and hides. That person is the bear, that person is gonna hide behind any obstacles that are behind us. Everybody else is gonna
be here at the base. When everybody else is ready
to go seek for the bear they have to sing the tune. ♪ No bears are out tonight my
Daddy got ’em all last night ♪ And then they go down
and try to find the bear. Now if the bear jumps out
and starts chasing you you need to start to
come back to your base. – [Mom] Which is this humongous tree! – [Dad] This monster tree. – Ta da! – [Mom] Wow. – If the bear gets you
then you’re the bear on the next round. – [Mom] Okay now we have
our cousin Still Kids here. – [All] (cheering) – [Mom] Go check out their
channel and subscribe and like. – And hit the bell. – [Mom] And hit the bell
get their notifications ’cause they post awesome videos. Let’s play this game! – Alright I’ll be the bear the first time. – [Mom] Woo, okay you’re off. – So everybody’s gotta look that way and I’m gonna go hide this way. – [Mom] Okay I’ll keep the
camera with us the seekers. Everybody turn this way, no peeking Ty. – This way. – [Mom] How long do you
think we should give Dad? Dad gives us about ten seconds. – [Daughter] Five seconds (laughs) – [Mom] You think we should
get ready to go find him? – [Son] Yeah. – [Mom] Or do you think he’s still hiding? – [Son] He’s probably still hiding. – [Mom] Okay looks like our
bear is ready, let’s go. What do ya say? – [All] (singing) No bears are out tonight my Daddy got ’em all last night. – Guys I don’t know where he’s gonna be but I’m kinda nervous I don’t know. Oh I think he’s gonna be behind
that big tree back there. – [Mom] Nobody has found the bear yet! – He’s gonna jump out at us. I’m not ready for this I’m
like “Ahhh”, I don’t know. – [Mom] Ah, where you guys going? Follow the sidewalk. Where is the bear? – [Daughter] I’m scared. Wait mom we follow the side– (screaming) – [Daughter] I got the bear! (playful growling) (playful screaming) – [Mom] Oh my goodness! – [Kid] Oh nooooooo! – I got one. – [Mom] Oh no Sean, Sean’s a bear. – [Kid] Aw man. – You guys are fast
runners, holy cow, woo! – [Mom] Okay Sean from Still
Kids is up, go be a bear. – [Dad] Go be a bear. – [Mom] Okay everybody else – Face this way. – [Mom] face your little
eyeballs the other direction. No peaking, only I can
peak through the camera because I’m slow and I get an advantage. – What? – I think he’ll be a good
bear because he’s smaller and he can hide behind a
lot more trees than I could ’cause I had to pick the big tree. – And he’s really fast too. – That was my strategy too is look for the biggest tree possible. – [Mom] Ahhhhhh. – [Man] Now maybe the smallest tree. – Hey guys I think we’re ready. – Should I hum a tune? (humming) – I think we’re ready to go. – [All] (singing) No bears are out tonight my Daddy got ’em all last night. – [Mom] Alright, who’s
gonna find the bear first. – I think he’s gonna be right up front. I think that’s his strategy because– – [Mom] Ah, let Chase run ahead, yeah. – [Daughter] Sean’s gonna
hurry and jump out and grab us. ‘Cause he’s gonna be up front. – [Dad] Alright, I’m looking
of like a little bear. Oh little bears can climb trees. – Oh, what! – [Dad] Look for up in the tree too. – [Kid] Little bears are sneaky. – [Dad] He might be able
to be up in the tree. Kay we’re like halfway through the field. Nobody’s found him but there’s like three big
trees right here check this out. (screaming) There he is, there’s the
bear, he’s going fast, he’s got turbo on, oh no. Oh, oh he got ya, he got you. – Right this much.
