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*NEW* PLAYGROUND MODE GAMEPLAY in Fortnite: Battle Royale! (x100 Llamas)

so guns its live it is a huge one today and we’ve got so much to cover if you guys knew ante as always make sure you Subscribing turn notifications on and the first thing we’re going to be jumping in today is obviously the massively hyped Playground custom mode which allows you and friends to jump into the map and do whatever you want for up to one hour Of action with increased mats and materials all over the map loads of chess in fact every single chest and ammo box is spawned in in their location for you to search and find and also the Llamas that told you is gonna be a lot of llamas 100 Llamas dotted around the map in total. It is absolutely crazy But that’s not all we’ve also been surprised with a brand new weapon update today, including an epic and legendary dual wielding pistol So I’ll be jumping in and giving out a go straight after this video So so much to cover today is gonna be absolutely awesome the first steps I said we’re bad jumping some playground action. Now this week. There’s been a few map changes a few new structures I also want to jump in and see what’s happening with the rocket to see if anything is being changed with that as we know There is a lot of rumors that the rocket is gonna be controllable He’s gonna be taking off and potentially even hitting part of the map zoom So I want to see how that’s changed in this week’s updates so myself and also seven the awesome build of it helped me make my New house in fortnight Battle Royale about to jump into the game together Explore the map see all of the changes check out anything is new and find those hundred llamas dotted around the map So this guy’s is a brand new playground mode. Let’s jump in Let’s check it out and stay tuned later today for even more videos including those dual wielding pistols. So let’s check out playgrounds Okay. So here’s the plan if we go dusty first the Tilted next and then we’ll go to the rocket last Oh, you put a marker down. Apparently it puts like a massive light. Yeah I See now. I’m going Good night, if I put it. Oh, yeah, I can’t see you either. Maybe it’s cuz you’re not on my team. Oh But no, yeah, but not good. No, we are on the same team, but I can’t see you in the map layer I can see your HP. I can’t see you How many trees there are as well, oh love is fully oh yeah one of us suppose a yeah Yes, it’s a hole in the top I don’t know if there’s anything different apart from that I don’t I can’t see anything inside That’s majorly different. Okay I just picked up some metal that only gave me 20 from a chest so doesn’t give me anything extra for just oh my I Got 500 wood from one tree, bro. Oh Can we hold over 99 and you think we’re thinking you know, what’s your asking? I think they would say that they’d let us do that But I don’t think honestly bring three trees and upo to find out that’s how quickly get we match up. I’m Knocking this one Okay Yeah, it’s maxed. They should have put in unlimited one. Imagine just roaming around with 10,000 would Number just coming off the ID coin. You have so much good all these rocks as well. Just All these different little details on the ground. I wonder how they’re gonna finish this area Like is it just gonna be fully overgrown by the end of a season? I reckon it could be it could people the helicopters gone. There’s no. Oh, yeah Yeah, good shout could shout more changes so we can hospital John pushes the llama let’s go do its go to an a/c phase changer – Yeah, just east Oh is literally somehow landed on the metal wall that surrounded us Pretty impressive bindings fall here uninvited. Oh my god All right, we’re hoping this is gonna give you out stairway You should drop me resources Yes receive good idea. Good idea. Okay, drop all of them. Let’s see. I bet you still 200 Yeah, oh, wait. Wait, maybe 300. Wait, hold on. Okay. Did you get much? No, it’s 200. It’s still 200 Mark the original original Is so good. I’ve got no weapons, but if every chest is here Yeah. Oh, yeah, they spawn every Justin. Yeah They’re guaranteed and it’ll be one of the reasons Well, when it comes open the chest the weapon light floats out of the chest like a little oh, yeah Russell as well little look. Oh, oh my yo I didn’t think they were in the game. Yeah There’s a new weapon at it in today as well. Okay, you try them. You transfer star. Oh Let’s give it our all break yo, this is Matt’s got explosion, you know in save the world That’s actually the one of the special abilities of the the Raven mythic hero. Really you can pull out the dual pistols so they brought that in from You kill me and I’m gonna take you in touch okay, let’s do this I’ve got a respawn in color. It’s in I’m respawning like about three two one. See if I can see you on the map Regan write a book exactly the location I died Okay, I’m coming right you should see me Hit me with your heart to ruled in pistols, let’s see how good it takes me down. Oh, yeah. There you are you Coming even matter doctor me. If only doesn’t you game second Chester your first gesture thing pretty much. Okay guys Okay, I’m gonna aim for your head or miss okay. Oh, oh Oh, it’s just the chesty that’s the loop that’s disgusting All right, so I’m gonna respawns these flow on in. All right, should we um, Should we hop on our way over to? to a go Tilted next because I heard us a new building and then we’ll check out the rocket and see if there’s anything I didn’t help you pursue it but people like data mind the map to find that they