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Nintendo Direct Spring 2020 Predictions! – w/ HMK & Ndukauba!

All right what’s up everybody OJ here
welcome back to another video today we’ve got some guests on the channel we
got some big hitters here on YouTube got some I’ve got both these guys on my
channel before we had a lot of fun HMK last time we had you on here man you
were amazing you were talking about down but people really it was like a hundred
percent positive feedback man hey I love ya everyone everyone liked you and they
said I’m gonna go subscribe to them the people that weren’t subscribed so
everyone likes you so I wanted to bring you back on you know when yet to the
time so we’re gonna talk with Nintendo Direct today but we also I in the kuba
hello and the kuba hello yeah no did I say
right you did okay in the Cooper yes I’m calling you kuba that’s the abbreviation
but we got into Cooper here 200,000 plus subscribers here agent k your 20,000
plus subscribers too right I’m getting there not yet not yet–bow
either way these guys are these guys are great content creators for a reason they
got the subs for a reason and Friends of the show I’ve had them on before kuba
last time you were here smash brothers before smash cam yes
everyone liked you too bad and they loved your Dragon Ball Z stuff by the
way – I don’t I don’t play that game but I watch every single one of your
Dragonball Legends videos look like that and obviously H&K your your theory stuff
is even crazier you know that it’s even better and crazier than before so you
guys are definitely put up your continent so you know I’ll have the ones
in the in the description make sure you guys check them out they both stream on
Twitch too so I’ll have their twitch links as well you guys check them out a
lot of you guys like them before so we had to bring them back but we brought
them together we got a you guys we got the Triforce of power right here and
then we go way way way man 30:22 2020 2013 now we go oh no ya know we know a
charge through like that when every time we stream smash it’s always always Oh generation Oh Koopas ike is no joke
by the way who as Ike is actually pretty freakin
good but what I get it with the cheese and he’s like I hate life right yeah Oh
bombs that’s all yeah it all does got that cheese though especially after
those buffs that she got in an ultimate oh so she’s got some she’s got some
cheese in her so I’m alright guys so thank you guys so much for joining me
today I really do appreciate that we’re going to get right into business here
guys not gonna take up too much of your time want to get into it and look
there’s the rumors going around right rumors of an attack of a Nintendo Direct
so we want to have and put a little prediction going down in terms of what
we think could be at the show so I want to start off first and foremost with HMK
HMK what do you think could be going down at this Nintendo Direct what do you
feel is gonna be happening from let’s just start from a third-party standpoint
what party games do you think is gonna be happy and we’ll get it do you hear me
that’s my that’s my balloon deflated geez okay now you put you put in the
spotlight when it comes to third-party third-party you know the thing is
literally as you can see here with my screen we’ve been like left in the dark
so long and when it comes to like Nintendo stuff in there and direct stuff
you know I could part I could you know throw some darts at first price stuff
could be but third party stuff and we just we literally just got that ninnies
thing going on so third party things man I just feel it like we’re really left in
the dark when it comes to something like that and I’m trying to think you know we
ready no trial the the manner that Charles Amana is coming um you know
there’s no way Final Fantasy 7 remake no I don’t think you know a lot of
people are saying but I really don’t see it coming soon you know like it would be
cool if Kingdom Hearts where that comes with switch and when I say that I mean
things like you know um which is the story so far you know Kingdom are twelve
point five two point five two point eight kid marks through running on the
switch I feel like that’s gonna need some sort of downgrading before they
even consider that you know so maybe Kingdom Hearts or like you know third
party who’s got stuff obviously I’ve seen whispers about like you know the
Mass Effect series one two and three coming to the switch um but geez like
third party now you got me twisted okay we’ll get the first party pigs I know
you’ll have a lot more to talk about oh boy we’ll get the kuba kuba
ne ne predict I wasn’t the third party first is a new third part would be the
quickest cuz we’re like oh yeah quick that was I’m the Imperial Joe when it
comes down to third party like I think me an H&K both live with Kingdom Hearts
because I would love to see all the story so far or no the other collection
is coming out in a few days if I’m not mistaken work I don’t know the
collections right okay all in one package its any of that so yeah we like
seeing something like that like coming out on this which would be absolutely
amazing because I think like the older games it could probably run perfectly
