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[Nizi Project] S1 #4-1

If I find a weakness, I’ll drop you.
Rio and Akari perform That wasn’t a compliment. I’m worried about the dance cube. For those who passed the Tokyo heat, this is where the real training starts. Now, if you fill all four cube spaces of your empty pendants, you’ll make the finals and head to Korea. The first step to their dream! Today will be your first dance review. The first participant is… Maya But her dance has issues. Where’s the beauty? Back-to-back poor reviews Expression, acting and dance ability. That was super!
Nothing to correct. JYP trainee Miihi earns a dance cube! Who else will earn a dance cube? The tense dance test continues! Yuna, you’re next. OK. Yuna, you’re up. OK. Hello, everyone. I am 15 years old and am Korean-Japanese. I am a JYP trainee. I am a JYP trainee. I’m Yuna, I’ve got baby-face
cheeks and I’m all charm! I’ve trained with JYP for
2 years and 8 months. Yuna has trained with JYP
longer than Mako I’ve modeled for fashion shows, commercials, magazines, and educational TV. On the first day of training camp
all eyes are on Yuna I already knew Yuna
was a JYP trainee. I felt like I was going
to meet a celebrity. She was unbelievable. So skinny
and cute! And such a tiny face! My first impression was that
she seemed good at dancing and singing. She really came across like,
“She’s got talent in spades!” Yuna’s 3rd audition:
「Irony」 by Wonder Girls There are several factors you need
to make the dance work. Speed is one. You are really fast! You need power. So strong! Yuna simply oozes talent! Congratulations. Yuna confidently receives her pendant It’s like she was made for a girl’s group. She’ll be a superstar! I want to give it my all,
show my talent and be a Nizi member. Yuna confidently takes the spotlight! I’ll speak in Korean. Okay. Remember what I told you
in the regionals? You said I could do
3 of the 4 elements of dance. But as for the last element,
using my joints for big movements, You said I couldn’t do it.
So focusing on that, I practiced a lot. Did you try to film yourself? I filmed a lot.
More than twice a day. Yuna carved his advice into stone,
day after day I also looked hard for
ways I could stretch. So I tried turning like this. I also asked people how I could
make my joints more flexible. I asked friends who were good dancers. Okay! But when you actually perform, it’s no good to think
about practice, right? It will manifest naturally.
So don’t think about it. Okay! Let’s see it. 「LIKEY」 by TWICE
-Japanese version- She starts with cheerful energy! After long practice sessions,
she performs her moves to perfection! When Yuna dances, her moves are so elegant. She was dancing the way I wish I could. I was blown away. So, how did Yuna perform? The things I pointed out, you understood and practiced a lot. Thank you. You really fixed what I pointed out. One more thing! One more thing! Tension! Relax a bit more. Relax a bit more. What does he mean by “relax”? I don’t mean you should
take practice easy and do it any old way. When dancing or singing, you can’t look like you’re too desperate. It becomes an issue when you’re so tense. She didn’t expect such a harsh review! I can’t see the real Yuna! When you relax, we’ll see the real Yuna. I didn’t see your usual
facial expressions. Your facial expressions during songs have to be your own expressions, but they’re not… I’m sorry to say,
everything comes off as too practiced. Everything comes off as too practiced. Usually when you go to school
to become an idol at an early age, you can really develop skills! But, the drawback is you lose your natural form
in training…. Next time… I want to see and feel Yuna! When you talk, when you dance, when you sing,
I want you to be the real Yuna. Let me feel the kind of person you are… Relax a bit more… “Why are you so desperate, Yuna?” It’s like… I guess, ever since I was little…. ever since I was small… that was the only dream I ever had… A little girl dreaming of her debut An unforeseen future An unforeseen me When I was little, I really wanted it more than anyone else. It’s like,
compared to when I am doing this. Nothing else is as fun. More than anyone, I have this strong feeling
I really want to be a singer. Ayaka, you’re up. OK. Hello, everyone. I’m Ayaka Arai. I’m 16.
Thank you for watching. Ayaka Arai’s unrivaled beauty
attracts the eyes of all First meeting at the regionals Hello. I remembered the first time. I met Suzy from the group, Miss A. You have a similar face, a similar aura. J.Y. Park recognizes her charm Auditions check-in.
Ayaka turns heads from the first heat She monopolizes all eyes at the venue Overflowing cuteness Does she have the talent
to go along with her looks? Her dancing is polished
and confident, but… to have that level
after 9 years of lessons, means you don’t practice. Even if you debut now, you’ll never cut it as a singer. His harsh review doesn’t end there… Is being an idol your dream? Yes. Deep down? Yes. If I based it on ability, there’s no doubt you’d fail.
However… When I go home,
I’ll still be thinking about you. Do you want to work hard? I do. Did you just promise? Do you really mean it? J.Y. Park checks again Bearing in mind your
star quality… I’m giving you a pass. But if I don’t see a change
in the future… I’ll have no choice but to drop you. I realized that I’ll have
to work hard in every area. Your biggest problem in the regional
was your nerves. So you couldn’t show your true ability. Yes. How about today? I’m nervous, but I’ll do my best. I hope you can relax and enjoy it today. Good luck! Thank you. I’m not very good, but… I think I’m really captivating. I see things through until the end, so I want to harness that
to do my best. 「DALLA DALLA」 by ITZY Her expression changes J.Y. Park stops the song Thank you very much. Ayaka looks uneasy I wanted to him to see
what came after that. In the third hook of the song, there’s a moment where
there’s no dance moves. That’s where I wanted to
show him the real me. But I didn’t get that far. Do you know why I stopped you? You didn’t want to see
much more, I guess. I was worried the break
would reveal your lack of skill more. I thought, “It’s all over.” Dance is not your forte. Know why I’m laughing? I have no idea. You were much better today than before. Everyone, Ayaka has really improved. Ayaka, whether you dance or sing, you are very genuine.
That’s a good thing. Thank you very much. You have natural charm. People are attracted to you. Thank you very much. But this ability won’t make you a singer. But this ability won’t make you a singer. You’ll have to work much harder. Understood. Do you want it? Of course! Of course! Well done. Thank you very much. Despite her lack of ability, Ayaka
has kept her promise to improve I practiced a lot. But I realize I’m still
lacking in ability. After this… I’ve still got three more days
to practice. So I want to try harder. And get better. Here’s that dance-break choreography
she couldn’t show J.Y. Park That’s it. You’re up, Riria. OK. Hello. I’m Riria Ikematsu
and I’m from Fukuoka. I’m 17 years old. I hope you enjoy. Have we seen her before? Fukuoka Heat Judging by your performance quality, I don’t see someone who’s worked hard. I’ll keep you in mind. He put her on hold. The feeling that I had to try harder grew stronger… Very definitely. Then, two months later… Training Camp, Day 1 Riria qualified to participate
in the training camp She’s changed since the regionals! Riria’s self-introduction My personality is that once I start something, I finish it. I love performing so much, people say that when I’m on stage,
my personality changes. I really want do my best
and put on a show! 「DALLA DALLA」 by ITZY More confident and moving
better than the regionals That’s enough. So, how did Riria perform? Put on your Nizi pendant. J.Y. Park’s making everyone nervous Come here! Surprise! Put this on. Thank you
Riria earns a dance cube Her efforts have been rewarded It wasn’t as good as ITZY. OK. But at this stage, it was the best dance
I could’ve expected from Riria. You need to smooth it out more. But you were really good! Thank you so much. You’re really strong. But you don’t always use it. When you do, you kill it.
And you can adjust it when you have to. You need a range of expression
for each movement. Your change of expression was spot on. Though you were dancing hard,
you really seemed to enjoy it. You sure worked hard.
Good job. Thank you very much. All Riria’s hard work paid off! At first, when he said “Get your pendant,” I thought, “Really?” But I was happy I could show all the hard work I’d put in
up to that point.

