Indoor, Outdoor & Kids' Trampolines

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  1. 😈💣✊🔥✋👊💉🔪⚡👿📡👻🚨👹👾👺👽💀💥🔫☣☄⚠☠ Martar bomba explota la eliminar

  2. One of my favorite games. If you dont like it then you dont like 2 on 2 basketball. I do wish you had an option for better three point shooting

  3. They should add a MyTeam feature where you can create a 10 man team and play 5v5 and get challenges to unlock characters would be lit asf plus a 2k camera would be cool

  4. They also "nerfed" the packs !! So your drop rate for getting epic or legendary players- are VERY small.. 2k money transactions at its best.. ridiculous – someone get those nba rights and make a non greed game like the nba streets series

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