fine but like I’ll say like two point or 0.2 to be specific um and Kingdom Hearts
3 may be a downgrade but to see those like port on this which would be nice
me personally I’d like to see more Bandai Games on there too I don’t know
what other games they could add Dragon Ball watching Kakarot yeah dragon mosey
Cocker will be a good one yeah because I mean they were able to get fighters on
the switch so I mean like yeah and it works fine in my opinion it works yeah
oh it does oh no game runs beautiful yeah I got some games on there not ode
to ultimate ninja storm 4 is coming pretty close Ricci was it it was really
added it’s really on there for not mistaken I took the first three games
are on there I am a total fighting game fan the games have been a you know but
yeah storm 4 is coming this April so okay
roto boruto that game is yeah that’s stone poured
and wrote Alberto mixed in together so okay so like we got stuff like that
coming through personally speaking banner if you’re watching this Dragon
Ball fusions – please make it a thing that’s all I asked that game was amazing
on the 3ds please make a sequel or just port the original on the switch dragon
using fusions that was the fighting game on three years was that a fighting him
up it is no the fighting game on the 3d s was extreme butoden okay choice which
was nice but dragon fusions was like literally what if fusion the game it was
freakin amazing as an RPG it was really fun so like if they brought that over to
the switch I would lose my mind but what was that aid game what was that dream
bonus Dragon Ball Heroes yes that and I lost my mind cuz I absolutely love that
series so like if they were to do stuff like that I’d be really freaking hype
but apart from that third party brother yeah yeah on the spot man alright well I
guess I can give kind of my predictions you know there was a game that was
revealed three years ago that we haven’t seen at this point and that is Shin
Megami Tensei 5 that game where’s that game could we see that I think I think
we might see the first trailer like the first like real like gameplay trailer
for shouldn’t got my 10 safe five I mean I don’t know what you guys think I don’t
know if guys are interested I’m intense am I am very very loosely very loosely
you know I would love you know we since you bring that up you know I would love
to see a game like Catherine come to the switch especially the full-body addition
you know can I loved that game and I feel like anything no problem that’s
such a good par game so that you bring up outlets now so Shin Megami Tensei
five and you know since we’re going third parties are like you games that we
like are you sure they’re still development like beta 3
mm-hm nice day another three its they they gave it update he said everything’s
still fine with it something you know twice they said everything’s fine I
might you could have fooled me like maybe they’re gonna show it up at this
maybe they’re not only gonna show it out here but Catherine to your point with
Catherine that one is already but that one was rated for the switch so that one
seems like it’s coming yes Catherine seems like it’s coming yeah
can we all talk about why persona 5 are to be specific it’s just not persona
there’s so much so he has some sort yeah there’s so much talk but then some
people say that there isn’t because Atlas puts out survey saying do you want
persona um switch so yeah I don’t know if it’s coming I don’t I don’t know if
it’s coming to be honest but I do think I do think maybe we can get some other
type of persona game maybe I’m glad persona
what was it persona 5 scramble maybe they have switch maybe they have for
this with this present it may be persona 4 I was gonna save my son of or persona
3 you know a lot of people want the persona games to be remade in stuff and
then you know considering they’re not I don’t think they’re there aren’t there
like paint they’re ps2 games so they’re not that taxing you know for them to
come to the switch that’d be dope all appeals and wanting those Tyler remakes
I see that conversation everywhere every time persona 5 or 5 scrambles being
brought up they’re like yo sorrow for golden persona 3 sort of – you know they
need to bring those over – I need to bring those over but yeah I was thinking
about that there’s also been some raised I think what we could see is a game XCOM
that’s a game that was rated XCOM 2 was rated for the switch so maybe that gets
its first show also of boy bastards that’s another game that was announced
recently I think third party wise could be coming over it’s kind of like a
first-person shooter type I think it’s a first-person shooter type of like looter
shooter type of game which the switch doesn’t really have any of those so yeah
I don’t know I mean do you like bored maybe Borderlands comes over come on
speaking of new Borderlands 1 or 2 coming over hey those are on those are
on ps4 and Xbox one so maybe yeah I mean I do you know what
on the go be cool but I feel like if that you know if Borderlands were to
come to the switch that isn’t through that conversation would just be a huge
can of worms is like yo Borderlands 3 where is it you know come on so so yeah
I’m not sure well yeah well that’s pretty much I think that’s pretty much