Reader Comments

  1. I don’t think the criticism of Yuna was intended to be hurtful, or harsh. Alternatively, to suggest that Yuna seemed to be using facial expression that showed what she might think JYP wanted to see. What JYP was teaching her is that the performer, the dance, and the expressions, all need to be internally organic and authentic, which will establish a compelling emotional connection with the audience that earns their investment, and loyalty.


  3. I can't dance nor sing (basically I'm just a piece of shit) but I think what these girls lack of is that they think so hard that they pressure their self to do more, to do good. In my opinion for an audience to enjoy the performance or see the beauty of your performance you should embrace and emerge with your performance (dance like it's your last) pffttt

  4. I was wondering who Yuna is.Because they didnt include her audition on the previous ep.

    Another one added on my lists
    – Rima – Miihi – Nina – Mako – Yuna –

  5. I always get nervous when they dance to itzy songs 😭 because itzy dance really emphasizes beauty of forms and lines while dancing and if they lack in that of course, they'll get criticize and might have lessen their chance of showing their shine ;((((

  6. I love JYP, but I'd rather him yell and be angry rather than laugh while he insults the girls on how much they lack.

  7. Y’all if Nina debuts I claim her as my bias. With that talent and that ability I think she’ll debut wbu?

  8. yuna is good but when she dance to twice for me she dance it too strong and a little bit fast cuz when twice dance to likey it smooth and soft but when yuna dance to it its not soft its like shes running out of time(no hate just my opinion)