– What! – [Dad] Yep, you’ll have to slow-mo that. He got Katie right before
she touched the tree like right before. – Did you like my sound
effects, Ah-uh-ah-uh-ah. Rats now I’m the bear (roars) – [Dad] Alright so we’ve
got a bigger bear this time. What do you think the
strategy is gonna be. – [Daughter] Mom’s the bear. – Look for the biggest tree. – I think she’s gonna
jump scare us up front so she can capture all of us at once. – [Dad] Think she’s gonna wait
for us to wrap around and– – Yeah and then she might
have to run all the way back. – I mean Mom’s probably the slowest one. – [Daughter] Awwww. – So I think we can all
survive if we run really fast. – Yeah just everybody just speed. – Yeah Mom’s not known for her speed but she’ll have to make up
for it in her stealthiness. – [Daughter] Ooh she is pretty stealthy, she’s good at strategy. – Is that word, stealthiness? Look it up and comment down below. Stealthiness, yes or no? (laughs) What do you guys think? – I, nothing. – What’s her strategy gonna be? – [Dad] What do you think she’s gonna do? – I think she’s just gonna jump out when we’re all super close. – [Dad] Kay so some jump
scare happening huh? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I think she’s gonna be close. I don’t think she’s
gonna be real far away. – She’s pretty good at
strategy so I don’t know. – She’s ready. – [Dad] Kay, ready? Let’s go. – [All] (singing) No bears are out tonight my Daddy got ’em all last night. – [Dad] What do you think Audrey? – I think ’cause she’s been
talking every single round about us all hiding close to the base that I think she’s gonna be by the base. – [Kid] (screams) BEAR! – [Dad] What, what’s the
bear doing right there? (playful screaming) – [Dad] Ooooooh, she got him. Right there. All these photo finishes
like right there she got him. – I didn’t even see the bear I just ran. Where were you hiding? – Behind the tree, I was
trying to sneak around. – [Daughter] Wait, that one? – [Dad] She was by that one right there. – She was trying to ambush us guys. She was waiting for us to go behind. – I should have stayed behind you. – [Dad] That’s what we
thought you were gonna do but we just didn’t know what tree. – [Man] That was great strategy. – [Dad] Alright, you ready to be the bear? – Yeah. – [Dad] Ready, kay, so we
have a new player unknown to that YouTube family. We don’t know what his strategy might be. What’s his dad think? – I think he’s gonna
copy Katie’s strategy. – [All] Ooooooh. – I don’t know because kids
have have really fast legs they go, they’re like vroom. So they can go long distance. Adults have to stay a little bit closer ’cause we just can’t
keep up with these guys. – [Dad] Yep, what do you girls think? – I don’t know. – Um, run. (laughs) – I think he’s gonna be
like the farthest back to really trick us and then
we’re gonna have to like run and we’ll all get tired and
he’ll just be super fast ’cause he’s super fast and
he’ll be able to catch us all. – [Dad] I think we gave him enough time. You guys ready to sing? – Okay.
– Let’s go. Ready? – [Dad] Ready and… – [All] (singing) No bears are out tonight my daddy got ’em all last night. – [Dad] I bet you there’s a bear. – Oh no, you guys. – [Dad] Jordan let’s run up here real fast and scare the bear out. – Yeah, we’re gonna go– – [Dad] Hey everybody, hey
everybody let’s do our strategy. Let’s all run down as fast as we can. – Okay, sure, one, two,
three, you guys go. – [Dad] Everybody go, go, go, go. Let’s go, let’s flush him
out, let’s flush him out. Come on, we’re gonna go after the bear versus the bear going after us. – [Jordan] Oh no! – Watch your shoulders. (playful yelling) Bear! He didn’t see me, oh no. Who’s he gonna get? Oh he got it. Alright, he got his dad. His dad’s now the new bear. – Okay so it’s Still Kids,
dad is the bear this round. We actually played a round
but did not record it so this bear’s gonna be tired. – Yeah. – He’s probably hungry
ready for hibernation. He wants sleep. – Uh oh. – But he did catch two other
mini bears, Jake and Ty, however, since we were not
able to catch it on camera we’re doing it again. – Redo. – We moved to a new area, it is huge. So we go all the way to the
very end where those shrubs are over to this light pole
right there over to the road and back to our base
where we have to make it. – [Audrey] Tiny tree. – Yeah this is a small base you guys. – Are you ready bear? – I’m ready. – Okay, let’s see if Jake
and Ty can escape bear again. – (gasps) – Guys keeps those eyeballs away. – Is he behind me? Is the bear behind me? – [Audrey] I can’t give you any hints. – The bear is hiding. – I think the bear’s behind me. – Only Audrey knows. – Honestly I don’t even
know where he went. I wasn’t paying attention (giggles) so I could get caught now great. – My strategy is to run in circles because I have no idea where he’s gonna be and this is such a big playing field that I think I’ll have the
best chance of survival if I run in circles. – Nice, okay, what do you think? Should we go get him? Ready? – Yep! – [All] (singing) No bears are out tonight my daddy got them all last night. – Woo! Circles, yeah! – You go this way. ♪ No bears are out tonight my