it for our third party things here I think Sega might also have some I think
Sega might also have some stuff and I think Capcom as well I
think we can see some ports from other games from Capcom maybe I don’t know
which ones but I think we can see some more well whatever happened to that
cloud version of Resident Evil 7 maybe we know it runs on the switch now
because like the coverage has been you know only in Japan so like maybe and
then also that really begs the question like if they can get that running then
obviously the Aria engine can be run on retina can be ran on the switch so then
you know does that open up the can of worms of like you know a possible like
Resident Evil 2 remake I’m gonna go resin evil 3 remake is right around the
corner and stuff you know you know Capcom just do it and look we’ve we’re
getting we’re gonna dull May Cry 3 like give us they’ll make cry 4 I think for
us coming I think for us I think for is getting
out of it yeah come on I think for us but I don’t know about 5 but I think 4
is definitely coming yeah 5 5 is gonna be if because like you know we we have
to get past that conversation in the re engine first because yeah I just don’t
think Capcom wants to adapt the re engine like I think that it took a lot
of work and I just don’t feel like doing it and they don’t feel like paying
somebody else to do it they could probably do it’s like that’s right yes
just right there like that is the best engine right now on the market they
don’t feel like they’ve got a water you will they learn you put the game on
switch it’s gonna sell my good it’s just like I’ve even said this the other day
it’s like even though the switches been out for like a long bit now right it
still never gets old I can take the game with me like it that sells it like are
these so well know the gimmick is the gimmick is perfect for the switch the
gimmick is portability and that’s the that’s the greatest giving you know for
a horn console ever because you can play any especially in today’s day not
everybody you’re not always gonna be at home where you’re gonna want to watch
something with the girlfriend whatever wife whatever you want to be in the
living room you don’t always want to be in front of a TV every single time right
now so itself so yeah Capcom I mean they bringing over old stuff but we’ll see
what they bring over maybe we get an announcement of maybe you guys think
possibility for a third party game Mega Man I don’t know if you guys are into
Mega Man Legends or Mega Man Battle Network anything like that so don’t
bring up legend that’s a legends if they they salvaged legends 3
it’s over it’s over just just make a mega man switch all right
bleep that I’m sorry mega man mega man legends one and two are like straight-up
my childhood games just I was so mad when magma industry had cast just bring
it back on the cyber fallin all that game I remember following that game back
in the day I was I was all excited I was hyped up for everything they had that
little you know there showed off gameplay they’re like oh that’s not
coming out I was like we just get ghost like we just get ghost in here well yeah
I think make that Capcom I mean if we can move on to like Square Enix
you know Square Enix maybe you could have some stuff I mean look this is not
a prediction that I think is gonna happen but I think it’s a prediction
that I would like to happen and if there was anything to do in Chrono Trigger at
this makes direct no we know what anniversary nice 25th anniversary was
just recently it’s pretty much there’s been just a be shattered now be
earth-shattering but the thing maybe come on somebody be amazing game they do
it though exactly it would because here’s the thing you know screenings
right now is putting all their because because the success of giant quest 11
especially on the switch you know they’re a confirm that during quest 12
is in development you know it’s another Square Enix you know giant Chris was
originally Enix before the you know merger but another Square Enix property
that you know it’s RPG it’s a curatorial I’m doing all the art and stuff you know
I feel like I don’t know parties is like why would they just you know throw out
all those eggs is because you know Chrono Trigger is it’s a nurse Square
Enix RPG designed by Akira Toriyama so you know what I don’t know I just don’t
like doing it with yeah too much too much on the plate and you know spreading
a Toriyama thin but at the same time this quakes we’re talking about they do
the same thing to the more they spread you know more being pulled by all ages
I’m surprised as I had a nervous breakdown yeah I mean he’s fine he’s
just like sacra he just he likes to work he likes to have no things on his on his
back – faint did suck I did think that the Jimbo yeah Matt but that was that
you know he should have you should have hydrated like come on man okay so you
guys say the second I said isn’t you get enough water that was yeah so I think we
kind of went down I mean obviously Western cup is I don’t really have any
faith I mean maybe we see maybe we see something from EA and all people
probably like maybe we see something from them I think there is done
