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My Everyday At-Home Workout Routine for Women to Stay Skinny (no equipment) | Annesha Adams

hi everyone welcome back to my channel
and if you’re new welcome! today I’m going to show you a quick 10-minute
workout that you can do every day at home with no equipment so if you’re
interested in seeing more stay tuned let’s get started alright the first
thing I want to do is warm up your body just to keep your muscles going
you’re probably active and this is a good way to keep safe I’m doing jumping
jacks here so next you want to do stretch make sure you all stretch out
your body prepare your body you’re just going to stretch all over your body now the first thing I am doing is back
kick outs I don’t know the correct term for all of these workouts I’m doing but
pay attention you’ll be able to do this as well and basically I do two sets of
ten I’m an afternoon I go in with my squat and I also do two sets of 20 for
the squat since the squats are easier but I go down as low as I can’t and I
pull straight up all right after doing that I go in with
doing my push-ups I just do two sets of ten and it’s just to find the arm and
give him some arm strength we all need arm a string after doing that we’re
doing some kick back as I call them and he’s just so good I am doing two sets of
20 and I’m doing sidekicks effects the correct terms and those I’m doing two
sets of ten and I finish off with sit-ups and I have a whole stomach
routine video I’ll link down in the description bar ten minutes quick fast
and easy so that’s it for today’s video and I’ll see you on my next over bye but
here’s some more videos if you want to watch

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