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Narrated D&D Story: How Dẹath Gets Into Character As Dante The Bard (Part 2)

[Channel Teaser] How Death Met Andrew’s Overly Aggressive
Party Members (Part 2) Make sure you listen to Part 1 first link
in the description below! Here’s a brief recap: Death has come for
Andrew’s soul. He tricks death into playing DND, and to Death’s
surprise, he has a blast. And now it’s time for him to meet the rest
of the party. Matt pushed open the kitchen door to Andrew’s
house without knocking and let himself in. He smiled to himself as he looked at the kitchen
table. Andrew’s dungeon master shield stood proudly
at the head of the table. Each character sheet was laid out in front
of the empty chairs. A purple velvet bag that once bore a golden
crown label sat in the center of the table full of dice. He had missed this. “Andrew! Where are you?” “In the basement. I’ll be up in a second!” Andrew hollered
back. Matt got a beer out of the fridge and sat
down in his usual spot. He picked up his character sheet. “Ragar the Barbarian. We meet again, old friend,” he said to the
crudely drawn rendering of his character. Matt had never been very good at math, but
as he looked around the table he realized there was an extra character sheet. He glanced over and read the name scratched
into the paper. “Who the hell is Dante?” Matt shouted over his shoulder. Andrew stepped out of the basement, carrying
an old cardboard box, breathing heavily. “He is our new member. He is pretty new to the game but he’s a
fast learner and a tenacious player. I think you’ll like him.” “What’s with the box?” “I’ve been busy!” Andrew said, setting
the box on the table and removing carefully crafted terrain pieces. “No more regular grid sheets for us,”
he said, grinning over his work. “You made these?” Matt asked, picking up a small forest diorama. “Like I said, I’ve been busy.” Matt looked at his friend closely. “I take it you are feeling better?” “Much better. Don’t worry about me, you just worry about
having a good time and cleaving goblins with that sword of yours,” Andrew said, patting
Matt on the shoulder. Andrew had finished emptying the box when
Angela pushed open the door. Her ridiculous purple cape, which had silver
stars embroidered on it, fluttered behind her. “The cape rides again, I see,” Matt said
playfully. “Damn right it does. Buckle up for magic; it’s gonna get weird
tonight!” Angela said, plopping down in her chair. The first thing she did was read over her
character sheet lovingly, just as Matt had done. “Oh Tiana. We are going to burn so many things,” she
paused and whispered, “so many.” There was a quiet knock on the door that turned
all of their heads. “I take it, that’s the new guy? He’d be the only one that would knock,”
Matt said and moved to answer the door. “What new guy?” Angela asked. Andrew had been so wrapped up in his terrain
pieces that he forgot and tried to beat Matt to the door, but was a second too late. “Whoa man, calm down. I can answer a door.” “Yeah, it’s just that–” Andrew began
as Matt swung open the door. Standing in the doorway was a young man in
his mid-twenties. A green pointed hat bearing a stark white
feather topped his head. He was wearing a tan leather jerkin, matching
leather pants, and tall riding boots. Strapped to his back was a large white harp. “Uh . . . “ Matt said quietly. “Hello! May I come in?” He asked. “Of course, sorry, I just . . .” Matt
shook his head. “Come in.” Matt stepped out of the way and extended his
hand, “I’m Matt, Andrew’s best friend. Pleasure to meet you.” Dante took his hand in his, giving it a firm
shake. “Dante. July 3, 2081. Bad heart,” Dante replied. “Excuse me?” Andrew stepped in between the two and guided
Dante away. “You mind explaining this?” Andrew asked in a harsh tone. “Explain what? Is this what a bard would wear?” “Not the clothing, the body! Did you . . .” Andrew searched for the words,
“take someone’s body? Or is this an illusion?” “Which is the right answer?” Dante asked. “I don’t know if there is one,” Andrew
said into his palms, then took a deep breath. “Everyone, this is Dante. He’s our new group member and he’s very
into playing his character.” “This is bullcrap!” Angela nearly shouted. “When I wanted to dress as my character,
you all made fun of me and told me I could only wear the cape. But the new guy comes in looking badass and
you’re okay with it?” she fumed. “You know what, you’re right. Next time, you come full Tiana.” “You won’t make fun of me?” “Not a single word.” Angela’s face lit up in a bright smile. Little did they know that she already had
