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Nils Norman – an Artist builds a Playground / Artist sy’n adeiladu Maes Chwarae

My name is Nils Norman, I’m an artist. I’ve
been invited to think about a play area and play as an idea for St Fagans Museum. The
idea is to design a playground that reflects the collection of St Fagans. So using elements
of the museum as play structures, so maybe fragments of buildings, equipment, paths,
patterns from different fabrics, and using all these different elements of the archive
in the playground itself so when children and adults are in the playground, they can
see reflected within the structures the collection and then make links between the collection
and the play space. The idea behind that is to try and stimulate
curiosity about the archive and the collection, so that once children have been using the
playground they can go back inside into the museum, to look closer at parts of the exhibits
they can see there. The materials will all be mostly natural materials with a sustainability
focus using wood, stone, sand and so on, making what’s now considered a more progressive type
of playground. We’re looking more at a softer, abstract space that needs a little bit more
time to explore. The museum has been very supportive and they’ve
helped me whenever I have a question or when I need something, they’ve been very supportive
in that respect. I think what I find exciting about this project is the fact that it’s in
this amazing museum and all the resources here helps to inform me in making a unique
type of playground which reflects the collection of the museum.

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