were these changes Like how do we do that bro? That’s crazy They use the Unreal Engine and software I think and then place codes in that change every week and it like updates I think it allows them to see like what what they’ve added in the files You know when you’re over there I’m gonna I’m heading over like here you go for me you go free I’m gonna grab one chest now come over Did I drop my leet when I died Yeah, like almost and I can respawn features keep everything you’ve got oh no, I might still die here That is annoying not being able to see your teammates on the map, yeah, I know I don’t see why that’s a thing like we’re gonna basically communicate. Oh Nice, I want to get like a stack of like five llamas in one spot together It’s party is probably possible Smash this one. I really wish they just brought battle armor to the standard. Oh, no no, why 200 that you can’t even buy like a rare weapon from uh, sir from a Another one up on the hill to that everywhere I can see I can see there. Is that the need is there a new doesn’t he build listener? Yeah, yeah It’s like in the center of tilted. I think yes. I’m a brainless come real close Button here. This is sketchy. It makes you sound gentleman Hahaha, freaky mayor. I’m going down. There we go See a two teeth because they said I can see on the mini-map It looks like I can see you. I can see you. I’m gonna try and pop shots. Oh well I’m just behind you. Oh Maybe we’re gonna have to do a big like we’re gonna do a 1v1 bill bathroom finish it off. Okay Alright I can see the new building you see the roof of it. Yeah, right. It’s literally Yeah, they’re fully repairing it aren’t they? I think the theory behind that is the fact that you know the whole meet you thing I think that’s separate to the actual storyline of the game so I think the reason they’re rebuilding other buildings is because you know, these were Meant to be a part of the film, but then they got destroyed I agree. I’ve looked into the the Descriptions of in loading images and the meteors weren’t meant to be a part of the film. You don’t mean This isn’t this is like this wasn’t this wasn’t like the building before was it No, no, no No, you know this is like a complete different layout all together and what if they’re gonna keep defenses as well It might just be the construction site. They might yeah, I quite like the idea of the fence Oh when we can we know where the chests will pretend she’s born here Lynn so worn at the back some under here Yeah, there’s one there Into the base Downstairs Oh basement – Oh, yes, just you chase one under here You know, what would be so cool. It’s not gonna happen. But imagine we just walk around here me we find like a tunnel oh my Least a secret base, bro This is my lots of wood there are this is wood heaven as Wow. Okay. Yeah. Let’s see how much we get from Tyler I don’t drop all my words. I’m gonna smash one pallet. Let’s see. Oh, yeah Let me know 530 woods – two pilots in your own max wood. That’s incredible, please And we have 47 minutes on the clock. Like that’s crazy. This is great man. You’re gonna love this. Oh your beards aren’t you? It’s gonna be so Did we have so many ideas we’ve been practicin for like weeks now and yeah, I mean 50 minutes of buildin It’s way more than what we expected. So that’s amazing All right, dude, I’m gonna mess it up a little bit here. You ready? I’m throwing 94 for I’m throwing That is actually so that’s the next port for nettles to throw it down here and you’ve got your own little bass I’ve got a theory by the way, you know, yeah If you remember when they took the the trolleys are they took out the trolleys and on the mountaintops? I think the mountaintop supposes these ones over here was it? I’ve got a number where it was there was mountaintops where they had ramps. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, well the trolleys are working again now so we could even go see those yo, that’s a good idea we could um, yeah Why don’t we uh, if it did add it to one of the ramps and they why don’t be suicide I’ve been like launch ourselves over to those RAM. Oh, yeah good idea. Good idea here. Probably the easiest way to get there. Yeah Yeah, just come up here now just for a Malaysia brought hoverboards, you know something out. I mean class Boards are in save the world, aren’t they? So yeah. Yeah, they are really goods are really handy. Okay So, where are we gonna go the mountaintop was it you died quicker than me. Have you been shot? Um I uh grenadiers Oh, no, sir. Let me mark a few it is Okay, oh yeah Yeah, the better be one shiny dirty your own shopping cart citta there is there is This is do you know vents they added in a Breeding like like like in the Cure feed if you jump really far they’ve added it into like telephone in the map. So Okay The jump you go. Okay, so we can join I do because it’s three. I’m tempted to say that water We’ve just come from that one. I reckon that’s the potential. I mean this one Okay Okay, two one We didn’t come up in to kill fee we can’t jump far enough no That’s true, though Nice cool that invited them up like some pretty sure they didn’t have the shopping carts Until they really added them back in the game. So yeah wants to do those. I guess very amazement No hard to send five cards do desk Easy to use we go on fine shooter Why the changes were there something no dusty divots been changed, we now know it so it’s ours being changed changed And this is on this mountain as well so grab that, thank you We also we could check out we could even check out the shower too. But this is