her entire costume purchased and ready to go. They were going to be so jealous. “Everyone take your seats, grab your dice. It’s time to get started.” Ragar stood on a low hill, overlooking the
Kinesse Plains. His heavy fur cape barely moved in the stiff
breeze that swept across the plain. The breeze carried the stench of smoke, carrion,
and the most foul odor of all . . . goblin. He would never forget the stink of goblin. His horde had been at war with the goblin
tribes for as long as anyone could remember. A boy did not become a man until he had killed
a goblin in combat. Ragar had accomplished that feat when he was
five years old. He hefted the blade of his father’s father
and took a determined stride forward. “What is the name of your sword?” Dante asked. “Its name is Goblyn Fuuneryaal,” Ragar
said, admiring the blade that was nearly as tall as himself. “It roughly translates to Goblin Funeral.” “Roughly,” Tiana snickered. Ragar ignored her. “This blade has claimed the lives of a thousand
of goblins. It has been passed down from father to son
for generations so that its thirst for goblin blood may one day be quenched.” A series of horns blasted across the field,
turning their heads. “If you two are done talking about your
swords, they’re coming.” Tiana pointed to the tide of green bodies
sweeping across the plains. “Play me something,” Ragar paused, “brutal.” Dante pulled the harp from his back and tuned
it an octave lower. His fingers strummed over the strings, playing
a heavy chord. The magically enhanced harp had perfect pitch
regardless of how much Dante tweaked it. “Perfect,” Ragar said as he continued
forward toward the surging army. Dante moved to follow him but Tiana held a
hand out. “He has to do this alone,” she said solemnly. “His vengeance pact won’t allow for any
help in reclaiming the lost honor of his horde. If we help him it will have been for nothing.” Dante nodded slowly and plucked at the harp’s
strings. Ragar unbuckled the bear skin cloak, letting
it fall to the ground behind him. Then he roared out a challenge. The goblins screamed back in response. Matt reached over the table and picked up
Ragar. “I’m going to charge directly into the
goblin army.” He moved Ragar forward to stand in the path
of the goblin figures. “You’re going to die and make us go in
after your dumb body so we can get you resurrected. Just let us help you!” Angela said, crossing her arms over her chest. “The vengeance pact–” Matt started. “Stupid,” Angela interrupted. Matt scowled. “Fine, if things start going really badly,
you can help. We will just say that you are now part of
my barbarian horde. Will that be fine, Andrew?” “This is your story. Do whatever you want,” Andrew said with
a shrug. “Like I was saying, I charge directly into
the goblin army!” Matt grinned. The goblins crashed against Ragar like a wave
slamming into a rock. He did not give them an inch. Ragar swept his blade in wide arcs like he
was clearing wheat. Green limbs and blood sprayed in every direction. With every swing he stepped forward, cleaving
more goblins. He cut through his mortal enemy with little
resistance. They threw themselves at him without concern
for themselves or their kin. The lust of battle had consumed them all;
there was no leaving this battlefield alive if either party still stood. His heart thundered in his ears, drowning
out the cries of pain that his blade cut out of the goblins. He could still clearly hear the music Dante
was playing as it drifted across the battlefield. Ragar became a whirlwind of death, cutting
directly to the heart of the army where he knew he would be. Tiana and Dante watched from a distance. From their vantage point they watched the
goblin army swarm Ragar, cutting off any escape. “He’s in it now,” Tiana said quietly. “I have faith in our companion,” Dante
said. Sweat, blood, and gore dripped off of Ragar. The muscles in his arms burned from swinging
the heavy blade. He brought the blade down in a heavy chop,
splitting a goblin in half. As that one goblin became two, Ragar realized
that the path was clear in front of him. The goblins had fallen back, creating a large
circle. “Fool.” A voice thundered from the other side of the
makeshift arena. “Garrog,” Ragar growled. Garrog pushed forward through the goblins. He stood nearly ten feet tall. Roughly three times as tall as a regular goblin. Rumor was that he had blood of the giants
coursing through his green veins. “That’s KING Garrog to you, barbarian,”
Garrog bellowed. “You will either learn to kneel. Or DIE, like the rest of your family did.” Garrog barked a laugh. Ragar screamed a guttural, primal war cry
and shot forward, Goblyn Fuuneryaal held high. He unleashed a flurry of attacks that were