attention there’s potential I know I’ve lost so much faith in the eight lake
look if it’s not like one of the street um series like you know MBA Street NFL
stream lister bring that from like the dead or like one of the kind of like how
burn out or not burn out Lee for Speed games used to be I’m not really – that’s
a good I mean they brought oh my lord look they brought burnout would you be
heard out that burnout they yes where you back burnout revenge
please leave the best burnout game like fun you know but revenge I’m so
surprised they don’t go back to the revenge you know they’re the revenge
model because Mike after revenge was paradise and I’m like alright let’s play
their burnout game I’m like I can’t yeah you can’t crash in a car cars I can’t
shoot injustice range of too much you guys wouldn’t be happy with paradise
then no honestly like the lowest burner I will ever take his burnout three take
down that’s it yeah it was like the model for about almost back to revenge
revenge we’ll see we’ll see I don’t know I don’t have any faith in the a either
but you never know with some of the big room all right let’s move on to first
party boys he knows more in the first part I know
we’ll start with H&K H&K my boy what do you think we could see for first party
breath oh wow – 3 B mmm give me that man like there’s so many rumors so many
leaks and that just give me the next trailer and it could be a teaser give me
that trailer and then ended up with the met with the four magical numbers 2 0 2
0 that’s what I need that’s what I want right in the wild you don’t like that
you’re laughing in the dark because I don’t need the next big kicker we what
what is Nintendo’s big holiday moneymaker that’s like that is in the
pipeline Mario Kart 3 Mario Kart 8 deluxe is fine I am in no rush to get 9
yeah you want another Mario guy the card game
go play tour go buy Diddy Kong all right the much on the Diddy Kong bundle the
mean I don’t care here’s 16 the less is fine breath WA – because we’re so in the
dark about the next huge first party game and stuff it’s been three years
some Breslau one they’re replicating the IRAC the patterns are doing the
replicating what they did with Super Mario Galaxy 2 just they just need to
double down on it and give us that game it ain’t gonna be beta 3 Metro prime 4
is a legend that game is never gonna come out rest of the wild – but we’re
talking about predictions for the drink so will we see
will we see what the wild in this dress I want yes this the wreck I breath of
the world at this turret okay and you’re pretty much as we talked about it you’re
predicting 2020 yeah we needed a heavy hitter we need it and that’s what
brethren wall is we can’t we they can’t just you know I feel like it would
a bad you know strategy for them to unveil something completely new out of
the darkness to be their big 28:20 in Cain you know we already know Brett for
the wild tooth is in the development we’ve seen him since e3 you know we know
that what’s up we know that would be a huge huge thing when it comes to selling
consoles it’s all of that and if Nintendo willing you know Nintendo
switch Pro or whatever that would be the big thing to you know kick off the sales
or whatever animal crossing is coming come out in a couple of days as of this
recording and you know after that what what is there you know or a rye round
the corner and it’s funny I I completely forgot about this when we were talk
about third party so I’m not gonna spend too much time on it no Mario 3 Yes No
More Heroes yes yeah go back to breath of the law – yes yes
yes and I wanted to be twenty20 H of K I’m with you I wanted 2020 wait I would
like that could happen 21 like reused assets the games been in development
since 2017 mmm come on there was a what is a one-year turnaround for majora’s
mask one or two years it was like it was one in change one in shit yeah one in
change Super Mario Galaxy one – super all
galaxies – there was 2 years 2 years and change I think for that one because it
was 2010 early 2010 for Mario Galaxy 2 and the galaxy one was 22 or 2007 2007
Marga the Americans took him at Burlington yeah early it likely goes
like May or something like that 2010 so yeah yeah so I heard you presented both
those games are amazing but uh yeah man like I think that what you’re saying
here with Legend of Zelda I I think I think we’re gonna see it I think we’re
gonna see it but I think that we could see also before we get to Google here I
think we could see you know at ease for Metroid Prime for I think there could be
Simon at times for it at least just some type of trailer something like that for
Metroid Prime for something I mean it didn’t they say a while ago like they
had to like scrap develoment and start over yeah I Metro platform which is why
we haven’t really seen anything so if we get yet finally see something they’ll be
amazing yes it’s more than a year now so I think they
might have something ready I might have something ready in in in a year’s time I
mean they got breath of the watch other ready so I’m I think it’s right so the
thing is with breath with a while they they they had things they can put
together in order to show us like easily right Metra prime for what was the last
time we got a metric Prime game the we like they’re they really have to build
