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NiKO WATER SLIDE! Family Vacation Pool Day Swimming with Kids and… Time Travel??

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  1. I just realized you went on two vacations in a couple weeks, and your the best Shawn, Jenny, Niko, Adley, and everyone in the Spacestation crew!!

  2. Ya'll should come visit Louisiana for some southern culture and especially some Cajun food (it's best in Louisiana take it from me)

  3. Awe inspiring Awesome Awesomeness done so awesomely and I don't even think I said awesome enough to explain how awesome it is. Great stuff. Best day & Best wishes to you & yours.

    You guys are just a loving family channel. It’s funny, ADORABLE, and much more. Love y’all,

  5. Swear we had almost identical vacations! We went to universal then had two days in between then went to Disneyland for two days and still have two days left. Wonder if we crossed paths at all.

  6. Please please can adley say happy 4th birthday to my daughter Florence tomorrow she is a super fan and never misses a vlog many thanks.

  7. I am lookin for 'A for adley Merch online but cannot seem to find it anywhere!! my little girl absolutely loves your best day ever video and watches them ALL DAY!! (not even exadurating) 🤣 and obvs with Xmas round the corner would be a brill gift for my little girl!! I know u must get thousands of people commenting on your videos and find it hard to reply to them all but would mean a lot to me if u could just send me a link or something for adleys merch. thanx xx my little girl Keirah is nearly 3 (9th dec) she said "I love adley mum she's my bestfriend" 😍

  8. Adley is 8 years younger than me and she can swim like a majestic mermaid and here I am almost 13 and I’m still scared of going underwater

  9. Love the charity stuff combined with fun Shon! Keep the videos coming! Oh btw, it would be really cool to meet you someday! Heck if I can manage to, I might try coming over to Utah when I have decent money and am legally an adult to pull a surprise for mainly Adley and Neko! For you see, I am part of the furry fandom, a fandom dedicated to the anthropomorphic animal(think Loony Toons, Scooby Doo, Snoopy, Sonic, Mickey Mouse, Swifty from the new movie Arctic Dogs, Balto from Balto, ect) and just like most in the fandom I have a anthropomorphic furry fursona character(mine is a cute hyperactive wolf) and well, I am saving money to become part of the 15% of the fandom via my want of a Fursuit(custom made handcrafted suit made by furries for furries) and I want a Fursuit of my sona so when I get said Fursuit, I could give Adley and Neko wolf huggies if I got to come to Utah! Also, thank you Shon for playing a part in helping me overcome my social anxiety, you are such an inspiration! Your fan, Adam/Fireking492/BlazeWarriorWolf all the way over in the city of chili, Cincinnati Ohio!

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  11. I had remembered your first 100 best day ever videos, and I drifted away. You popped in my mind and boom 3 years later past best day ever 1000.

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