  9. Ok but like I’m confused as to why everyone was choosing dalla dalla to dance to like not even Itzy themselves could please Jyp with it

  10. My chosen team:

    1. Mako (lead vocal, main dancer, leader)

    2. Mihi (main vocal)

    3. Nina (main vocal)

    4. Rio (main dancer, vocal)

    5. Rima (visual, center, rapper)

    6. Yuna (visual, vocal, dancer)

    7. Akari (vocal, dancer)

    8. Maya (vocal, dancer)
    9. Suzu (vocal, dancer)
    10. Riku (vocal, dancer)

  11. I didn't know when JYP criticize the girls he smiles and laugh it's very tricky if he is saying a good thing or not😕..until you saw the girl he is talking to if she smiles then it is a good compliment but if they are dead-serious then it is a bad thing.



  13. Their worst decision is to perform dalla dalla. JYP has trained itzy for that himself so even the smallest mistakes will disturb him

  14. 下手くそ

  15. Yamaguchi Mako, Suzuno Miihi, Hillman Nina, Arai Ayaka, Katsumura Maya, Hanabashi Rio, Ozaki Suzu, Ahn Yuna, Inoue Akari

  16. If i were those Girls i would just have choose TWICE/MISS A/WG songs since its kinda easy..unlike itzy's (not hating mah babies) u know there choreo is kinda hard

  17. Ayaka is pretty and fit for visual but she needs to improve more
    If she wont debut on nizi i hope she'll become a jyp trainee and debut for the future gg of jype

  18. Has anyone ever witnessed JYP angry? Like properly angry? Cause I don't remember seeing it ever in my life.

  19. Once I saw dalla dalla come on for arai I gave a big sigh. Dalla dalla is a very hard dance to dance to because theirs little details that need to be perfect and for me ITZY is the only group that can do it perfect. Don’t do dalla dalla unless you are confident you can’t dance it correctly.

  20. jyp 여기서
    또 이런 훈계질 방송하냐?

    열심히 했더니
    "너무 절박한것 같아"

    열심히 안하면
    "절박하지 않아"

    본인은 이런 쇼가 좋겠지
    마치, 수많은 어린 소녀들에게 신처럼,
    군림하는 것을 보여주니까.
    젊어지는 것 같아 좋겠지?

  21. 아야카 키가 수지만큼 큰 듯. 나도 처음에는 커봐야 166정도 이지 않을까 했는데…나중에 다른 애들이랑 서 있는거 보니까 168은 충분히 되는 것 같아 보임…아마 그래서 걸어가기만 해도 시선을 끄는 듯..

  22. I'm so happy that he let Ririe go on. She's very thin, but not as thin as the other girls. When I see her, I'm so happy. She's a role model… I hope she makes it to the end.

  23. thing is, they’re taking his criticism too hard,,,, his job is to evaluate them and make them grow as trainees (and eventually as rookies)

  24. me: wow this girl's dancing is amazing. yay, jyp is smiling.
    jyp: the dancing lacked skill, expression, energy.
    me: surprised pikachu face

    i just want all the girls to succeed tbh

  25. 제2의 트와이스가 될것같은 니지멤버 아야카 모코 니나 미이히 리마 스즈 이여섯명은 무조건 될것같음? 특히 제일매력많은것은 아야카 제2의수지 아야카 제일인기많을것같음 파이팅?

  26. Lots of people disapproved of JYP telling Riria to lose weight at her regional audition. However, it's important to take into account a few things:

    1. Riria came to JYP to improve her skills and receive constructive criticism. This is completely different from being in public, getting unsolicited criticisism from strangers.
    2. JYP did not judge her from one look. He judged her skills, and after this episode we can also see that her past dancing was way too slow compared to the contestants right now. Discipline and weight management was necessary for her to become a better dancer.
    3. We don't know if JYP's dietary recommendations are actually unhealthy. JYP's "one meal a day" may sound harsh, but with suitable snacks it could be sufficient. After all, someone only needs to have enough energy and not be hungry.

    Therefore, I don't think "toxic body standards" have come into play in this TV series. Dancing IS about body management and people need to be disciplined. Riria totally deserved that pendant, it was exciting to see her dance with so much energy. She has worked so hard and I hope she can continue to do well in the future.

  27. I don't know who my bias. Every episode seem chages😂. Just enjoying the show. Thanks for eng sub jyp nim. I lov u. 0

  28. JYP trainees should have known shit wasn’t going to be easy for them. Our leader Jihyo can second that! Yuna fighting!

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