this game from the ground up and you know from there I guess some of the
rumors are is that they built uh they built a the reason why well it wasn’t
going well at Bandai Namco and they are definitely not that they built a demo
like retro studios put the demo said hey look at this
they just built it on their own accord like cuz not doing anything else I guess
I don’t know uh they just built it on their own accord and they showed it and
then maybe that’s what spurred along with the game not doing so well I
personally or make it the RPG third person mentioned other end of a game and
it just wasn’t run so maybe maybe it just spurred him to do that but kuba man
before we go back to hm k for some more predictions on first party what are your
what are your initial like big first party prediction oh um I forgot like I’m
not sure if this counts as like first party or like a third party or
potentially like a second party but monolith soft please
that’s first part okay I know it’s late please do it just I think we’re gonna
get a really big soon we’re gonna get a release date back we absolutely need
like that is easily like my favorite RPG of all time I freakin loves you
I like this messy cool I know I like if they give us like a bit more like
gameplay because like I mean trophy speaking they really don’t have to
change the combat style of the game cuz I think it works perfectly fine so like
if they just at least show us like a bit of combat more scenes or whatever the
case to be in plus we’re getting the new area that was cut out from the original
game the bionis is over yeah shoulder yeah so we get to see like more
exploration of that I’m all for it but then ya have that as like a holiday game
cuz oh my lord I will know after crap it’s gonna be quicker than I think in
the holidays yeah from what from what the leaks have been saying I think we
might see that game and mate yeah you’re gonna tell me twice I’ll take
whoo that games gonna be coming quicker because it’s on the coming soon section
on the eShop and I’ve been so many retailers that up and it’s already rated
by the ESRB and by its that means it’s done if it’s being sod
hey look brah I’m ready for that game I can already tell like when okay the
first you know play game I played was my Chronicles X and I know life day and
then afterwards I got my chronicles one oh my lord my channel almost died
because that game it was amazing so like I need to see that but I think more than
anything I don’t think we have a Mario game coming out this year or that hasn’t
it announced yet oh I mean it should be fair like we have like breath of the
while to you know potentially coming out either this year worst case next year
Super Mario Odyssey came out at the end of 2017 so it was it within the same
year of breath of the wild so we could expect to see something new um even if
it’s not like you know a 3d like platformer or like sandbox game like
Odyssey or whatever the case may be we also did get you know the announcement
of the studio that makes other Mario Luigi series they’ve shut down if I’m
not mistaken so truthfully speaking they could refocus their power on making
Paper Mario thousand-year door is the greatest Paper Mario game to grace this
planet so if we can have it like that I would freaking lose my mind that is what
I want please Nintendo I know you’re listening
Paper Mario one knows better the original III thought one like I look
how’s your adores my jam so I I think do you guys think okay do you guys think
original paper mario being brought back paper 1,000 years or or new paper mario
yes you know Arlo started with you know we man we master m8000 you’re Dora I be
down for something like that but I mean like like remaster ii was like no it’s
either do the first one or both of the and then leading into a new up here
Mario game but there’s so many rumors and so many like you know leaks about
like Paper Mario making a comeback in terms of a new game and that is
definitely like you know how’s your door in the original I’m done with this
sticker card crap you know like I’m done with our three women coming into direct
new you know when they first announced Color Splash I was all like yo we’re
going by the turn-based battles and I saw the the card game playing and the
fan I’m like dude hey but it’s super gimmicky so I hope you did go hey you
were in the game is gonna the writing’s good the right it’s not all the writing
though the writing was good you know but look you game paths the 5 min to go like
yeah yeah the color in the card you don’t want that time a gimmicky you just
want great solid game you know Maja’s actual characters that aren’t just
trades like I want all of that you want these solid a gameplay you don’t need
all this flipping and coloring in all this nonsense with the old-school game
you know but now since you know Martin Luigi alpha-alpha dream is you know
kaput you know I really do agree with the sentiment that you know they could
you know go back to the whole pig Morrow thing and then there’s there’s the the
rumors and the end and also leaks you know all you know we’ve been so long
without underwriters been so many rumors so many leaks about stuff like this and
