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NEW PET HOUSE tour!! Adley & Niko make a fun play park with VOLCANO don’t touch the Lava Floor! 🌋

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  1. Omg my brother loves your channel so much fun can you please make a heart ❤️ and respond so I can read it to him and tell him that shonduras and Adely know him 😄😁😁😄

  2. Um hi …shonduras you need to make a better video like crushing food , expiraments , dry ice ya like that you are still on 2 millone subok im just saying ok dont be maddd ok

  3. Their new enclosure looks awesome but you may want to side off their ramps so they don't fall like I seen pancake did. Also it would help if you put carpet or something on their ramps for traction as well as the places that are hard that you didn't put bedding because they could develop bumble foot.

  4. Hi, my son was just watching this video and I noticed some things you may not be aware of. Hay racks and wire hay holders are extremely dangerous. Hay racks don’t allow them to eat as much hay as they need(they don’t like to work hard for their food.) When I removed our hay rack our GPs ate so much more hay. As for the hay balls, guineas get their heads stuck in them all the time. It’s really sad. Another tip, red bell peppers can be fed daily and it’s the best form of vit c. Vit c drops lose their potency rapidly and aren’t a reliable source. I hope this came off as intended and not judgmental in anyway. Best of love to you and your sweet family.

  5. I’m the one who had a lot going on and I was just thinking of the day I got home I had to get home and I got to go to the 💋

  6. We love you guys so much we watch all the time my 5 yr old wants to make videos just like you she had made one and wants me to put it on YouTube . Do you have any advice on how to start advertising toys and doing family videos she keeps saying she wants you guys to subscribe to her videos . She loves adley

  7. I got it for you guys and then I got to go home and then I got 😭😭quick day I was going to was just wondering if I could get a new version and then I have the new one and I have one for the kids to see it and then I got 📣everything I was thinking about going and going home and I had a lot going in and my car is so good and I have fun going to go home what do I do when they in a for Adley way you can get me to 🥺

  8. Adley is a great eagle. Reminded me of some Kold drone shots. Also the sneaking reminded me of when my little one when he was actually little.

  9. Hey mate u gotta change your videographer. I have banned all your videos to my daughter because of the way you take videos. It feels like an action movie keeps on moving etc and feels dizzy when watching it.

  10. We love your guinea pig & your dogs Copa & Olive. I would love to share a picture of my bulldog Stella with you. Love you! I wish we could have a play date some day.

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