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My Poor Bf Presented Me The Latest Iphone. He Stole It From A Child!

Hey! I’m Liz and I’m 18. Do you know that feeling when your parents
think that your significant other is not good enough for you? For some strange reason, in these cases you’ll
most likely ignore them and try to be happy with the person you love. And that’s what I did, but as it often turns
out, mommy and daddy know best. Everything began last year. My parents, as usual, took me to a restaurant
to celebrate the ending of another school year, and all of the sudden the waiter brought
me a Shirley temple. I tried to explain that I didn’t order that,
but he just smiled at me and said it was a complimentary drink from the bartender. I looked at the bar and saw a nice-looking
guy, who winked at me. I saw my dad frown, since he clearly didn’t
like the attention i was getting, but all evening I stealthily glanced toward the bar. When we were about to leave, the same waiter
put a napkin in my hand and mysteriously winked at me again. It was only when my parents and I were already
inside our car, that I inconspicuously unfolded it and saw a phone number and the name “Kurt”
written below it. I could barely wait until my dad parked the
car in our driveway – I was so eager to finally be alone and call my best friend Nellie to
ask her what I should do with that number. You know, because she was kinda more experienced
in relationships than I was. And despite the fact that she told me to ignore
that napkin, I couldn’t help but send a text message to that number. So, Kurt and I began chatting, and then the
next day he asked me out and…well, we began dating. From the very beginning, I never hid the fact
that I was dating Kurt, neither from my parents, nor from my friends. I was telling everybody how courteous, caring,
and smart he was, but none of them seemed to like my boyfriend. I was sure that the main problem was that
he was kinda from a poorer family. Apparently, working as a bartender, he was
never going to make a fortune; and in addition, he lived with his sister and her baby, and
they didn’t have any other relatives, so Kurt was the only one who was able to provide
a living for them. That made me very proud of him, and I felt
bad for him at the same time. I tried to be helpful, so from time to time,
I gave Kurt my old clothes and some toys for his sister and nephew – that was the least
that I could do. And you can be sure that I tried to be understanding
that he didn’t have a lot of money, you know, to take me out to the movies and cafés
all the time. So, I was OK going on a simple walk in the
park or being the one who paid from time to time. My parents were not ecstatic at all about
any of this, and whenever Kurt came to pick me up at home, my dad didn’t even bother
greeting him. But Kurt meeting my best friend Nellie would
be a separate story. You see, for some strange reason, both of
them didn’t like each other, even without seeing each other. I really was hoping for the best while setting
up that meeting, but as soon as we all arrived at the café, Nellie started an aggressive
interrogation. I didn’t even expect that she would be so
tactless to, for example, ask him about his salary, and then mock him saying that THIS
dinner was on her, since he could hardly afford to pay for it. I tried to smooth over her attacks, while
feeling like I was on the chopping block. But then suddenly she jokingly asked if Kurt
had ever had a brush with law, and to my complete shock, he answered yes. Everybody went silent for a moment, and Nellie
even dropped the piece of pizza she was about to eat, so that it fell right on her dress. Apparently, Kurt had finally gotten sick and
tired of this whole meeting-interrogation thing, so he just pulled a few bucks from
his pocket, threw them on the table, and said that that would be enough to pay for our dinner
and then he just walked away. It took me another few seconds to decide that
I needed to find out whether what he had said was actually true. Besides, Nellie’s behavior with my boyfriend
was really offensive to me, so I gave her an angry look and rushed to catch up with
Kurt. The story that he told me was as simple as
one could imagine. He and his sister were once going through
some really harsh times. It happened when she had just given birth
to her baby. They were short on money, and really badly
needed some baby stuff, like, diapers and so on. So, for a couple of weeks, Kurt was stealing
that stuff from the store he was working at. One day he got caught by the boss and got
taken to the local police department. Fortunately, by the morning his boss decided
to not press any charges and picked Kurt up from there, but he had to work for free in
that store for the next 6 months to pay everything off. And, you know what? I was amazed by what a kind and brave person
my boyfriend was. Even though shoplifting is definitely bad,
for me, that time, he acted like a real mature guy who was just trying to provide for his
family. I dunno, having heard all that, all I could
do was hug him and kiss him, and that was the first time that I confessed my love to
him. Later that day I sent Nellie a voicemail,
telling her that story and trying to make her at least feel a little bit sorry for her
attitude towards Kurt, but she kept insisting that something was wrong with him. Of course, after that, Kurt seemed to have
suddenly realized that no one in my circle was happy about our relationship, and it kinda
started bothering him. By this time my 18th birthday was approaching. My parents were getting ready to arrange a
party at our house with lots of friends and relatives. I really wanted Kurt to come too, so I begged