then when it comes to a Mario game I’ve heard whispers about Super Mario 3d
World coming to the switch I’ve heard that yeah that would be that would be
cool for a game this year I will be down there I may may with added content you
know stuff like I don’t know if they’re gonna do it but that would be Mario
maker yeah yeah you know I’ll give you that because I was gonna use like they
add online to Super Mario Party and then nothing else like that and I saw online
was like there’s no there’s no boy there’s not enough boards like there’s
not enough for mini-games there’s no boards and there’s no mini
there’s not enough mini games to play otherwise it would have been good
content for the TV there’s like no updates for that game but development
budget gone but yeah super well pretty well I think that could happen I think
there’s gonna be some more ports though I think we’re gonna see more ports from
the Wii U I think what’s left though we got starfox Fatal Frame not oh we don’t
know we don’t have starfox no no I winwaker as soon as soon as to our prism
lugar comes to switch I’m my gun no that’s the only reason why it’s
plugged into my wall as soon as 12 princesses Eddie was like wonderful one
the yeah really Zuma Chronicles X I’m like no as Susie
Zola games garbage like donate it is like nah I probably make it a video like
of me just like bashing and we’ll sledgehammer smashing with that mad but
no I mean I think that we we you ports but I think another gimmick we can see
potentially I said I don’t know if it’s gonna come in this with maybe I’m just
maybe predicting for this one 2d Metroid we don’t know mercury steam has went
silent after Samus returns people think that people said all seven sources visit
someone know it actually so great it actually sold really good and the reason
why I say that it it’s a forty dollar 240p game they charge $40 for that game
and most of the sales were front-loaded they made a good amount of money out
that mercury steam made their money there are 20 unit development team they
could make another 2d Metroid game on the switch and I think that we might see
that maybe to touch me I may be soon I love what they do with
service returns yeah I adore that remake and then because I mad metric Bratton
Metroid Prime metric – if you guys play the original Metroid to Metro – was
garbage all right measure the trap and they was
on this is better one almost like the game way it’s limited it’s the whole
package demand is no more bag there’s there’s games I play on the game boy
that I had fun with like red and blue come on so like game boy whatever metric
– was trashed right it remade that game and made it literally one of the best
Metroid games yeah and I’m like bro I have the utmost confidence in them let’s
get it and remember what this Reggie was all like he was trying to
defend Metroid Prime metric Prime Federation force you don’t defend that
game is like just wait to the game comes up play and then you can bash it and
then the game came out and it flopped and like bro we don’t watch this game
that you’ve never had a shot so much better returns games out and a dope yeah
Samus Returns is pretty good I don’t know a Koopa do you have any more first
party predictions maybe that you can kind of get into here before we kind of
manali it up here Mario Party 9 or not Marbury 9 yeah it’s Mario cards so you
think well cards coming would I still think that um I mean I enjoyed Mario
Kart 8 for like how however long lasted both Wii U and you know deluxe but it’s
time you know I’m saying it’s like it’s time for us to get like the actual next
step like you can kind of tell that they brought it over because Mario Kart 8 was
a system seller for the Wii U for a lot of people right it was actually the
reason why I bought mine before smash so I’m like can we get next one now please
like is this gonna be all we get marker right I mean no I’m still playing Mario
Kart 8 deluxe I am in no rush so to get the next Mario Kart game hostage I’m
still playing it too but I think that Mario Kart could be I mean if Zelda
needs to take a little bit more time or whatever the case is I think that I
think that if they’re gonna take a little bit more time with it but zeldin
let’s just say for some reason to take a little more time I think Mario Kart they
probably but this needs well I’ve been in development for a long time you know
been in development for a long time so I think that maybe it could it could be
ready to go it could be ready to go but I mean
that’s just like she’s right there yeah they brought her back into the spotlight
you know like I mean there are some other things like I don’t even know like
what gimmick that they would even have for a Mario Kart and I know I think
about it market Marquardt 7 was you know the paragliders and all that
scintillators yeah so I don’t even know what they could add at this point but I mean I’m trying to think of anything
else I mean do you think that there will be a first party new IP show
this one I host a new IP from the first party yeah no like the last time they
did something like that and it worked it was splatoon so yes yeah cuz arms was I
personally like I love arms I love the game
no no what I am NOT nothing arms is a good game it still have it you know