blindingly fast. Garrog barely brought his large bone club
up in time to block the onslaught. “Such fury from such a small man,” Garrog
laughed and punched Ragar squarely in the face, sending him flying backwards into the
ground. The goblins at the edge of the arena surged
forward. Garrog held his hand up, keeping them at bay. “He’s MINE! None of you pathetic wretches deserve this
kill.” “Can we help now?” Angela cut in behind Andrew. “You will need to roll to see if you can
see what’s going on,” Andrew said. “Yeah, no meta gaming, Angela!” Matt said as he subtracted three hit points. Angela tossed her purple D20 across the table. Three. “Sorry Angela, all you can see is the goblin
horde. You can’t pick out Ragar in the mess.” “Idiot! I told you this was going to happen!” Dante looked back and forth between Angela
and Matt. “Death comes for us all, Angela. Matt is brave for accepting his fate.” Andrew cleared his throat, “What are you
going to do, Matt?” Ragar pushed himself out of the mud, thick
with goblin blood. “You killed my family, my friends. You took everything from me. I am going to eat your heart after I carve
it out with my father’s sword!” “Garrog is momentarily stunned by Ragar’s
ferocity.” “I strike now!” Matt slammed his dice onto the table. Ragar’s leather wrapped feet kicked up clumps
of mud as he sprinted forward. He thrust his sword deep into Garrog’s stomach. The tip pierced through his back, spraying
green blood onto the goblin onlookers. Ragar pulled the blade out, then swung diagonally
upward, slicing Garrog open from hip to shoulder. Brown intestines spilled out onto the ground
like loose rope. Garrog bellowed in pain and swung his club. The yellow stained bone whistled past Ragar’s
face as he sidestepped the devastating swing. The ground shook from the resounding impact
of the club. With a wide grin, Ragar raised his blade and
chopped through Garrog’s wrist. Garrog screamed in pain and stumbled away
from Ragar, leaving behind his hand, still clutching the club. Ragar was relentless in his pursuit. His sword was a blur as it cleaved chunks
out of Garrog. He stumbled and fell to a knee. He raised his arms in a vain attempt to shield
himself from the blows. “I want his head!” Matt said coldly, and rolled. “You swing your sword one final time. The blade cuts through Garrog’s arms and
completely through his neck. His head rolls off of his shoulders into the
mud. The goblins wail in fear and begin to flee
in every direction,” Andrew said triumphantly. Ragar lifted Garrog’s head from the mud
and held it high for the world to see. “I put the head in my bag of holding. I will get it mounted later.” “Now can I burn things?” Angela asked eagerly. “Be my guest,” Andrew said. “Finally!” Tiana stepped forward; she swept her arms
wide, summoning a curtain of fire. It raced toward the goblins, fleeing in her
direction. Their screams were cut off as the wall of
fire washed over them. She cackled as she threw fireballs in every
direction. Goblins, engulfed in flames, ran around wildly,
trying to put the fire out. “Great job Matt! You have finally completed your vengeance
pact. Your ancestors rest easy now, knowing that
you have slain Garrog. Congratulations!” Matt beamed with pride and took a drink of
beer. Andrew looked at the clock on the wall. “It’s pretty late and I think this is
a pretty good stopping point for now. Sorry you two didn’t get to do much this
session. Next week, it will be all about you Angela.” “Better be! I barely got to kill anything!” She said, playfully. Her tone became more serious. “Thanks for doing this again. We really missed it. I haven’t seen Matt this happy in a long
time.” She hugged Andrew tightly, then gathered her
things. Matt was humming to himself as he picked up
his dice. “Happy with yourself?” Andrew asked. “I’ve been waiting to kill him for three
years! Hell yeah, I’m happy with myself. Great session, Andrew. See you next week!” Matt said as he walked out the kitchen door. Death simply watched Andrew for a long moment,
then nodded. A wave of shadows washed over him, carrying
him away to wherever he went when he wasn’t in Andrew’s kitchen. *Awkward emotional break added for no reason* This is part 2 of 3 of a published short story
by our Writer and Editor which is available for free for a limited time. Click the link in the description below!,
Death and a D20. Please let us know what you think about the
absolutely GRUESOME and gory details of the session! Was that too violent for your taste? Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel,
All Things DnD. The next part of the video will be posted
in 2 days, so stay tuned for more amazing Dungeons & Dragons content!

