Indoor, Outdoor & Kids' Trampolines

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  1. Oh man, better not use that Auction House. You'll be instabanned for "sniping" items that are below the average price they go for, thus making the Auction House useless. I see you 2k, gg.

  2. Honestly this should've been a bonus mode within nba 2k19..why make a whole separate game..even Call of Duty has multiple gamemodes within it that could easily be stand alone games

  3. Сетевая игра то для RU региона работает, или так же как и в первой части играть возможно только внутри региона?

  4. I mean.. i got the game and i like it XDD people is just too lazy to play 10 matches and get free money to get the legends Xd don't even need real money to get the stars XD

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