games a good game is just yes the community I mean we can be better maybe
maybe if they do arms too but I don’t think there’s gonna be two that they
show off this year but I think we talked about beta it but I think beta at three
Bonnie gets the revealing I’m a huge Bayonetta phantom and I think banana
three gets like a we see beta at at three we see the reveal like we see
what’s going on with it I think it’s finally showed up and it’s gonna be it’s
gonna look glorious I think it’s gonna be really really cool so I don’t know I
can’t we gotta went down everything that we can think of there’s more something
were maybe missing but I don’t know I can’t think of anything else can you
guys in terms of any other predictions last second what you guys have uh I’m
trying to like bit we were through the the have the heavy hitters like yeah met
repress the wall to Mario game yeah all the big ones there I mean I don’t think
splatoon people talk about may be useful to three I’m not gonna predict that
though for this I’m not too is still going on strong as it is now yeah but I
mean okay but but the thing is splatoon one came out 2015 spittoon two came out
twice seventeen its time boys while splatoon is going on at five years old
at this point and may I think I mean its fifth year
anniversary of it being but that’s no for Nintendo that’s actually it’s gonna
be man max it’s gonna be man next blue to me because everyone y’all Joker’s
decide to go all you know chaos and chaos one the last splatfest and now
we’re gonna get the toon three it could be taking place in the desert it’s gonna
be all mad max that’s what do you know do you guys think we’ll see any cuz like
this is been around forever I think it’s gonna happen but like pick
three I think Pikmin 3 like a the older one or even like a new Pikmin may be
picked before gets announced three before like confirmed by Miyamoto but I
think Pikmin 3 is gonna have it that’s been rumored forever but I think Pikmin
3 is gonna happen at some point like and we’re gonna see that ported over just
because all the week that’s the game that we mention we’d image for Wii U I
don’t know if you guys are Pikmin beds I’m really know I like okay I have one
one thing right because this can’t be a direct prediction without this let in
y’all have no harm going oh here we go I already know I already I have to say
it just to satisfy everyone in the comment section let’s hear it okay boom
smashed please that’s all I ask sore for smash I
don’t care about anyway I think he’s gonna make it in fires past to really
begin to fix you know if he is character 6 now I feel that was set the same
energy that Joker did with the first absolutely it would be it would be
bigger than Joker oh yeah and if Joker Joker if Sora gets in
that’s like I’m waiting to cool that’s all I need that’s what else the whole
other past like I think to this day the hypest smash reveal was a cloud cloud
yeah he’s personally speaking like if you guys were like around with like of
the brawl era wind like mods were prominent the number one mod apart from
shadow was a cloud so I’m like everybody want him especially he finally got in
then afterwards I would got Bayonetta that was pretty hyped to Rio would have
been hype if he wasn’t leaked and then oh my god he got leaked a hellhole it
was so mad so because they probably back to him else my main in melee I was like
bring it back right Roy Lee Seon leaked yikes like I think the high Percival’s
in my opinion are cloud bayonetta and joker right so if you bring
Sora in there that will absolutely destroy the Internet
that’s why I want to see cuz my I’ve said this from day one I’ve been in Ike
Maine for a left or 12 years I will drop him in a heartbeat for Sora straight
hums I know so many people who would say they would just but they will by a
switch and smash just for sore and like some of us said that and I’m like yo put
up or shut up if that happens you know show the power of this man like Sora is
sore as a soul and you know I agree with you when it comes to like the the the
the character reveals in my opinion in terms of like you know not only the
character being cool but with the character meet what it means for the
character coming into this match the hypest reveals in my opinion is cloud
number one cloud easily because of all the because there’s so much history with
cloud as a character between square-enix and nintendo so for him to be in front
to get into smash it was like yeah it was gigantic I’m like this this is that
flu the one character everyone wanted but everyone said there’s no way it’s
gonna happen considering what what’s went down
between Nintendo and squirt specifically on this character and with his game so
for him to come back in such a huge way like you know is crazy
so cloud bayonetta I’m like yeah pain is cool she won the ballot all right don’t
you know so beta is kind of lowish for me for me it’s cloud Joker was huge
obviously but then the other one that I feel is up there with cloud Joker the
Baron bird I was ready for it like banjo-kazooie not only like magic
so he has sentimental value to me as a person because I grew up playing
banjo-kazooie and to when I was a kid but then you know the whole Microsoft