daddy got ’em all last night ♪ – [Audrey] They’re all separating, oh no, he could be anywhere. I thought I saw him over there. What if he’s behind that tree? I think he’s behind that tree. If Mom gets caught then
he’s behind that tree. – [Dad] Ready, one, two, three, run. – [Audrey] Oh they’re running. – [Jordan] Where’s the bear? – [Audrey] Where did the bear go? – [Kid] (shrieking) Bear! Go! – No, no, no, no, no, no. Where’s the tree? Give me the tree. (playful screaming) – [Jordan] He’s going for Ty! – [Mom] Oh no! – [Kid] Aw man! – [Mom] Ty’s so fast. – [Jordan] Oh he’s going around the tree. – [Mom] Go little one! – [Audrey] Come on Ty! – [Kid] He’s gonna make it. – [Jordan] Run, go Ty! – [Mom] The bear is getting tired. He’s gonna wear the bear out. – [Jordan] On no Ty hurry come this way! – [Mom] Ty’s just teasing him. (laughing) – [Audrey] Ty’s just goin’. – [Mom] Ty is so fast. I don’t think that bear
knows who he’s messing with. (laughs) (cheering) – [All] Ty go! Oh no! – That was so close. – [Dad] That’s good. – [Mom] Good job man! – [Dad] It’s you and Jake. – [Jordan] Man that was so good. – [Audrey] Good job bear. (cheering) – He’s so tired, he need a
minute to catch his breath. – [Audrey] So the bear caught Jake and Ty. Oh Jake’s happy about it,
he’s doing a four-night dance and he’s down. – [Dad] Alright, we got
two bears this round because this big Papa
bear got really hungry and ate two bears. – Yeah (growls) – [Jordan] He dominated. – Who’s afraid of these
bears, I’m terrified. – Me. – [Dad] Kay, so we got like
the fastest bear out there. – We haven’t gotten caught
by the bears yet so… – We’re gonna be targeted. – [Dad] It’s about to happen girls. – Oh no! – No! – Kay we gotta stick together sister. – Ty has so much, Ty has so much energy. – [Dad] He does. Better be careful, Ty’s a fast dude. Kay, I think we’re ready. – You think they’re ready? – [Dad] I think they’re ready. – We’ll run in squares. – Run in squares. – [All] (singing) No bears are out tonight my daddy got ’em all last night. – [Mom] Let’s go. – [Dad] The girls are skipping. Alright, these guys are
hangin’ out over here. Uh oh, these bears may have
gotten deep into the woods. I think Jake and Ty’s strategy is to get us way at the other end so they can run across the whole field and they’ll definitely get us because some of us can’t
run as fast as Ty Ty. Alright, I feel like
we’re getting enclosed in. What do you guys think? Where’d Mom go? Oh, Mom’s over there. (screaming) – [Dad] Bear, go get ’em. Get ’em bear! Oh he’s going fast, team
short stuff is gonna get ’em. Oh no, he got both Audrey and Jordan. – [Jordan] What! – [Dad] There’s the other bear going. – [Jordan] Man! I knew we were gonna get out
because we stuck together man. It’s okay. – The twin twin doesn’t work. – [Dad] No it didn’t did it? – We’ll just be bears together. – [Dad] Alright, good job short stuff! Last round, Audrey and
Jordan are the bears. They’re gonna go hide. Except for this round look what happened. All of the sudden we picked up
a whole bunch of new people. Woo! Okay so we got a lot of people for Audrey and Jordan to try to get. Kay Audrey and Jordan go hide. Alright, you guys excited? – [All] Yeah! – [Dad] Yeah, yeah? Awesome, so where do you think Audrey and Jordan’s gonna hide? – Uhhh, behind the trees? – [Dad] Behind the tree, yep. What do you think? – I think behind the bathroom. – [Dad] Behind the bathroom, ooooh. – I think they’re gonna
lay low flat on the grass. – [Dad] Flat on the grass. What do you think short stuff? – I don’t know. – [Dad] You don’t know? What about you guys? – I don’t know. – [Dad] Not sure. – Behind the big tree. – [Dad] You think they’re
gonna be by the bathrooms? – Inside the bathroom. – [Dad] Ooh, well we can’t go in there so hopefully they don’t go in there. Alright so we’re gonna give
them about 10 more seconds. – Keep your eyeballs
towards the parking lot. – [Dad] Yep, everybody
keep looking this way. Kay ready, one, kay we
gotta sing the song. No bears are out tonight my
daddy got them all last night. Kay ready? One, two, three, let’s go. – [All] (singing) No bears ar out tonight my daddy got them all last night. – [Dad] Kay let’s go. – Let’s go bears. (giggling) – [Dad] Woo hoo! Alright Audrey and Jordan
should get somebody. Who do you think they’ll get? We don’t know. Mom’s way over there. Oh no, there’s Jordan, oh no! – Ahhh! – [Dad] Jordan got one, Jordan got two. Where’s Audrey? Oh no, look at, Jordan’s getting every… Oh there’s Audrey. Oh they’re getting a
whole bunch of people. Oooh. – We got a lot ‘a people we won. – [Dad] How many did you get? – I don’t know I just tagged
as many people as I could. – [Dad] How many did you get? – I don’t even know I wasn’t counting. I got some people. – [Dad] Kay, raise your
hand if they got ya. Oh man look at all these
people that they got. – [Jordan] Oh man you guys,
there’s gonna be a lot a’ bears. – [Dad] Awesome, that was cool. – [Kid] That was a fun round. – [Mom] That was good. – [Dad] That was fun. – Thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure to like,
subscribe, and share and – Hit the bell. – [All] And make today an adventure! – We’ll see you all next time, bye!

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