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Nia Jax tries to go to the top rope: Total Divas Preview Clip, Oct. 29, 2019

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  1. This is why Nattie is the best . She trained almost every single women in the locker room . I've heard she even show Triple H how to put sharpshooter the right way when HHH facing Sting at WM 31

  2. I know that feeling all to well! I have never been able to dive off a diving board into the pool so I jump feet first. Fear is real and overcoming it is challenging for anyone.

  3. Nia is a bully to all other women in WWE, but then turns into a little immature brat if someone even thinks about saying something unfavorable to/about her. 🖕🏾 her! Her size and connections in the business is all she’s got 🙄

  4. Tbh, Watching Nia on her own without the other girls “selling” her attacks, just looks terrible. She doesn’t look like a natural “fat” athlete like Kevin Owens or Bray. Sorry

  5. This is why Kharma AkA Awesome Kong is better than Nia..

    Kong is the real deal… Despite of her size Kong is too safe for little girls out there to wrestle. Plus Kong can actually sell and can even jump from top rope..

  6. Nía jax ya regresa ya te extraño mucho , ver como hacen esa samoan drop y esa guillotina y muchas cosas mas, parecen que ya solo es una ilusión, de solo recordarlo

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