the shower room Whelan yeah, yeah Yeah, good idea. Let’s let’s make that our Endpoint we should we actually should we do Which we trade you want to do it. Let’s do let’s build up Let’s go check out the rocket because I’ve got c4 Someone on they say they’ve increased the way that explosives work like as if they’re damaged. Oh, yeah Well, they affect everything in their radius in a matter if they you can see what they’re exploding or not. So, okay Have you ever exploded a c4 like into like it’s just ridiculous. Yeah, it just wrecks the buildings. Yeah The explosive range is gonna be massive. Okay, so it’s here. It’s here. Oh Yo, are those yo, that’s some ghost on the rocket last now those bits on the top. Definitely one door I dare you Yeah, they’re brand new Let’s go ahead. Let’s go in to see you. Let’s see. Look look these thrusters on the side of the tooth Yeah, those thruster. I think I remember seeing as thrust is yesterday. I don’t know It’s been a little bit early by accident We can engage was I know I may imagine it feels like an easter egg. We could activate it is so good Yes, see if there’s any more hot rocks in there um, like the baths in like the years behind because they were fun over more more materials as well as – Okay So hasn’t really changed so it’s random spawn and just like it was before yeah Everything has changed is that top thing on top of the year? Yes So maybe the explosion isn’t gonna go off for at least a few more days yeah, I reckon Oh be the end of season sort of thing like You see foreign it? Yeah. I want to see how much damage I can do to this if anything good With the rocket, you know what? I mean? Oh, that would be cool. Okay, get ready. You ready? trango gonna tear one The room though, oh Oh see you can’t the rocket is indestructible confirmed. Yeah, you can’t destroy this and the best of the heroes as well You can’t even get under there Wow. Listen, I’ve got a good way to get go and check our final secret point. You ready? Okay, we have a little little way to go bits by this we can glide over there we’re good. Oh it’s Saying I can pick up a steep slide over Okay, I’ve got a question what is your theory for the bunker what do you think is that all I see speculation speculation I’m hoping that it’s gonna help us connect for Example like loot Lake and areas like that, but I can’t see them putting tunnels that last that far Yeah That’s the thing like like if you go under there and decide to travel Unless as I can get a car like a minecart it fires your crying system or something. Yeah Yeah, a train system would work really well but then wouldn’t you want that out in the open so they could be like combat on the edge sort of they’ve just been Transferred that was the only thing I was thinking but then we also have the similar designs around the map for the bunker sir There’s a high chance. It could just be something to do with one of the layers like maybe it’s a Workplace for one of the evil people, you know, it could be anything really good It could be a place where they you know, they’re storing something that isn’t in there. Yeah, maybe you know There’s so many different ways that you place walls around it and a ramp over the top. Yes It’s a place of war or can you break it you reckon or is it not Lane? I’ve just tried but I might do it wrong yeah, and then I think once let it fully build and Then you used to just literally break it and when you broke the final piece Came crashing down, right? Okay. Yeah my beam because I didn’t let it those But they may have hatched in your departure No anymore look Okay, this is just a surprise. I mean, this is just a teaser this didn’t they’re definitely messing around Yeah, Oh can’t you sue they do? You got a weapon by the way, I’ve only got an SMG. What have you got? I’ve got nothing. I’ve got a pickaxe Okay. Okay. Let’s do a fight. Let’s finish off here. Let’s do it with a feel bad. Okay, we’ll get ourselves a gun I’m gonna check the maze. This should be loads of chests Hey, that’s cool. I hope everyone will be hi. Do you know the waiting time for what about service will be solo Oh My gosh, okay ready? Oh My gosh Yeah, this is gonna be so much fun, there you are where you are I Want to make sure our head up this way, oh, oh, you’re right above me. Okay I’m a building so rusty, bro Making mistakes, he’s nervous Lovers oh my god. What did the heck you’re so much – I thought you are Apparently so damaged That Was so much fun thank you for jumping in man. No, it’s fine. I can play mode you can play against you Definitely, so that guy’s everything in playgrounds we checked out Let’s not forget the dusty changes to two towers new building rocky Nothing’s happened with it quite yet but I reckon that as you say the end of season right boylar and It’ll be the last thing and then nothing’s changed to the bunker We obviously had a quick test of a dual wielding pistols, which I can’t wait to use in actual game. So guys Hope you enjoyed it. Give a thumbs up if you like playgrounds excites to jump in yourself. I’ll see you on another video later today

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  8. Tolles Video gefällt uns, echt gut geworden 💪 Schon bei uns vorbeigeschaut? würden uns freuen. Like hast du aufjedenfall 😎

  9. Tolles Video gefällt uns, mach weiter so 💪 Schau doch auch mal bei uns vorbei würden uns freuen. Ein like hast du sicher von uns 😎

  10. Tolles Video gefällt uns, echt top 💪 Schau doch auch mal bei uns vorbei wäre klasse. Ein like hast du sicher von uns 😎

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