Reader Comments

  1. Have you ever had such intense combat experience in any of your dnd campaigns? Do share your stories, because everyone loves action!

  2. This… this brings a smile to my face. Feels so close as when I restarted DMing in 5e a couple of years ago after several yerars (I had to re adapt as my last party was in 3.5e. The feeling of having players again… nothing beats it

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    And… If nothing else, Andrew at least gets to finish business before moving on. That alone is a good way to go, at least you go with everything in order and knowing there's somewhere you are going TO.

  5. "More of this gory story, was that too violent for your tastes?" Hell no, bring on DOOM ETERNAL levels of gore

  6. Death is a gentleman. A gentleman is strong in his mind, patient, committed, respectful, precise in speech and meaning. Strong in body, which is personal health and fitness. A gentleman should have high moral character. He should be generous, understanding, empathetic, respectful, and genuine.

  7. Not violent at all, you can feel the passion of players and the fun pouring out of them, and how they want to continue

  8. I once played a barbarian, berzerker, and i had a vorpal sword. i ran a bandit through with one attack, cut another in half with the second, and decapitated the third. the thing was, i had no idea it was a vorpal.

  9. When doing something in parts.. please use a common main title with separate sub-titles for the parts. This helps us recognize which series is which.

  10. This is super fun to watch (well listen ig) pan out! I love how death went from spoopy and dark in the first, then actually got into character! Also Dante the bard like dante's inferno. Awesome 😂

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  12. A good bit of Gore and Glory.

    Not too violent at all. Very well done, and looking forward to seeing how this one ends.

  13. I like how at the end, you can tell Death is starting to understand the fulfillment that comes from playing DnD. How you almost feel like you're living two lives if you really get into your character.

  14. I'm loving this story! Two thumbs up!
    death goes out to his motorcycle
    Andrew: Wow, is this what you ride?
    Death: smiles More or less; it's an American Iron Horse.
    Andrew: If you don't mind me saying, that paint job looks like it's getting a little…pale. Have you considered getting a fresh coat?
    Death: shakes head I feel it gives her more character this way. Anyway, see you next session! drives off

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  16. Not at all I loved the details. Players need to hear more then," the goblin king hates 25 damage, its turn" I've been dming for 25 years now. Not a single player in that time didn't love hearing the descriptive details of a good hit. Conversely, they loved it when a monster hit them for good damage and groan under how hard they hit. It always makes for a better story. There is such a thing as too much gore though. No need to make it sound like gore porn lol. For DMS out there, seeing an anatomy pic of the human body can really add to the factor. Thing like knowing what a clavicle is or a mandible adds so much more then shoulder area and his lower jaw

  17. Please tell me he eventually pulls the death card from the deck of many things and has go fight an aspect of himself

  18. I am so glad your still making these videos. Working from home. I hope I'll be able to play my first game of DnD someday.

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