thing the whole rare thing like Oh Benji because we come to smash like we’re
thinking about and then you know Marcus I was like maybe maybe and then we’re
like thinking about is like you know Microsoft character coincident Nintendo
smash like it’s never gonna happen it’s yeah and then the leaks are like it’s
happening like some game so when it actually happened I’m like they actually
did it so I’m sorry bleep that out you’re good so Sora
I would definitely be up there you know and seeing you know a lot of people like
have mixed feelings and stuff like that but that’s a whole other argument we can
get into later but like seeing you know Disney just like in stamped with all the
like you know all the third party stuff you know Disney Sora just do it just
give it to me yeah well I mean I think that was pretty good in terms of the
predictions I think a lot of you guys had some great stuff to add before we
wrap up here guys I want to let me do some outros real quick so my man and
takubo where can they find you at bro dang I’m going first so yeah my name is
Indu kuba you guys can find me on youtube into kuba and you can find me on
twitter at into kuba ye t and on twitch into kuba I do Dragonball content but
I’m a big Nintendo fan also a place teacher Fang cuz I just realized I’m
wearing my Nike PlayStation hoodie so there’s also that’s that’s actually a
really dope hoodie a but thank you so much for coming on and I do appreciate
you taking the time out of your busy day and also HMK man where can I find you
yet boy alright yo my name is H m’kay I
specialize in all things Nintendo legit and Kingdom Hearts you can find me
everywhere you can find me YouTube twitch everything but snapchat no sorry
YouTube twitch Twitter Instagram and did I see
did I say uh YouTube twitch Twitter it’s your Facebook Facebook you get off you
can find me all they’re using hm killer if you search up my name hmm Canyon
Google you’ll not be the first one there so you can find me there I do a lot of
awesome content I try a stream and upload at least every week and yeah so
check me out yeah great for the Kingdom Hearts stuff great for Zelda stuff so
make sure you guys check out all these uh check out these two awesome content
creators I might say my boy not not call you boy
I would say my boy I didn’t need to call you boy that’s totally this just like
I’m so sorry about AB I said my ball my boy yeah I know I’m all this I know I’m
all compared to YouTube but no I don’t call me boys but alright guys thank you
guys so much for joining me I do appreciate that and we will see what
happens maybe hopefully the Nintendo Direct comes maybe it doesn’t little
scene maybe almost this right before it who knows
but either way thank you guys for watching suggest for the next one

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  1. Even if we get a direct soon, we probably wont get a funny reaction video from NY because of (you know what) reasons…

  2. My Prediction Capcom show Switch owners some major love by announcing Resident Evil 2 Remake 39.99 and Resident 3 Remake 59.99

  3. Honestly I surprised GTA V and/RDR 1 is available on Switch. I do not particularly want these games, but they would sell very well and RockStar loves money….

  4. Splatoon 3 should have more features on it and offline to because I traded my Splatoon 2 because of not having anything else to do but shoot online

  5. You know what they should do? Something you guys made a passing comment on, give Super Mario Party updates with more maps and mini games. That thing needs 4 more maps and probably at least 20 more mini games. They owe that to everyone who bought Super Mario Party. It’s in their top 10 best sellers for the system, could be affordable way to make money for them.
    But I just need Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive edition & Breath of the Wild 2. They probably could get away with 2 more Cups DLC for MK8, I don’t think they need a full development for a new game since MK8 is their best selling game on the Switch.
    I liked the Splatoon talk too I don’t get why they stopped Slatfest, they couldn’t have a Splatfest team just continue to run those?

  6. I really want to see KH All-in-One Package with Re:Mind get to the Switch. I'd buy it all over again if it meant playing on the go!
    Plus Switch can run Unreal engine so it's not impossible.

  7. See now I'm glad I dropped my predicitions video today too lol Mensa was saying you would roast me for my video too but now that you dropped yours, this potential upcoming direct is practically confirmed! Thanks for a great discussion here you guys tossed around a great conversation here bro! 💯🤙🏼

  8. I feel like Mario Kart 9s thing will be story mode, and adding a lot more of Nintendo’s franchises, with having those characters have character specific items like in Double Dash

  9. It’s time to stop “predicting” and time to start asking why it hasn’t happened yet. I’m tired of the Nintensimps acting like this is normal. Are you going to make the same prediction videos next week? It’s already old. If the whole company is out to lunch they should at least tell people. But that wouldn’t be very “hype” would it?

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