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New Playground Library Part

In this video clip you will see 4 fun playground elements that expand the Park and Street options for the Site Improvements Library. Let’s activate the Object Settings and open the Visualization… Site Improvements… Park and Street folder. From the appearing objects choose the Climbing Structure which is a new object. Climbing Structure has two types, simple wooden… and box climber. Let’s see the second new playground element Choose the Slide from the objects. Two types are available: Plastic… and Metal. As you can see the number of risers can be set from 3 to 8. The third new object is the Spring Rider. It has four types, namely bird… horse… dragon… and car. The fourth new playground element is the Swing. Under Custom settings we can set the number of seats from 1 to 4. Let’s choose a 2 seat option now. By checking the baby seat checkbox we can change one of the seats to a baby seat.

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