my mom and dad to be nice to him at least for one single evening. And everything was going nice during my party
until the time came for presents. My parents gave me a car – the one that
I had always wanted, and I was so happy and excited about this. Everybody crowded around me to get a better
look at it, while to my surprise, I didn’t see Kurt anywhere. I wanted to call him, but my guests began
coming up to me with their gifts and warm words, so, you know, I just never got the
chance to stop and do it. And when my dad asked where my boyfriend went,
I had to lie to him and say that Kurt needed to go to work that night. But at the same time, Nellie muttered something
like Kurt probably had to run away because he couldn’t afford to buy me anything worthy
for my birthday. Of course, this whole situation seemed pretty
strange, and when I finally managed to escape from my guests for a second, I started calling
Kurt, but his phone was off. Needless to say, this completely ruined my
mood for the rest of the night. In the morning I woke up to a text message
from Kurt, where he apologized for his behavior and asked me to come to his work later that
day. Of course, I felt angry and extremely offended,
but on the other hand, I definitely wanted to hear his explanation. Honestly, I was ready to get really dramatic,
but as soon as I saw Kurt, he smiled at me widely, said how beautiful I looked, and handed
me a box wrapped in colorful paper. It was my birthday present from him, which
turned out to be the latest model of iPhone. Honestly, my jaw almost dropped from both
excitement and unexpectedness. He explained that he felt inferior to my parents
when they gave me that car, so he decided that if he also gave me something expensive,
everybody around me would stop thinking badly about him. So he took all the spare money he had managed
to save and borrowed some more from a couple of his friends to be able to afford that present. And right at the same moment I had a picture
in my head of this poorly dressed sister and her little baby, and I made up my mind that
I couldn’t accept this phone from him. But no matter how hard I tried to be polite
and refuse it, it just made Kurt more furious. I was pretty sure that he didn’t yell at
me right then and there, only because he was at work. He said that he was too busy and, hence, I
had to leave. He never called or texted me that day, and
the next day when I tried to reach him myself, he said that he didn’t want to talk to me
anymore. I felt so bad that I had insulted him. I told Nellie the whole story – I mean,
she was my best friend after all and I just had to get her support – but she only said
that our fight was for the best, and I could finally find someone who was equal to me. She even said that, taking into account Kurt’s
past, she wouldn’t be surprised if he had stolen that phone, and these words of hers
made me totally lose it. I decided that no matter what, I had to go
to his place and apologize in person, and I could even go take that damn phone back
if he still had it. I just didn’t want to lose him. Kurt wasn’t at home at the moment I got
there, so his sister let me in. She looked really surprised when she saw me,
and as it turned out, she didn’t know that Kurt had any romantic relationship at all. We were just sitting in front of each other
at the dining room table and both of us were keeping silent. She was attentively glancing at me as if I
had done something wrong, and that made me feel awkward. I even started to think that I was wrong by
going there, so I decided to leave right when the entrance door opened and Kurt came inside. As soon as he saw me, he turned pale and dropped
the grocery bags that he was carrying right on the floor. That silent scene was broken by the enthusiastic
cry of Kurt’s nephew, who ran out to meet him and yelled, “daddy’s home.” Suddenly I felt as if lightning had struck
me – it was his son. And right at that same moment, that girl,
who I thought was his sister, got totally hysterical and started calling Kurt a cheater. That’s definitely not something that sisters
call their brothers, right? I rushed away from that house and went straight
to Nellie. When I told her everything, she was like “I
told you something was wrong with that guy.” Well, judging by the fact that he has never
even tried to reach out to me to explain everything, everyone around me was right about him from
the very beginning.

Reader Comments

  1. I wish someone would give me a good gift for my birthday, but apparently they always forget it, I bet no one will ever remember my 18th birthday, which is in five years😂

  2. See you should learn to listen to your friends and family and find someone who will love you and not use you and will care about you because there are some people who are out there that does care about you

  3. But then again u never told us about the iPhone he gave u but refused u just said he gave u the newest model but u never he stole it from a child

  4. I don't know who's worse! Kurt lying about his 'Sister' or the person who wrote this story and gave it a false title

  5. Is this story really that important I mean I get it but that’s really not a serious matter well actually explaining it is complicated but you get the point.

  6. I know we all know Kurt was dating that girl's BFF which is why they hate each other or I'm wrong I'm 3:19 minutes into the video

  7. How is this kind of story even worth telling your boyfriend stole an iphone from a child and whats the point?

  8. Oh wow🤦🏾‍♀️ her bestfriend doesnt even like her boyfriend. Wouldn’t even be my boyfriend after that

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