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My Playground – Pierre Avoi (Episode 4)

I started flying in ultralights 8 years ago Pascal is my instructor, I’ve done all my training
for alpine microlight flights with him He’s an incredible pilot, I have enormous confidence
in him and I love flying with him Look at this amazing playground, right on our doorstep!
We’re really lucky! La Croix-de-Coeur is an iconic landing spot and
it’s celebrating its 40th anniversary It has a rich history of skiing and flying I’m landing… Done… Flawless! You can do everything here: flying, skiing, mountain biking, cycling or trail running And you can go on wingsuit flights. So I’ve brought Pascal to the summit of the Pierre Avoi. The Pierre Avoi hike is one of the most beautiful in the region. The whole magnificent trail from Savoleyres runs along the crest of the mountain. You see lots of families enjoying the 360° view of the surrounding summits. This is where I learnt to hike in the mountains at the age of 4. We went on our first family hikes up here. You don’t get conditions like these very often.
So I’m going to have to leave you and go on a flight. It’ll be hard to take the plane back down alone but I’ll manage. It won’t be easy. I think my heart’s racing even more than yours.

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