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Nintendo Switch My Way – Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield

[Nintendo Switch Snap] [playful music]
Dude we’re gonna miss the bus–
-OK, I got it. [together]
Bye Mom.[mom]
-Have fun!
[male bus driver]
Watch your step.
[female student]
-Hey. [male student]
-Hey guys. -Charlie, did you bring yours?[Charlie]
[female student]
-Let’s meet up!
[male student]
-OK, meet at this Pokémon deck.
-Here, I think I see you guys–
-I see you guys– -Alright,
Lets catch this Yamper. -Oh, it has really high HP!-YES–
-Got it–
-We got it.
-You got him, you got him,
-Wahoo![boys inner voice]
Nintendo Switch

is my way to play.
[female narrator]
-You can play
your favorite games on Nintendo Switch and now
on Nintendo Switch Lite.

Reader Comments

  1. When I first saw Pokemon sword and shields legendaries, I questioned why one of them was literally just a dog with a sword in it's mouth. I still question that. Like, couldn't you just take the sword from the dog and then it would just be a dog. It's the sword that's legendary right? Idk that kind of still bothers me. Shield is alright though.

  2. 海外Switchやると雰囲気違う、楽しそうに見えるんだけど

  3. Let's not put every pokemon on here because it's to much work but we will put a Curry DeX and you can make 100's of different kinds of Curry on here sounds stupid to me

  4. This is a horrible kids should be going to school thinking about school plus who lets there kid take a $300 game to play on the bus…. no Nintendo no

  5. If I go out with my nintendo 3ds/nintendo switch i get teased at school.100% fake 0/10.Also no Joy-Con drift.Fake trailer

  6. first of all your school probobly doesnt allow that and second its unrealalistic only those kids are screeming like wild anamals on the bus there are usaly way more

  7. I wonder how the multiplayer for that game will be like. Also they had no internet on the bus so local wireless? 👌also all the comments about how this is not what a bus would be like are so true

  8. Nintendo promotes two unwelcome behaviors in this video:
    1. Bringing a console to school. How's a kid to focus in class when they're obsessing about playing with friends?
    2. Insensitivity. Odds are, there is one kid on the bus who can't afford the console. In addition, this ad puts pressure on the kid's parents as well.
    Please take this into consideration. Kids love nintendo games, so there's no need for such aggressive marketing.

  9. Now imagine a terrorist with a gun walks in the bus and collects the switches,
    making off with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  10. Plot twist, they are just looking green screen while pretending playing the newest pokemon game for advertisment purpose.

    Sorry, i dont how plot twist work.

  11. Nintendo please in future updates for pokemon sword and shield add the Portuguese Brazil language to the game subtitles. Please. It's an appeal of a 30 year old fan consuming nintendo games

  12. 0/10 they didn’t get frustrated over no national dex
    I’m not trying to be a bully i’m trying to make a point! My favorite Pokémon’s a mythical and it’ll never appear again with no national dex.

  13. We want the mega evolutions and Z attacks in Pokemon Sword and Shield, please put this mechanic in the game, it's already getting boring to hear people sucking at this wonderful game for not having National Pokédex, now complain about not having the mega evolutions and Z attacks, Nintendo, I love Pokemon, but you guys are faltering these last few days.

    Thanks for listening

  14. Ahh, I remember the days when I'd play my gba/ds/3ds on the bus with my friends on the way to and from school in my elementary days. Would've loved to own a switch and have friends like that in my childhood.

  15. Meanwhile there’s a Kevin in the back of the school bus who’s to poor to have a switch and is busy writing his manifesto

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